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My hands were still exploring his chest as Jasper stood between my legs on the phone. I dragged my nails gently down his muscles enjoying how they twitched under my fingers and Jasper growled low in pleasure letting his head fall back. I leant forward to his exposed throat and quickly ran my tongue over the length of his bobbing Adams apple. I knew enough about his past to know not to surprise him with my mouth on a vulnerable spot. I quickly flowed my tongue with a few hot open mouthed kisses against his skin and his free hand was buried in my hair holding me against him encouraging me as he moaned in pleasure. I nipped lightly at the side of his neck and Jasper cursed loudly as his hand in my hair fisted tugging hard but holding me tightly with my lips still against him. He quickly closed his phone and threw it across the room behind him pulling me up against him and claiming my mouth with his in a desperate fervent kiss.

Instantly my body arched into him as hard as I could and his free hand moved to my hip again trying to pull me closer. I gasped as his hips bucked into me and his hardness rubbed against me hitting a spot that sent shockwaves of electricity through me. Jasper moaned and my legs moved of their own accord wrapping around his hips trying to pull him closer. I could tell that Jasper was struggling with his strength as his hands tensed repeatedly but his lips never stopped moving against mine.

I felt his hand slide down from my hip to wrap around my thigh and my head dropped back as his lips kissed along my jaw and down my neck making me feel on fire. I moaned as our hips rocked together again and Jasper's hand tightened on my thigh. I knew that if he wasn't careful I would bruise but it felt to good to stop him. Jasper growled low against my neck and I was suddenly reminded that my heart was racing just under his lips. I bit my lip trying my best to stay still and not provoke him but his hips rocked against me again forcing a moan from me as my hips rocked back against him.

Jasper moaned in pleasure and dropped his head to my shoulder gasping for breath and I felt his hand on my thigh tighten slightly, his fingertips digging into my inner thigh. Jasper turned his head slightly kissing my neck and dragging his teeth across my skin making my head fall back in pleasure and my heart beat frantically. I felt Jasper's fingers loosen slightly and a wave of pleasure radiated from them straight to my centre.

I gasped arching into him and his other hand freed from my hair and ran down my back holding me up as another wave hit me. I moaned in ecstasy as his fingers sent wave after wave of pleasure into me making them more intense as my body responded. My hips bucked hard against him and Jasper moaned into my neck as my arms locked around his shoulders desperately. My every moan was matched by Jasper's and the sound of his pleasure sent more waves of pleasure through me. I was spinning out of control and Jasper was trembling under my hands keeping his head buried in my neck. He was panting hard and the sweet smell of his breath was filling my senses making me dizzy. I slammed my eyes shut as my stomach muscles tightened and the waves of pleasure became more concentrated making my body arch and writhe against Jasper as I gasped for breath.

Jasper started gasping my name amid curses and pleas as his hand on my back pulled me flush against him and my body ached for release that I didn't know how to get. Distantly I heard a phone ring and Jasper cursed louder pressing his forehead harder into my shoulder as the pleasure he sent me became a constant wave so intense I couldn't breathe. I managed a gasp and screamed Jasper's name before my hips jerked against his hard cock and something inside me snapped sending me into oblivion as white hot fire filled my insides in the most amazing feeling I couldn't describe.

My head snapped back and Jasper moaned into my shoulder shuddering as we clung to each other gasping. There was a crash from outside and I heard my name being yelled a moment before the front door burst open and Emmett appeared in the doorway. Jasper didn't even look up from my shoulder just wrapped his arms around me tightly holding me. I dropped my head onto his shoulder trying to catch my breath just as much as Jasper and Emmett stared at us in shock.

After a moment the shrill ringing of a phone started again from behind Jasper and he lifted his head from my shoulder meeting my eyes. 'You Ok darlin?'

I nodded slightly still breathing unevenly and he smiled softly stroking my cheek lightly with the pad of his thumb. He kissed my bruised lips softly and I let my legs unwrap from around his waist and my hands fell to my sides helping me keep balanced on the edge of the table. Jasper smiled again into my eyes and stepped back flitting over to the phone on the couch. My legs felt weak and my whole body felt tingly.

Emmett flitted to my side protectively the moment Jasper was out of the way and he hovered beside me.


I ran over to the phone picking it up from were it landed on the couch. It was no doubt Alice again. I hadn't exactly been very responsive to her and my moans had obviously alerted her that something was wrong. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut with Bella's hot little hands all over me, they felt too good.

I kept one eye on Bella as Emmett hovered over her protectively. There was no doubt about what we had been doing, fully clothed or not our scents filled the room and Bella looked like I'd had my way with her repeatedly. Her lips were a beautiful just kissed pouting red, her hair a tangled mess and her clothes a dishevelled disarray. There was nothing more beautiful.

