All is fair in Love and War

By: Kiani_97

Summary: Tenten…the new girl from Konoha Scholars High School… the girl that beat up Ami and Karin…and the girl who made history as the only one to melt Neji's cold heart.

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Chapter One


An alarm clock sounded in the quiet Hyuga household where everything was almost always calm. Almost...

A low growl rumbled across the room as a fist slammed into the alarm clock, which caused it to dent halfway to the bottom. Neji Hyuga groaned as he got up and ran his fingers through his hip-length, dark brown hair. He opened his pale lavender eyes and slowly stood up from his spot on the bed. He walked to the closet, pulled out a white towel and silently shuffled to the bathroom in his room. He quickly showered and brushed his teeth and when he came out, he had nothing but a towel around his waist.

He rummaged around in his closet for an outfit to wear. In the end he'd thrown three pairs of blue jeans, a pair of black jeans, a green shirt that read, "If you value your life don't talk to me," a red shirt with the "G-Unit" logo on the front, and a plain white tee on his bed before settling on a black hoodie with a tank top under, some gray, black with white army pants and white uptowns. He tied his long hair into a very loose and low ponytail and ran down the spiral staircase.

When he got to the kitchen, Neji saw his cousin, Hinata Hyuga, sitting at the table eating a small fruit salad. She lifted her head to look up at Neji, which caused her mid-back length hair that was tied in two low ponytails to swish to her back. She'd snapped her head up so fast; however, that all that was seen was a flash of indigo. "H-Hello Neji-nii-san," she said quietly as she laid her lavender-white eyes on Neji. He simply shot her a cold glare and sat down in the seat opposite from her, on the other side of the twelve foot long dinner table.

He took half a loaf of bread, and sliced it open. He cut a tomato into slices and laid a few gently on the bread after putting a light amount of mayonnaise on it. He chopped some lettuce up and placed it on top of the tomato. That was shortly followed by a slice of turkey, ham, and a slice of yellow American cheese. He closed the bread and took a humongous bite out of the sandwich.

Hinata smiled softly before standing up and putting her fruit salad bowl in the sink. She grabbed a simple violet book-bag and walked out the back door, her heels making a soft 'click' sound with every step she took.

Neji finished shortly after and ripped a napkin from the roll. He quickly wiped his face and hands and threw the napkin in the trash. His keys jingled as he took them off the hook and grabbed his book bag. He made his way out of the Japanese sliding screen door of his house and locked it silently, then threw his book bag over his shoulder. He stuck his keys in the ignition of his C-class, blue Mercedes and backed out of the driveway. Neji took off when he made sure that there was no traffic (thanks to his trustworthy G-1) and got to the nearest highway.


"Aw man! I'm going to be late! And on the first day of school too! Aw!" said a girl with chocolate brown eyes and long wavy, brunette hair (which were now held up in two buns). She leaned closer to the steering wheel of her car. This girl was Tenten, not another name. Just Tenten. And right now she was stuck at a red light. What she didn't know was that she herself set all of the clocks in the house and in her car to a half hour later before she woke up that morning. This caused her to believe she was late.

The light turned green and she pushed down on the gas…HARD. In less than five minutes, she arrived at the school. She pulled into the near empty parking lot next to a green Honda civic and a blue C-class Mercedes. When she stepped out of her 2003 black Infiniti, she noticed the two cars parked next to hers. "Wow, guess I'm not the only one with a nice car." She said as she reached into the backseat and pulled out her black book bag.

Tenten sped out of the parking lot, pressing two buttons on her car remote, looking back to make sure it was locked. Big mistake. She heard her car beep and looked forward only to come face to back with a very muscular person. She fell flat on her butt, looking up with curious yet angry eyes at the person who knocked her down. She thought it was a woman by the amazingly long brown hair rolling down the back of the figure and decided to tell her off.

