Gwen's POV

After we reached shore the crew rented us two rooms at a luxury suite as they reported us to the press and our family. I laid on my king sixed bed, and silk sheets thinking back to the small hut I was laying in the day before. My rag clothing now replaced with jeans and a hoody. I laid there on my back staring at the ceiling thinking of nothing. Until Zane started crying. I sat up and cradled him in my arms. He was lying by me sleeping and he must have woken up.

He's so cute and helpless. I love my son with all my heart; he's the best thing I could have asked for. But how in the world will I explain him to the press, my friends, and my mom. My mother was also a teen mother, same age as me. She said she loved my father and he loved her, but he didn't love me. He told my mom to get rid of me, but she couldn't do that. So he left. Ever since my mom never trusted men. When I had called her before I got on the plane and she knew Trent was there two she said, "Leave him alone hunny, he just wants to hurt you." Or something like that I don't remember. It focused around her not liking Trent.

Now when I see her it's going to be 'Surprise mom, I had a baby with the guy you don't know and hate' yeah that'll be fun. I need a way to tell them with out getting hurt, or Zane taken from me, or Trent leaving me. But nothing came to mind.

I rocked my small boy back and forth in my arms. He's pretty plump for an island born kid. They doctors will examine him this week to see if he's ok. But he seems healthy to me. But as of now, he wont stop crying.

"Shhhhhh it's ok, mommy's here, it's ok shhhhhhhhhhhh don't cry sweetie." I said over and over again but he kept crying. Then a knock at the door. I got up still rocking Zane trying to calm him down. I was dumb to open the door it might be a paparazzi, but I did with out thinking. But it was Trent. "Hi…..shhhh Zane its ok, look daddy's here now, shhhhh it's ok…" I said trying to calm him down. I felt kind of bad for him. Trent and I are back in normal clothing and he must remain in rags. The world can't know about him just yet.

"Is everything ok?" Trent asked walking into the room and closer to Zane and me.

"He won't calm down. I don't know what to do." I said getting worried now. Trent reached out and picked Zane up and held him close to him.

"It's ok little guy, it's alright." He said in a soothing voice and he slowly stopped crying. "There we go." He said rocking him slightly.

"We need to talk Trent." I said sitting down. "We need to discuses Zane. What are we going to do with him?" I said as Zane looked at me with his big green eyes. He's an exact look-a-like of Trent.

"Keep him, raise him together, he is our son." He said pointing out the obvious.

"No I mean, how are we going to tell our parents? And the press will be all over him." I said. Trent looked down at Zane who smiled and Trent smiled back.

"Tell them the truth. There's no shame in it Gwen." He said looking me deep in his eyes. "He's a wonderful boy, and we are good parents, we did nothing wrong. So why worry?" he asked.

"My mom hates you. And my whole life all she ever said was 'you better not get pregnant young like me' and stuff like that." I said looking down.

"I see," Trent said looking at Zane. "Wow, he looks nothing like you." He said.

"I know, you can't tell he's my spawn" I said joking.

"Hmmmmm how bout he's not." Trent said. "Lets tell them, on the island there was a lady, I had relations with her, had a son, and she was eaten by a shark. He's my child not yours." He said. I wanted to slap him.

"NO! Not only is that bad lying, but they'll be able to tell he's my son. I don't want to deny being Zane's mother, I just want telling people to be easier." I said now my outburst making Zane upset and cry.

"We'll just tell them, I'm staying with you and Zane no matter what." He said rocking his son back and forth. "Maybe he's hungry." Trent said pointing out how he kept sucking on his thumb then crying in frustration. I laughed to myself and picked him up. Then I fed him as Trent thought of something to say to our parents so that we can stick together.

"Ok I got it." Trent said. But before he could speak there was a knock on the door.

"Gwen, Trent, baby you're parents are in the lobby, send them up?" the lady asked.

"Yes." We called out.

"No or never." I said sitting up with a now full and quite Zane.

"Let me explain ok." Trent said taking Zane from my arms and laying him in the middle of the bed.

