Banora White and Nibel Red

A Yuffentine Fanfic by Rockabilly2000

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So without further ado: BANORA WHITE AND NIBEL RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ch. 1

It was storming at the Northern Crater. Rain, snow and hail came down on Vincent Valentine as he stood atop the southernmost lip of the crater, red eyes searching, his crimson cloak flapping around him wildly. He looked down into the gaping cavern wondering what had driven him here. Somehow, something had called out to him just days ago. It was like a lasso had gone around his mind and dragged him there. There was no logical way to explain it. Something simply told him to come, and he followed it.

He'd ridden his black chocobo for a week before he finally made it there. He set up camp at the base of the crater and spent the night huddled against his chocobo for warmth. Blizzards are a nuisance aren't they? By dawn the storm had stopped and he began his ascension up the rocky wall. He almost fell twice and had to hug the wall to avoid a rockslide. By noon the storm returned even worse. He was halfway up. Six hours later he'd reached his destination.

As he stood over the edge the calls suddenly stopped. He had a bad taste in his mouth. The taste of Jenova. Suddenly, he heard a fluttering behind him. He pulled Cerberus from its holster, searching for his target. He heard it again and spun once more. Red eyes searched for an invisible enemy. Even with his acute vision, he could only see about ten feet in front of him. Once again the fluttering sounded.

This time he was ready and a gunshot rang out. Vincent was sure he'd either hit it or frightened it. Then he noticed the single black feather floating down from above. Suddenly, a large red broadsword appeared on his left side, next to his face. His enemy was standing behind him. It spoke in a melodic monotone, as though he were reading a poem.

"Who are you?" it said coolly, easily audible over the wind. "You don't look familiar."

"I suppose it depends on who is asking?" Vincent responded casually.

"You can call me," he said. There was a pause, as though the man was thinking. "G."

"Not a very creative name," said Vincent.

"Fine then," said G. "Who do you work for?"

"I don't work for anyone."

"I smell Mako on you," said G. "Are you SOLDIER? I don't think so, SOLDIERs aren't issued guns."

"I am a former Turk," said Vincent. "Former being the key word."

"Aaahhhhhhh," said G with interest. "Then maybe you can help me out."

"I don't help people who hold swords next to my head," said Vincent coldly.

G chuckled to himself. Then he lowered his sword. Vincent turned to look upon the man called G.

G was as tall as Vincent with red hair and Mako blue eyes. He wore a red leather overcoat with black studded shoulder pads. Underneath he wore the standard black SOLDIER first class uniform. His sword was red with gold outlines and a basket hilt.

"You are SOLDIER," said Vincent looking him up and down. .

"You are a Turk," said G. "Are you not?"

"I was once," said Vincent.

"Then you can give this message to President Shinra,"

"What message?"

"Even if the morrow is barren of promises," G recited. "Nothing shall forestall my return .To become the dew that quenches the land. To spare the sands, the seas, the skies, I offer thee this silent sacrifice,"

"You may return and hope it sinks in," said G "That is… If you make it there"

G lashed out with his sword, and Vincent blocked with his gauntlet. He jumped back to assess the damage. There was a dent. He pulled out Cerberus and fired a few shots that were all defected. He blocked the ones that came back at him with his gauntlet again. Normally he would have jumped out of the way but they were on a narrow ledge, only five feet wide. G leapt at him and swung his sword again. Vincent leaned backwards into a back roll and avoided G who landed ad spun to meet Vincent. Vincent ducked under the swing and holstered his gun in preparation for hand to hand combat. He swung his claw and G dodged it, but Vincent recovered into a roundhouse kick. This was unexpected and hit G on the side of the head. It barely fazed him though. G swung his sword a few times, all dodged. As Vincent ducked under another swing G attempted a scoop kick, hitting Vincent in the nose. Vincent grunted in pain as his nose broke and blood flowed generously from it. He stood up and G swung once more, with some power. Vincent attempted to block again but this time his Gauntlet was sliced clear off and fell into the crater. He cried out in surprise and pain as blood gushed from the wound. Vincent tried grabbing Cerberus but froze with a jerking motion. G had stabbed him through the stomach. He was still two feet away from Vincent, panting yet still looking satisfied. He pushed his sword forward, all the way into Vincent. He leaned in close to whisper into Vincent's ear.

