I had a new idea. Ok if you happened to read my wanted add, yeah I was giving this away, but then i thought I should give it a try. I always had this idea, but never put it into play. So here it is. Gwen and Trent are on a plane home. After TDI happened. During the flight the plane crashes. They think ever each other is dead. How will they live thinking their love is dead…and they really are on the opposite side of the island? Read to find out.

Gwen's POV

The ride back was rally nice. Trent and I where the only people on the plane. We sat by each other and talked the whole flight. Then we hit a little turbulence. No big deal. Then the pilot came on the intercom. "Attention passengers we have hit some minor turbulence. Please fasten your seat belts. Thank you." He said. The turbulence got harder. To a point where we were scared. I grabbed Trent's hand and he held my hand as I assured myself we would be fine.

Then the plane began to rock, and make loud noises. Trent's eyes were glued to the window. I looked out into the night sky and whish I didn't. The wing was on fire. I gasped and Trent hugged me. "It's ok Gwen. I am here. We'll be ok." He reassured.

Then the right side of the plane came of. I was being sucked out into the ocean. Trent grabbed my forearms and gripped me hard. "Don't let go." We screamed. He tried to pull me forward, but the suction was too strong. The plane was falling. He opened his eyes and looked into mine worried. "Gwen, I want you to know that, I love you." He said. He used all his strength to lift me close to him. He kissed me lightly on the lips, but with another rock I slid down his arms. He was holding me by his finger tips. I was crying, knowing this is the end.

He yelled my name, and he lost his grip. I went flying into the distance, and fell into the hot black water. I rose up, and gasped for air. I looked around. I saw the plane sinking. "TRENT!" I yelled as I began to swim to the craft.

Waves made it impossible. It sank before I was even close enough to hope for his safety. I found a raft, and jumped in. I screamed his name over and over again. Hoping he would hear me. I screamed until I could scream no more. I collapsed on the raft and fell asleep.

I woke up, with the sun hitting my face. I sat up and looked forward. I saw an island. I nearly jumped for joy. I let the current slowly bring me in.

When I reached the sand I collapsed on the floor. Then I looked out into the ocean. "Trent….." was all I said. Before I broke down crying. He's gone. It's my entire fault. If I held on tighter, then we would both be dead. It's not fair. I collapsed on the sand and cried.

After about 30 minutes of crying I figured I might as well make camp. I remember a survival show I watched once. The first thing you do is build a fire.

I put together a huge fire. Then using my raft and reaming energy, I made a place to sleep. But before I lost all energy and hope, I used rocks to spell out SOS on the sand. I hope someone finds me. Mainly I hope its Trent. As I slept I kept in thought that he was ok. That maybe h got out. Maybe he's looking for me now.

Trent's POV

I will never forget that moment. When I watched Gwen fly into nothing as I sat down on the chair. I was in shock, I just lost her. Then I came out of shock when I hit the water. I quickly unbuckled myself and began to fight against the suction of the water. I finally made it to the surface. I looked all around, but I didn't see Gwen. I swam in the direction she fell, and had no luck. But I did find a life jacket, and my suitcase. I floated on the sea, begging to be killed. I killed Gwen. If I held on tighter, we would be ok. But she's probably dead, and now I am as good as deceased.

I woke up, washed up on an island. I ran up and down looking for Gwen. I figured, if she fell into the water like me, she might have floated on the shore too. But as it became dark I realized that if I didn't make camp I won't last long.

I built a sucky fire and a sucky tent. Then I fell asleep, dreaming about Gwen, hoping she's alive and is sleeping on this island too, completely unharmed.