I heard Emmett asking Bella if she was Ok and she smiled weakly at him and nodded. I flipped my phone open raising it to my ear to hear Alice shrieking at me asking what the hell was happening. Of course; she wouldn't be calling unless she didn't already know. Alice wasn't the type play games. I saw Bella sway slightly and knew that she was still in her blissed out state. She was so amazing, the way she came apart in my arms. I wondered if that was her first; the way she reacted, so unsure, but Edward couldn't possibly be that incompetent. She reached out grabbing the pool que beside her to help her keep her balance.

She was swaying slightly and I knew that Emmett wouldn't let me anywhere near her at the moment so I pulled the phone away from my ear a little and called over to him. 'Watch her with that que, she's likely to take out her eye if she slips.'

I knew that Alice would have heard me say that and what Emmett was saying now. I brought the phone back to my ear as Emmett convinced Bella to let him take the que and let her lean against him. I pulled together my most focused voice and addressed Alice. 'Sorry about before. I'm still teaching Bella to play pool and it was getting a bit intense.'

Emmett shot me a look and I could feel his confusion and anger as he wrapped Bella in his arms protectively. Alice quieted down with a small oh. She apologised for yelling and promised shed be back in a few hours. I hung up as I heard the line go dead.

I could feel Bella was coming down from her high and quickly moved forward to take her in my arms. Emmett stepped in front of her growling and protectiveness was radiating from him. A part of me was grateful that he was there for her and that he cared so much for Bella but another part hissed inside me egging me on to take the challenge he was offering. I raised my hands in front of me slowly offering no challenge and raised an eyebrow at him. 'I understand you want to look after her Emmett but what happened was between us and we need to deal with it.'

Emmett's eyes flickered from me to Bella and I knew that my words hadn't given anything away. His eyes flickered back and forth repeatedly and I knew he wanted answers but he would put Bella first. I don't know if it was what I said or that I was obviously calm and not threatening or maybe both but Emmett stepped back letting me pass. I felt his eyes on me and knew that he would be watching me carefully; any wrong move and he would attack.

I stepped forward wrapping Bella in my arms being careful to be gentle. I knew that I probably bruised her earlier and I didn't want to hurt her. Bella looked up at me and I smiled gently careful to keep my teeth hidden. She smiled back at me blushing and I lifted her quickly against me. I had to get her out of here, away from Emmett before she got the chance to be embarrassed. Emmett growled at me low enough for Bella to miss and I sent him a warning look over Bella's head. My eyes clearly told him to stop it and let me handle this. I could see his hesitancy and knew he would be wondering if I was using my powers against him.

Before he got the chance to do anything else Bella wrapped her warm arms around my neck and I smiled again looking down at her. 'Why don't we go have a shower?'

Bella nodded and Emmett growled. I rolled my eyes at him, I didn't mean share a shower with her. Emmett eyed me but seemed to get the message, I was again glad that he was such a good brother to Bella. I turned and walked quickly up the stairs being careful not to go too fast for Bella's sake. We had to get out of these clothes that smelt of each other and I definitely needed new pants.

I stopped outside the bathroom on the same floor as Edwards room and set Bella down making sure her legs would support her. I could feel her emotions swirling around her in a jumble and smiled at her and she grinned biting her lip. I could feel happiness become a stronger emotion and couldn't help but grin as well. Bella didn't flinch or even react when she saw my teeth but then again they had just been on her in a far more threatening position.

Bella blushed darker and I saw her eyes roam over me appreciatively and felt her lust spike. I reached out letting my fingers brush softly across her cheek bone feeling the heat of her skin and then my fingers sunk into her hair cradling her head as she tilted it back looking up at me. Bella's eyes flickered between mine and my lips and when her tongue darted out to wet her lips I couldn't stop myself from pulling her to me and kissing her.

Bella's lips were so soft and warm as I pressed mine against them and they moved so perfectly in sync with mine. Before I could even think it my tongue darted out begging entrance to her mouth and she moaned softly opening for me. Her taste was the sweetest thing as our tongues danced back and forth between our mouths and I needed more of her. I pulled her against me a little harder and it wasn't enough but I was afraid of hurting her if I pulled any harder. Bella wriggled against me trying to get closer and her hot little hands were tangled in my hair trying to pull me into her. I could feel her passion and desire swirling with her lust trying to overwhelm me and I stepped her back and pressed her against the bathroom door. Bella moaned as I pressed against her pinning her there and I felt her arching into me trying to get more still.

