Goes hand –in-hand with 'In Which Spock Finds Time'.


"Spock!" Kirk raced to the 1st commander, breathing hard. The vulcan raised an eyebrow, and suddenly the Captain's pants became 2 sizes too small.

Concentrate, you horny bastard, he thought. I need this act to work.

"Spock, you respect the vulcan Council of Elders, do you not?" Immediately, without thinking, the vulcan replied, "Yes, of course."

Inwardly, Kirk thought, Gotcha. "So what if I told you that I had a dream concerning the high elders and us reproducing to jumpstart the vulcan colony?"

This all started after the rough sex that the two had in the control room. The week after, Spock had felt such shame at his "animalistic nature" that he had basically taken a vow of chastity. As one can imagine, it has been very troubling for one Captain Kirk and his manlihood.

Spock stiffened. "But it is genetically impossible for two males to-" Kirk waved aside a hand. "The elders, Spock, the elders! They said it was magic!"

"Still, Jim, this was only a dream of yours. I doubt-" Persistance prevails now only because Captain Jim T. Kirk could pull this off.

Kirk put his hands on the vulcan's shoulders - ignoring the spark that ran through him at the contact-"Are you doubting the Elders? Spock, you have to believe. Just this once, put aside logic that says that babies can't be made through two men." Silence.

"You are saying...that the Highest Council of Elders wishes for us to engage in sexual intercourse?" If the vulcan knew the word, he would've thought 'kinky'. "You do realize, that if we reproduce and what you are saying is factual, one of us will be forced to carry the organism in his body, also choosing to endure labor, and will also be physically inable to engage in battle and/or commandeer the ship?"

Leave it to Spock to find the flaws and the cons of Kirk's ingenious plan. Why couldn't he just take off his clothes already?

"Spock," Jim said in all seriousness, "I would be willing to endure that."



The lovers were- Spock had just learned the term- 'spooning'.

"You do realize, Captain, that I knew this was a ruse from the start and that you only wanted to fornicate with me because I had not 'attended to your needs'?"

Kirk smirked, flipping so he could be the little spoon. "So, promise me you won't take a vow of chastity again?"

The vulcan smiled in his way, his mouth curving upward just slightly. "I can't guarantee that, Captain, for this performance has entertained me highly."

"Don't worry, Spock, I have a feeling my next revelation will involve gags and a whip."

Poor Spock. He never had it coming.