"You should run now and warn Shinra before its too late, and your precious Planet is destroyed."

Vincent looked up at his attacker. Their eyes met. Vincent looked down and coughed up some blood. G made a noise of disgust and threw Vincent off the side of the cliff towards the base of the hill he had climbed.

Vincent slid down the hill, hitting rocks and foliage along the way. Occasionally he would hit a drop-off and fall up to twenty feet before sliding again. He slid so much due to all of the ice on the hillside. When he finally stopped he had already lost a massive amount of blood. He used his only hand to remove his cloak and wrap it around the stump that was once his left arm. Then he crawled. He must have dragged himself for a mile when he heard a familiar warbling. It was his black chocobo, come searching for its master.

"G-good girl," he sighed as it nudged him lovingly.

He used the last of his strength to climb its back and rode for Edge. As though it knew where he needed to go the chocobo rode onward for days, never once stopping until they finally reached their destination.


Reeve Tuesti stood in front of the Meteorfall monument in the city of Edge to make a speech in honor of the casualties during the Jenova War. Today was the anniversary of the day Deepground fell and Omega was obliterated in front of the whole world. He was here to make a speech in honor those who were killed by all that had occurred in previous years. As the Commissioner of the WRO, it was his obligation.

The entirety of AVALANCHE was present, including a new member: Shelke Rui. She sat next to Yuffie Kisaragi in the front row along with the rest. AVALANCHE sat in the front row on the right side of Reeve who was facing south. The row consisted of ten chairs. The order goes as follows, beginning in the center aisle: Cloud, Tifa, Cid, Shera, Barret, Marlene, Denzel, Yuffie, and Shelke. Nanaki snoozed on the ground on top off Yuffie's feet, who was complaining very shrilly in Shelke's ear about her legs having fallen asleep. Cait Sith, was sitting on Marlene's lap flicking confetti into a fuming Barret's ear. Cid was asleep and Shera was red with embarrassment at her husband's loud snoring. Everyone else was listening intently to Reeve's every word. Hundreds were lined up behind them as the speech was televised worldwide.

"The past fifteen years," he began. "Have been the most difficult we've ever faced. It began with the Wutai War, a war in which thousands of soldiers and civilians alike were lost to the plague of Shinra's greed and hatred. It ended with continued death, violence, and the destruction of a magnificent and beautiful country, and the near obliteration of an entire culture, simply because of unnecessary drilling opportunities.

Then came the mass desertion of SOLDIER and the Genesis war, which began not a month after the end of the last one. It was the first war fought on our own soil in years. It was a war fed by revenge and hatred, the enemy funded by our own people!

Then, six years later came Sephiroth and Meteorfall. Shinra collapsed under its own monstrous creation and our world was nearly destroyed. Sephiroth, the former hero, tried to use this magic to destroy us all. A dear friend of mine died in order to save our world. Now, with her death, the Ancients are finally extinct. Had our friends in AVALANCHE not reacted, the planet would be gone.

Two years later, our great city of Edge faced a new enemy: the plague, Geostigma. Sephiroth attempted to use this disease on our children in order to kill the planet. Thankfully, AVALANCHE was there to stop him once again.

Then, just one year ago, Shinra's Dark Secret, Deepground was revealed to us. Without warning this once hidden military force sprung up from the ground like a monstrous weed and began a massive genocide of all life on the Planet. As all who had suffered from Geostigma were annihilated, those who had not were taken and sacrificed to the creature known to the Ancients as Omega. In her panic, the Lifestream gave birth to Omega. Omega was a massive weapon, one that the planet would use to continue the flow of life when her time came. This time nearly came early, but it was destroyed and returned to the planet before she could release her final breath. And so, our world is safe once more, and thanks to the combined efforts of AVALANCHE and the World Regenesis Organization, Deepground fell and our world is safe once more.