"Geez man! Watch where you're go-" she cut herself short. She noticed that she wasn't yelling at a girl. She was yelling at a five foot eight inch guy around her age who just happened to have hip length hair and pale lavender eyes. He raised a perfect, black eyebrow at her. She blushed, barely noticeable but not missed by the boy. "ing" she decided to finish her sentence without it making sense than to not finish it at all to make her seem more educated and less embarrassed but the boy just smirked.

He looked down at her attire and his smirk became even wider. She wasn't dressed in frilly skirts and very short shorts like all the other girls. Oh no. She was wearing a skin tight black tank top with baggy black slacks and black sweater that had a giant panda on the back.

Tenten stood up, book bag still on her back and was about to walk away when the boy shouted a "wait!" She spun around on her heel and put her hands on her hips. "What?" she asked slightly annoyed. "Who are you?" the boy asked her. "Why do you want to know?" she shot back at him. He remained calm but his eyes showed a sign of amusement. "I just do…" he stated simply. "Tenten!" she said. "What's your last name?" he asked. "Don't have one." She answered as she walked away, leaving behind a rather shocked boy.

***Ten Minutes Later***

It took Neji ten minutes to find his friends in his shocked state. No matter how much he tried to distract himself, the shock of a girl ignoring him just lingered on him. He walked up to his group of sixteen year old friends. "'Sup Neji?" said a guy with raven colored hair, black eyes, and a slight frown on his face. "It's nothing Sasuke." Said Neji in reply to the boy's answer. Sasuke smirked, causing the nearest fan girl to faint from the excess amounts of blood rushing through her head.

"Teme! Help me finish my homework!" yelled a boy with blond spiky hair and cerulean blue eyes. Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Wait a minute dobe. There's still twenty minutes till the first bell!" The blond boy pointed his pencil to his face and pouted. "Awe! Ain't that cute!" said a girl with twin buns in her hair. She pointed to him. "Can you show me how to do that?" she asked. Neji's jaw dropped. This was the same girl who bumped into him in the parking lot.

"Tenten…right?" he said. The girl looked at him. She frowned and pointed at him accusingly. "YOU!" she said. "COULD YOU WALK ANY SLOWER I WAS GOING TO BE EVEN LATER FOR CLASS THAN I AM NOW!" she yelled. "MY THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHT POUND GREAT UNCLE WALKS FASTER THAN YOU!" The blond broke out into laughter and Neji sent him a death glare. "Naruto, shut up if you value your life!" he said. The boy immediately stopped. Sasuke chuckled at what the girl said. "Tenten…that was your name right?" said Neji as he tried to maintain his composure.

"AW CRAP! SEE YOU ALWAYS DO THAT!" she yelled at him once more. He raised an eyebrow. "What did I do? And how can I always do something when I just met you ten minutes ago in the school parking lot?" he said. She shot him a look before responding. "You always talk to me and waste my valuable time!" she said. "Now if you don't mind, I'm late enough as it is so just move out of my way before I make you!" she said. "Chill." Was all he said before moving to the side. She stomped her way up the steps and into the school.

"Why did she think she was late?" asked Sasuke. "Yeah, I have no clue." Said Neji. Five minutes later she stormed out of the building. "ALRIGHT WHO IS THE OWNER OF THE SICK TWISTED MIND THAT HAD THE OH SO WONDERFUL IDEA TO TURN MY CLOCKS FORWARD BY HALF AN HOUR?!" she yelled. Neji chuckled and Naruto fell down the stairs laughing.

The girl glared at him. She stomped back down the steps and went to the corner of the school to sulk. "Neji I think your girl is pissed off." Sasuke said smirking. Numerous fan girls turned to stare at Neji. He ground his teeth together. "She ain't my girl." He said through his teeth. He looked back at Tenten and began to ponder. She was pretty cute, maybe he could ask- wait…what on earth was he thinking?

