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Jasper wrapped his arms around my waist quickly pulling me back against his hard chest. I could feel his cool breath against my neck and my breath hitched as my heart started to race. Jasper chuckled softly as one of his hands splayed gently across my flat stomach and the other reached down pressing lightly on my thigh. I let him guide my leg half a step out so that my legs were wider apart and he leaned into me pressing me tight against him.

His hand stayed on my thigh and the other moved in slow motion as it slid up my stomach tracing across my ribs as his finger tips sent chills of electricity through me. His fingers traced dangerously close to the swell of my breasts and my breathing stopped as my eyes fluttered shut and anticipation set me on edge. Jasper's body seemed to melt against mine as he tilted his head forward over my shoulder and a few stray locks of golden hair fell forward. I managed to gasp in a breath that was half moan and my head hell back against his shoulder as his finger tips brushed lightly against my shirt over my breasts and he wrapped them around my wrist softly.

I could feel Jaspers amusement as he turned to look up at me from were he was looking over my shoulder. I could hear the laughter in his voice that was suddenly huskier. 'You still with me Bells?'

I whimpered as his other hand moved firmly to my hip and I bit my lip forcing a nod. I knew Jasper was still watching me so I forced my eyes to open and looked down into his intense golden eyes. They were dancing with mischief and knowledge and he turned back to look down at his hand wrapped around my wrist. He turned it slightly and guided it back nodding for me to wrap my fingers around the cold hard pole. I swallowed hard and Jasper splayed his fingers across my hip steadying me and leant forward pushing me gently so that I bent at the waist until I was leaning over the table.

His hand around my wrist slid down slowly wrapping his fingers around mine to guide them and a few more blond locks fell forward over his eyes as his breathing became harder. I was barely managing to remember to breathe as Jaspers other hand slid up my side softly brushing the swell of my breast. He gently leant over me further pushing me closer to the table as he placed his hand on it.

I was completely aware of how my bottom was pressed firmly against Jasper's front as his hips pressed against me urging me forward against the table. I moaned openly and Jasper turned his head slightly and his lips brushed my neck softly as his eyes darted up to me. My eyes slid shut and my whole body shivered in pleasure against him. I knew without having to look that Jasper's eyes would be part laughing and part knowing as he quickly turned his attention back to the table in front of us.

He lifted our intertwined hands slightly and put our weight on our hands on the table. 'Pay attention now Bells.'

I followed Jasper's eyes across the table and felt Jasper draw our hands back and forward slightly, guiding my motion. My hips were pressed close to the table one leg braced against it. Jasper's breathing was almost as uneven as mine as he drew our hands back again. I saw him blink, trying to focus. 'Not too hard now darlin.'

I whimpered in response and Jasper smiled softly glancing up at me and then I felt him snap our hands forward. The motion forced his hips forward into mine and I gasped and moaned as his free hand grabbed my hip stabling me and holding me against him forcing a moan from my mouth. Jasper grinned tilting his head slightly pressing his cheek against mine as he watched the six ball narrowly miss the eight ball and land in the corner pocket.

I was on the verge of panting as Jasper laughed and his cold sweet breathe swirled around me making my head spin deliciously. I felt Jasper turn his head to look back towards the stairs and saw Edward stop at the bottom. I knew that my cheeks were flushed and my breathing was erratic and I was still pressed firmly against Jasper but I didn't care.

Edward shook his head sending Jasper a look and rolled his eyes. Jasper turned back to me leaning back slightly. 'See, I told you it wasn't that hard. You got it in the pocket first try.'

I blinked stupidly and Edward walked towards the front door. 'Jasper please be a little more conscious of what your doing. My girlfriend is very human and breakable. And stop being a tease.'

Jasper raised his eyebrows at Edward and Edward shot a smile my way before ducking out the front door. Jasper turned back to me with a wicked impish grin. He quickly took the pool que from me and leant it against the table as he stepped back. He reached out grabbing my hips turning me to face him. His hands settled on my hips for a moment as he stepped in to me and then he easily lifted me setting me on the edge of the table.

Jasper stepped forward settling between my legs and leaning his hips against the edge of the table. His scent surrounded me and his lips were suddenly very within reach. I gasped and Jasper reached up gently brushing stray hair away from my face and guiding me closer to him. Our lips were almost touching and his eyes were burning holes in me as he ducked his head slightly running his nose across my jaw inhaling my scent.

I whimpered as my body tensed. There wasn't a part of me that was afraid of Jasper but my desire was quickly consuming me. Jasper trailed the tip of his nose across my cheek and my eyes fluttered shut as his lips came within millimetres of mine. My breath was coming in shallow gasps and my hands wound into his shirt at his sides. My voice was uneven and my need wasn't even almost hidden. 'Jasper.'

Jasper moaned softly and closed the distance between us kissing me hard.

I moaned into his mouth as our tongues met and my hands fisted in his hair trying to pull him impossibly closer as his hands mimicked mine. One of his hands slid down my back pulling me hard against his chest as our lips moved together desperately.

When my head began to spin Jasper pulled back quickly using his lips to find the sensitive skin below my ear to make me arch up against him moaning. My fingers pulled hard on Jasper's hair making him growl and I gasped as his hips pressed forward and his hardness pressed into my centre. Jasper growled again and returned to my lips pulling my lips against him harder as our need swept through him. My hands ran quickly over Jasper's perfectly sculptured chest and seized the edge of his shirt slipping under the hem. My hands pressed against his cold chest and Jasper moaned in pleasure. I felt one of his hands slide quickly down my back and slip under the hem of my shirt to grip my hip and hold me closer against him.

As I was forced to pull away again for air Jasper's pocket began to vibrate and then ring. He growled against my neck as his lips lifted from my skin and he brought the phone to his ear. He was panting hard and very pissed at our interruption. 'Hello… What is it Alice, I'm busy.'

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