After Meteorfall we spent three years attempting to rebuild, and just as we were finished, Deepground struck. Thousands were abducted and slaughtered before our eyes. Homes were lost, as were mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. But we never lost hope. That is our reason for being here today. Hope. The hope that someday we can once again live in peace, without the fear of Sephiroths, or Deepgrounds, monsters or weapons. A day when we can look up to our government for protection and trust, not taxes and intimidation. I'm not sure when this day will come, if it will ever come, but if we hold strong, as a race, as a people, we can accomplish anything. Though the past fifteen years have been Hell on Gaia (pause for laughter), I know that we will pull through.

Just recently the WRO assisted in rebuilding as Edge finished reconstruction, as did Junon, Kalm, Wutai, and so on. Homes have been rebuilt, businesses reopened, schools back in session ('BOOOO!!!' shouted Marlene and Denzel at which everyone - except for a select few - laughed, and Reeve continued with his speech.) and tourist returned to Costa Del Sol (more laughs, as he said this with a playful grin).

But you all know just as well as I, that the road ahead is a bumpy one. We can only hope that the planet will soon recover, and that she can forgive our sins. Thank you for your time, your bravery and dedication."

As Reeve stepped down to massive applause he joined the rest of AVALANCHE flanked by Reno and Rude, who assigned to his protection at the request of Rufus Shinra. Shera who was incredibly angry at this point flipped Cid's chair forward and he fell on his face.

"GODDAMMIT WOMAN!" he shouted as he stood up. "Y'all tryin' to kill me or sumthin'?!"

"Tryin' to?" she said coolly. "If I were tryin', you'd wake up with a wrench where the sun don't shine!"

Cid skipped a beat as he stared at his wife as their friends stood by nervously. She stared back with a rock solid stare. She won. He looked away from her and began to laugh at the floor. She began to laugh as well. Pretty soon they were in each other's arms, laughing in a loving embrace.

"What just happened,'' said Reeve nervously.

"Cid and Shera fighting," said Tifa, calmly rubbing her temple.

"Never gets old," said Barret holding Marlene in his good arm.

"Well lads and lasses!" said Cait Sith, peeking out from under Reeve's blue overcoat, who kicked him in the rear, into the middle of the group. "This is fun an' all, but don't we have a little social gathering to attend?"

"Very true fur ball," said Cid pulling out a remote device and pressed the button as the Shera Mk 2 airship flew in from overhead and a WRO operative flew down from the stern docking bay in a tram like vehicle. "Come on! The food should be done by now, Shera's converted our intelligence center into a party center! Open bar!"

"Oh yeah!" shouted Barret and Reno together.

Rude stared at Reno with disgust.

"What?" said Reno. "A man can't have a drink with dinner?"

"We're on duty," said Rude simply. "And it's noon."

Reno looked down solemnly, knowing that his partner would never let him drink on duty. Reeve laughed loudly at the look on Reno's face.

"I'll let it slide this time," he said grinning at the way Reno's face lit up.

"Well let's mosey," said Cloud, rather cheerily.

"What's got you in such a good mood?" said Tifa suspiciously.

"Open bar," he replied with a smirk.

They piled into the vehicle and rode to the Shera. They all boarded and headed to the comms. center laughing and joking as they went. Cid led them to a room with a buffet table and a bar both manned by WRO cooks. The ceiling and floor had screens on them that changed images, like a slideshow. Everyone but Shelke began to help themselves. She was approached by Yuffie.

"What's wrong?" said Yuffie with a mouthful of potatoes. "Don't you eat, or are you really a robot like I suspected?"

"Once again," said Shelke. "I am not a robot. I'm just thinking…"


"Why is everyone taking food off of the dishes? Are they allowed to do that?"

Yuffie did a double take at that and burst out laughing, walking off and shaking her head, leaving Shelke dumbfounded.

