I based this story on a maths lesson - seriously, just don't ask!

School trip from hell!

Hi, I'm Billie Baker. I'm only 13, but I feel like i've seen it all - Why? Well, let's just say that I had a strange experience on a school trip, once. A strange experience that I'm about to tell you about.

So, it all started when my teacher, Mrs. Arndale, explained that we would be taking a school trip to some place called Fleetwood. Apparently, it was 'a wonderful, charming town by the sea that we would never forget.'

'Aint that the truth.

Me and my friend Mel groaned at the very thought. "Seriosly, Billie. I hate this school - I don't even think it's legal to force innocent kids like us to go on these trips, anyway."

Mrs. Arndale had heard Mel from the front of the class. "Melanie McDonald! I'm talking! Anyway, no one's forcing you to go - it's a free trip organised by the Teacher - Parents group and you'd do well to get out and soak up the sea air!" Mel was always a nice person and felt guilty within two seconds of the end of that sentence. "Oh, I'm sorry, miss! I really didn't mean to interupt the class - I was just asking Billie what she thought!"

The class fixed their eyes on me instantly. Then Miss asked "And what of you, Billie? Will you be joining us on the trip?"

"Er, I guess so." I muttered. I didn't know that I couldn't have given a better answer. Also, my other two friends agreed. Joanna Benson and Sarah Redding.

So, Fast forward, two weeks to the trip.

Me, Jo, Sarah and Mel were having a laugh on the bus when, all of a sudden, it screechad to a halt. As we looked out of the window, People were running about and screaming. There was several army jeeps driving down the same road, as well as five police cars.

Suzy Granger was sat at the back of the bus, she was the first to realise what was going on. "Oh my god! That's a spaceship - a real spaceship!"

As the four of us tried to get to the back of the bus, about twenty other freaked - out kids bustled past us, manically. So the rest of the class failed to notice, when a strange bloke in a blue suit jumped up the steps and yelled -

"Get off the bus, everyone! Go, Go, Go!"

Before me and my mates got off, Jo screamed "Come on, you lot! We have to get off here, now!"

She didn't know why we had to, but Jo has never been one to go unoticed in a crisis. At that point, everyone was reeling from the sights they'd seen. I heard several different things from the distressed bunch of kids -

"I bet we'll all get abducted on to it's ship"

"This a hoax! It's gotta be!!!"


"It's the end of the world - We're all gonna die!"

I have to say, that at that moment, thats what I was thinking.

I bravely knocked together the courage to talk to the strange bloke. "Who are you!? What's going on?"

He turned to me and said "What was your name?"

"Billie." I replied "Billie Baker"

"Right, Billie Baker - How do you keep an idiot in suspense?"

"I don't know" I replied, stupidly.

"I'll tell you later, NOW COME ON!!!"

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