He was thrown out of his thoughts when he heard someone yell. "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU WANT? LEAVE ME THE FREAK ALONE!" he turned his head in the general direction of the voice. He noticed it to be Tenten's. She was standing up facing an entire group of girls. One had red hair up to her shoulders, black eyes covered by black horn-rimmed glasses, a tank top, and really short shorts. Another had purple hair that was long in the front and jaw length in the back, green eyes, and was wearing a stomach shirt (to show off her belly button ring no doubt) and a frilly very mini skirt. The third had mid back green hair and blue eyes, and a very short almost bra like tube top shirt with booty shorts and fishnet under.

Neji recognized the girls as Karin, Ami, and Hanajima. He frowned. What could they possibly want with Tenten? That's when he heard it.

"Oh come on girly, it's just a little makeover. We'll get you some shorts some skirts some heels, you know, the usual girl stuff." Said Karin, as she flicked her red hair over her shoulder. "Look, I'm going to say this calmly because your slutty ass can't seem to understand that I don't want to dress like you people. This is my usual type of clothing and if you got a fucking problem then I'm not afraid to meet you after school at four O'clock and settle it!

The trio of girls looked scared but they held their ground…well…with buckling knees. "Look, we're trying to do you a favor. Then, once you have the proper attire you can become a part of our group. Are you in?" said Ami. "Hell to the fucking no. I'm not a slut." Tenten said, enraged. With that she grabbed her pack and went to the front of the school. "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY SO QUICKLY?! ARE YOU SCARED THAT WE'RE GOING TO BEAT YOU UP?!" the girls yelled simultaneously as Tenten reached the front of the school. That did it.

Neji took a look at Tenten's face. She was not happy. She turned on her heel, dropped her bag, and ran so fast after the three girls that you would need a very high tech digital camera just to see a blur of her legs.

The girls high-tailed it out of their spot and ran through the back door into the school. "EXACTLY. DON'T BE SAYING STUFF WHEN YOU CAN'T BACK IT UP!" she yelled after them. The girls couldn't hear. They were screaming too loud.

She turned around again and bumped into Neji…again. "Ugh! It's one gruesome thing after a fucking other!" she said into his chest. She pushed him aside and kept walking. He grabbed her by the arms and held her to the spot she was standing. After a bit of resistance she broke free.

'Damn, she is strong. I'd hate to be Karin, Ami, or Hana if they ever have to fight this girl…' he thought. "What do you want now? You know that if you have a question all you have to do is ask!" she said through her teeth. Neji raised an eyebrow before saying, "Were they bothering you?" Tenten heaved a heavy sigh. "No shit Sherlock." She said before walking off to the front doors.

In front of the doors was a group of girls. One had mid-back indigo hair in two low ponytails, a black mini skirt, a blue spaghetti strap shirt with a black crop jacket. Her eyes reminded Tenten of the moon, just like Neji's eyes. Another one had knee length hair tied in a high ponytail with some bangs covering her right eye. She was wearing some black skinny jeans, a black shirt with a red belt in the middle, and red flats. Her eyes were a pale blue and her long hair was blond. The third one had bubblegum pink hair up to her shoulders let loose with emerald green eyes. She had on a tight red tank top and white shorts with red heels. The last one had her dark blond hair in four ponytails and her teal eyes were turned on Tenten. Her outfit consisted of blue jean Capri's, a lavender long sleeved shirt, and lavender flats.

"Oh great!" Tenten groaned. "First the sluts, now the prema donnas!" "Hey I ain't no prema donna!" said the girl with the long blond hair. "Then what are you?" "We were waiting here for Neji, Sasuke, and Naruto." Said the girl with the bubblegum pink hair. "Neji…where have I heard that name before?" said Tenten. The girls gawked at her. "You don't know who Neji Hyuga is?" said the girl with the four ponytails. "OH WAIT! You mean the stoic bastard who won't stop standing in my way so I always end up bumping into him? Yeah I know him!" she replied. The girls twitched. No one had ever dissed Neji like that.