Then the door flew open and Trent's mom, dad, and sister ran in an they grouped hugged while I was smothered by my mom and little brother. Questions were asked, hugs were given out, and kisses where shared, and everyone was so happy, until Zane started crying again.

Everyone turned around to see the small baby crying on the bed. I walked over to him and picked him up and cradled him in my arms.

"GWEN!!!!" My mother yelled looking furious. Zane just cried more.

"Mom I can explain." I said but was cut short by Trent.

"There was a lady who had been on the island before us, he husband died and she was pregnant. She gave birth to the child, Gwen helped, and latter she went swimming and we never saw her again. Gwen and I adopted the boy since he had no family." Trent said defending me.

"What's his name?" Trent's sister asked walking to him.

"Zane" we said in unison. My mom looked like she was thinking this over in her head.

"Mom, please don't make us put Zane in an orphanage, we love him, and he's like our son." I said trying not to cry. He is my son and no ones taking him from me.

"Are you sure? I mean you're just kids." Trent's dad said.

"We can't lose Zane, he means everything, and I want to help Gwen raise him." Trent said looking at his son. I'm afraid if someone points out how Zane and Trent look a like.

"Fine, but Gwen then you can't afford art school, or art classes. I will not baby sit him at all." My mom said. I handed Zane to Trent as I hugged my mom.

The rest of the day was full of the adults discussing how this will be dealt with since Trent lives so far away. But then suddenly Zane, who was sleeping on the bed, started crying, we walked to him and he went silent before I could make it, I looked at my son and he was blue, he was suffocating.

"ZANE!!!" I cried picking him up not knowing what to do as hot tears fell from my eyes.

Everything was a blur. The paramedics coming, taking Zane and me and Trent away, then examining us all. Then we waited to see if Zane was ok.

We waited…………and waited……………until finally a doctor came out.

"Everything is ok, both of you are healthy and so is your son. We don't know what happened but he's fine now, he got all vaccinations and he's ready to go home." The doctor said.

"Um he's not there real son." My mom said. She can be so annoying at times.

"According to these DNA tests, and the analysis of Gwen yes he is there real, blood son. I'll get him now." The doctor said.

I turned to look at my mom. "Uh mom?" I said terrified, she just looked at me.

"I should have seen it." She said crying. "Why did you lie to me?" she asked in a sobbing and yelling tone.

"I was afraid you'd take him from me." I said no longer able to hold back the tears.

"Zane or Trent?" my mom spat.

"Both." I said. "I love Trent and Zane's my son." I said slightly angry.

My mom glared at me. "You are no longer my daughter. I disown you. Don't you ever come near me again! Keep you kid and your man, I'll send all your stuff where ever the hell you'll be but it wont be my house." She said before walking away. I broke down crying.

I can't believe I disappointed my mom that much. I was broken inside, but I also felt slight revilement. Trent picked me up and I took Zane from his arms and held him close. Zane looked at me with his big green eyes and he placed his tiny hand on my cheek as I smiled and was happy where I am.


I ended up living in Trent's house. I share a room with his sister and I dropped out of school to be home schooled. The press obviously loved to see Zane and torment Trent and me about it. Our friends loved Zane as well. We were more accepted by them than anyone else.

I am happy where I am today. Doing algebra as Zane naps. Trent will be home soon from band practice and I have one more math problem to go. As I'm solving the problem Trent sneaks up on me.

"Gosh you scared me." I said in a whisper not to wake Zane up.

"Sorry but I need to ask you something." He said. I look my hands in his and looked into my eyes. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. He opened it to reveal a beautiful and simple ring and I knew what he wanted to ask. "Will you marry me?" he asked.

I threw my arms around him and said yes multiple times. He kissed me and I noticed how quite the house was. Where's the crying baby? "Where's everyone?" I asked. At this time his mom should be cooking, his sister texting in the living room as his brother watched TV and Zane playing in the play pen but the house was empty.

"They are all out for the night till noon tomorrow." He said

"Even Zane? Where? Why?" I asked.

"Yes Zane, I don't know, some place and why?" he asked. The he picked me up bridal style and spun me around. "So we can celebrate."

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