"So," said Reeve sitting at the big dining table directly across the room from the entrance. Soon everyone had joined him. "What has everyone been up to in the last year?"

"Well," said Cloud with a smirk. "The delivery business is doing fairly well. Though I've been getting less business ever since people have stopped needing relief supplies. I suppose that can be blamed on you Reeve."

Reeve laughed heartily at that.

"Very good!" he exclaimed. "Tifa, how is the bar?"

"Great!" she said. "Now that Edge is rebuilt everyone seems to need a drink. It's even easier when Denzel and Cloud can keep their rooms clean."

Everyone laughed at that one.

"I'm glad to hear that," said Reeve. "Barret?"

"The hell do you think?" said the big man cheerfully. "OIL! I'm one of the richest guys on the continent now ain't I? My field's bigger than any discovered. I've hired some managers so I can spend more time with Marlene. You're lookin' at Barret Wallace, Millionaire and Full Time Father!"

"I'm so glad to hear that!" said Reeve.

"You have no Idea," said Tifa, causing another fit of laughter. Everyone knew that she missed Marlene, but It was nice that Barret could be with Marlene.


"Well," said the big cat looking up from his plate on the floor. "Grandfather is well, and No one has gone after the Huge Materia, so it's quiet."

"Give your grandfather best wishes then."

Nanaki nodded and returned to his steak.

"Now I know Shelke has become the WRO's top computer specialist ," said Reeve. "But what of you Yuffie?"

"Well," said the Ninja Princess with a grin. "I'll have you know that I am no longer the heiress to Wutai!"

Everyone either shouted or went wide eyed in surprise.

"Yep!" continued Yuffie. "My dad is getting married to a Noblewoman with a son older than I am. She's a widow of course, but she is as old as my mom even if she is a bit crabby. And I've known her son for years, we are like brother and sister already."

"Wait," said Tifa shaking her head. "You just lost your throne and all of that power and responsibility… and you're happy?!"

"Well," said Yuffie thoughtfully. "Power is good, but with it comes responsibility, and where is the fun in that? To be honest I've never wanted the throne. I mean being princess to Wutai has its perks, plus I love Godo and all, but I'd never had any real fun until I met you guys. Come to think of it I should probably thank my old man for kicking me out in the first place."

"In that case," said Reeve. "I'm happy for you. Besides, what would I be without my head of Intel?"

"Ah Reeve," said Yuffie with a grin. "You always know just what to say. Hey speaking of fun, where's Vin—"

She was stopped short when several WRO personnel were heard running outside and a voice came over the intercom by the door.

"Commissioner," cried a young woman. "We have a medical emergency!"

Reeve rushed to the intercom and pressed a white button and the door opened. A woman, about Yuffie's age was standing outside with tears running down her eyes. A new recruit, obviously.

"What is it private?" Reeve said quickly

"A man on a chocobo," she sobbed. "Just got here… asked for you… stabbed in the *sob*… he's missing his hand!"

"Where is he?"

"T-t-they ran him to the sick bay; his chocobo is in the ship's corral."

"Private, I order you to return to quarters until you have calmed down."

"Thank you commissioner."

She did a feeble salute and rushed off looking sick.

"Tifa, Shera, and Yuffie stay here with the kids," said Reeve, "Cid get the crew under control, Shelke put the ship on alert and everyone else with me! Move out!

Everyone followed orders as Reeve, Cloud Barret, and Nanaki rushed to the sick bay. When they got there the doctors were in a frenzy.

"Bandage that arm so we can begin transfusion!" "I've brought all type A blood I could find!" His heart rate is slowing!" "CLEAR!"

There was a buzzing and they saw the form on the bed jerk up.

"He's regaining consciousness" "INSERT THE IV NOW!"

The form began flailing around in a combination of pain rage and panic. It shot up from the bed and the men of AVALANCHE were startled to see the WRO doctors trying to restrain an enraged Vincent Valentine.

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