"The stoic bastard that you are referring to happens to be one of the coolest guys in school." Said the girl with bubblegum pink hair. "Sorry but who are you girls? I'm new here. It's my first day." Tenten said, relieved that at least someone was giving her some information on the very person she bumped in to every five minutes or so. "Oh!" said the girl with bubblegum pink hair. "I'm sorry! I forgot my manners! I'm Sakura Haruno but you can just call me Sakura. The girl with the bleach blond hair and pale blue eyes is Ino Yamanaka but you can just call her Ino. The one with pale eyes and indigo hair is Neji's cousin Hinata Hyuga but you can call her Hinata. The one with the spiky ponytails is Subaku no Temari but her first name is Temari."

Tenten smiled at them all. "Nice to meet you!" The girls placed their hands on their hips. "Well?" they said in unison. "Well what?" asked Tenten. "What's your name, age, and personality type?" said Ino. "Oh well, I'm Tenten I don't have a last name so you can guess what you can call me. I'm sixteen and I guess you can call me sporty or tomboyish even." She said. Hinata smiled at her, Sakura did as well, Ino jumped on her and hugged her, Temari yelled at Ino to get off of her, and Tenten struggled for air. "INO ARE YOU CRAZY?! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL THE POOR GIRL!" she said. Tenten shrugged Ino off and Ino just said, "Well sorry! I'm just excited. I just met a tomboy friend. Now I can give her a makeover." Ino replied.

"Oh no! I don't want to be a preppy! I'm a tomboy and I'm going to stay that way!" said Tenten. "There goes Ino with her usual girly self. Don't worry, she's always like that!" said a boy with a pineapple shaped ponytail on his head. He had his hands in the pockets of his shorts and his white shirt reached just below his hips. His white sneakers shined in the sun as he yawned. "Oh shut it Shikamaru!" Ino replied.

"Troublesome woman." He said. Neji walked up right then and stared at Tenten. "Weren't you just over there?" he asked pointing to the part of the school where he, Sasuke, and Naruto were standing. "See what I mean!" Tenten said, looking at the girls.

Ino smirked. "What's so funny?" Sakura asked. Ino whispered in her ear quietly and soon Sakura was staring from Neji to Tenten then back to Neji. She smiled and clapped her hands mischievously. "Hey Tenten?" she said. Tenten looked up at her. "Do you think Neji is hot?" Tenten turned to look at Neji, who, due to the question, turned a very bright red. "Cha, that low life son of a bitch. Yeah right." She said. 'He is so not hot but he is sexy…' she thought.

Neji glared at her. "That's one opinion out of millions. Look at this." He walked up to a random fan girl and winked at her. She fainted face first to the ground. He smirked. "Hyuga's getting mad. He likes Tenten!" said Sasuke smirking. Ino and Sakura nodded. Tenten turned so red she resembled a fire truck. Neji was glaring at Sasuke so hard that he had everyone thinking 'If looks could kill.'

Tenten stormed off into the school, forgetting her book bag. She angrily pounded back, grabbed it, and ran inside. Neji just turned to glare at them all. "That has got to be the most retarded, horrifying, idiotic, plain out weirdest idea I have ever heard! I don't like anyone! Get that straight!" he said. He walked briskly to the school and went inside. Hinata sighed. 'I'm going to be hearing more of that when I get home…' she thought.

"What's wrong Hinata?" asked Naruto, feeling the need to comfort her when he heard her sigh. "O-oh it's nothing. It's j-j-just that I'll be hearing N-Neji-nii-san saying more r-random stuff like that as soon as I get home. It's f-fine. P-pretty annoying but I'm p-pretty s-sure I can get th-through it." She replied. Naruto smiled sheepishly at her. Ino and Sakura smirked evilly. "Sensual seduction. They gonna have a sensual seduction!" Temari sang. Naruto turned to glare at her and Hinata just keeled over.

Naruto fanned her with his notebook, still glaring at Temari. When she didn't wake up, he sighed and just dragged her into the school.