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Chapter 1

She was insane.

She had officially gone insane.

She was jealous, and she Ziva David did not let a stupid emotion like jealousy get in her way.

And of all the damn things in the world, and people there was to be jealous of!

She was jealous of Jeanne Benoit.

It was completely ridiculous and irrational. Stupid.

Jeanne was a doctor, she saved lives, she was an assassin, she took lives.

She had had light brunette hair, and the lightest blue eyes.

Ziva had dark, chocolate eyes and equally dark hair.

They were literally opposite in so many ways, physically and in personality.

Ziva was cold and calculating, or at least that was the impression she gave off, Jeanne was open and warm and in general a nice, kind doctor.

But, the way Ziva felt when Tony spoke about her, the way he had been so in love was unfair, and it hurt, a lot.

And now Jeanne was gone, for good after the undercover mission fell flat on it's face and she broke it off with him.

But the feeling was still there, because probably for the first time in Tony's life, it was a serious relationship and she broke it off, not him.

"You ever lie to someone you love, Ziva?"

Everyday Tony, everyday, "Yes."

"What happened?"

It's you, it's you! "They never found out."

She shouldn't feel jealous.

God, she was falling for Tony Dinozzo.

Correction, she had fallen for him.

And that was why she hated Jeanne, she had everything Ziva had to live without.

And now she was gone, she shouldn't feel this way.

But she did, because though she was gone, that doesn't change the fact he chose someone that was the complete opposite to her.

And that girl had broken his heart, which broke Ziva's.

Why had she fallen for him?

How stupid could she get, of all people to fall for, why choose Tony Dinozzo?

But what hurt was the fact that she knew why, he was perfect, a perfect balance, he made her laugh, annoyed her like hell, and made her feel in a way that she hadn't since before her time in Mossad.

He was incredibly cocky, and annoying and teased her and his co workers and she loved him anyway.

There you go, she had finally thought it, allowed herself to admit it, even if it was just to herself.

She wasn't quite sure what that meant for the future, but she couldn't let anyone know how she felt.


And she couldn't have him.

And it broke her heart to know she never would.

His voice jolted her back to reality, "Ziva?"


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