I quickly slid one hand down to grab her bottom and moaned at how soft she was as I lifted her against the door until she was at my level. Bella wrapped her legs around me eagerly and I felt her pull back slightly and bite down on my bottom lip sending volts of electricity straight down to my cock. I gasped and knew that all color drained from my eyes as my hips jerked against her and her eyes widened at how hard I was. I'd have smirked at her but I could hear Emmett at the bottom of the stairs and my head whipped around to glare in his direction. He must have heard us or noticed that the showers hadn't started yet.

Bella's eyes followed mine and I felt her confusion before understanding lit her eyes. I set her down gently stepping back and opening the door for her. Bella looked up at me and I knew she could see my desire for her in my eyes . She blushed and stepped through the door closing it behind her. I closed my eyes trying to regain some composure and ran to the bathroom on the next level before Emmett could catch me outside her door.

I turned on the shower and stripped. My cock sprang free and I couldn't help but sigh as it escaped the prison of my pants. I stepped under the shower and closed my eyes seeing Bella there. I let my hand drop to my straining dick and wrapped my hand around it. I could still smell Bella's arousal on my clothes on the floor and moaned quietly as I stroked myself. I could almost see Bella in her knees in front of me, her hot little hands wrapping around me. Oh God this wasn't going to take long. I licked my lips and I could still taste Bella on them, her taste just as potent as any human blood could be only sweeter and the thought of tasting the rest of Bella pushed me to the edge. The image of me between Bella's legs sent me over the edge and I clenched my teeth to keep from calling Bella's name aloud.

I dried quickly and dressed in fresh clothes dumping the old ones in the wash and ran downstairs to open a window. I needed to get the scent of our mixed pleasure out of the air before Edward and Alice got home. That wasn't the way they needed to find out; if they were going to. I heard Bella's footsteps upstairs and the door to Edwards room. I quickly jogged up the stairs and down the hall until Emmett stepped in front of me again at the door. He was a mix of angry, confused and protective. He glared at me and I raised my eyebrows in challenge.

I knew he was protective but I hadn't expected him to be so angry. I kept calm and stepped around him opening the bedroom door and slipping inside. I made to close the door after me but Emmett turned and followed me inside. I shrugged and turned to see Bella sitting on the edge of the bed watching me. I couldn't feel an ounce of regret coming from her and I smiled looking into her eyes and settled cross-legged on the bed beside her. I reached out wrapping her small hand in mine and forced out the most important question.

'Did I hurt you darlin?'

Bella's eyes widened slightly and I felt her worry mixed with rejection and confusion. 'No. I know you'd never hurt me Jasper.'

I sighed relieved and leant over wrapping Bella in my arms gently and pulling her into my lap. I held her against me softly smiling into her eyes and touching her gently like I wish I could have before all our interruptions. Bella smiled up into my eyes and I couldn't believe the amount of happiness she radiated just from my touch.

I let my fingers trail across her shoulder and along her collar bone. She was so warm and soft, I could feel the small shiver run through her and dropped my hand to wrap around her waist. I could feel relief coming from her and smiled, I didn't like her feeling rejected. 'Are you ok with… everything?'

Bella blushed as she glanced at Emmett out of the corner of her eye. She bit her bottom lip and nodded making me relax completely. I looked up at Emmett, he'd heard all he needed to. He glared at me but stepped out of the room. I knew he would still be listening to make sure Bella was ok. I turned back to Bella. 'I'm sorry if I pushed myself on you at all.'

Bella's eyes widened and she quickly shook her head. 'No. Of course you didn't. I wanted you, please don't feel bad.' I felt a wave of worry, sadness and fear from Bella and turned her head to look at me. She ducked her head biting her lip again. 'I still want you, even though… Alice, Edward.'

I pulled Bella closer rubbing her back soothingly. I sighed resting my cheek on her shoulder. 'So do I darlin. I want every part of you, but I know that you love Edward and I love Alice. I just don't think that's enough to stop me though.'

Bella nodded against my chest and I could feel that she felt the same. What have we stared here?

I pulled Bella back letting my eyes take in every detail of her beautiful face as my fingers rubbed small circles on her sides. 'I think I should speak to Emmett. Until we figure this out we don't need to upset anyone.' Bella nodded and I smiled reassuringly. When she looked into my eyes I felt both our desire's reawaken and I couldn't help leaning in to kiss her sweet lips again. She opened easily for me and our tongues played back and forth until Bella needed air and I pulled back.

Her face was flushed and her eyes bright as she panted against me. I had to get out of here before I started something we couldn't stop. I shifted Bella onto the bed and flitted to the door. I hesitated so she could see me and smiled for her before I left to find Emmett.

They didn't care that they got caught but now Jasper is going to make sure Emmett keeps his mouth shut so Alice and Edward dont find out about it from him.

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