Well, it's finally here. the last chapter of ultimate doooooom. I hope you like it!

School trip from hell!

We followed him into the ship, he took the phone off me -

"Suzy, what's happening with the aliens?"

I heard a reply.

Oh my god, they're out cold - they're just lying there. Are they dead?

"No. Just unconcious - gives us about 2 minutes to stop them!" he said

"Two minutes!?" I screamed. "Two minutes to stop the end of the world?"

"SHH! I'm on the phone!" he shouted at me.

"Stuff that, Doctor - we are all gonna die!" that wasn't what suprised me the most, though. With all the aliens about, the thought had already crossed my mind. "Oh my god," I added "Alicia was actually right!"

"No," The doctor replied "Very, very wrong, Billie. Cos I'm not going to let that happen to you or any of the rest of you stupid humans."

"I'm insulted, but I have to admire your bravery." Sarah joked.

"Never mind the jokes - Jo, press, no, HOLD that button."

She did, and a screen suddenly lit up behind us, it had strange symbols on, and had a large keyboard under it, with the symbols printed onto every key.

"Oh, brilliant!" The doctor shouted, gleefully.

"What is it?" asked Mel

"The transmitter. We could command them to do anything"

"Make them kill themselves!" Sarah suggested.

He looked insulted, himself, At the very though of this.

"Sarah, these aliens just stumbled across this planet, with satellites beaming out to other planets, what kind of message are you giving off when you kill them, eh? 'Come to earth - the kindest race in the universe!'? Oh no, your saying 'We are the earth - and we challenge you to invade us!' You are inviting them to destroy you!"

"So," Mel said "What are you going to do, then?"

"I'm gonna wipe thier memories - " he ran to the transmitter "then send them away, with no memory of this planet left"

It all seemed too easy...

"Doctor!" Yelled Jo. There was a screaming sound coming from the phone!

"Suzy!" The doctor shouted into it "What's happening!?"

They're waking up! They're waking up!!!! oh my god, they waking up!

"Oh, no, no, no, no, NO!" He said as hurried over to the keyboard, "Hang on - Aha!"

He went to get the phone.

"Suzy - how about now?"

Nothing, they're just stood there - still...

"Great - gives us time to crack this," I said, reffering to the code on the transmitter.

"Oh, I don't need to," he said, typing away.

"I'm sorry?" Jo replied.

"Well, my, erm, spaceship, if you will, cracks alien codes for me!"

"Great - so what are we waiting for?"

"RRR! There's an override - one of these things is very,very,very,very clever, but - if I could just - YES!"

"What!?" I yelled "What is it?"

"Typing won't work, " he said "But speaking will! I've translated their language - but what happens if I reverse that, I speak english, they hear alien! Ha! If I just get a video link, aswell."

The screen brought up the image of the class outside the spaceship.

.He walked over to a microphone on the control desk picked it up,

"Good morning class! Are we sitting comfortably? Well, it doesn't matter - we're gonna save the world. Come on you lot, you might want to see this."

We all rushed over to him,

"And on air in 5,4,3,2,1. Right, I am the Doctor - and I address this race under section 33,000000.6621 of the shadow proclamation - what you're doing to this planet is wrong. To us you are a mystery - we don't know what you want or who you are, and, yeah, that scared me - but now, I have only one thing to say to you. I command you - forget, just forget all about this race, about being here. Forget - and leave this planet! Leave!"

He put the mic down -

"Right - get out! They'll have to get out of here, and I imagine they'll want to take the ships with them. Come on - Go!"

We all ran as fast as possible, to get out. Just as we left - we saw the aliens coming into the ship.

We hurried into the car park where the class were, just in time to see the ships leave.

We cheered and so did the rest of the class. The doctor, my friends and me swung our arms round eachother! We couldn't believe we were alive!

The Doctor ran to Suzy and Jo, Mel, Sarah and I followed. "Suzy - thanks for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you." he told her.

She looked confused.

"I'm sorry, but who are you?"

"Oh, erm, no one. Sorry to bother you..."

"What was that about?" Asked Mel.

"When I told the aliens to forget, the class forgot with them. You're the only people that know who I am. All that they'll remember is the invasion, they'll never even know that you four saved the earth!"

"Cool." I said.

"What?" The doctor asked "You sure?"

"Yeah," Replied Sarah "Our little secret."

"I think that's perfect." Jo said.

"You can't tell anyone!" he said "Not even your parents!"

"And that's OK." Mel beamed.

"Mel McDonald, Billie Baker, Jo Benson and Sarah Redding - teenagers, Year 7s and defenders of the earth! Ha! I take it all back - you're not as brilliant as me, your better!"

"Thanks, I guess!" I laughed.

"I tell you what - follow me. Everyones celebrating, they won't notice you've gone!"

So we did. We went to this park, where we were met by a strange, blue box.

"This girls, this is the TARDIS. Time and relative dimension in space! Come in."

"No chance, mate. you'd struggle to get 2 people in that thing!"

"Wanna bet? Go inside."

I almost died when I did.

It was a massive room, about the size of a classroom, with this weird console in the centre!

"It's bigger on the inside," Mel muttered.

"No! Really, Mel? I knew there was something strange about it!" the doctor said sarcastically.

"As if the day wasn't strange enough!" I said.

"Yeah, Doctor - why'd have to dump this on us!!!" Joked Jo.

"Doctor?" I asked "Maybe you could take us with you sometime?"

He frowned.

"I don't think so," he said "I mean, you are amazing. Really you all are - but you're just kids - it's too dangerous for kids out there."

"Doctor" Mel spoke up from the back of the room. "You even said. You couldn't have done it alone, today."

"I've managed so far."

"Please, Doctor." Jo said.

"Yeah..." Sarah followed.

"Oh, girls - don't make this any harder than it already is!"

"Come on." I willed, I was close to tears.

"You can't. " he said, anyone could see he was too. "I don't want to say no, but I have to. Although, I tell you one thing. This isn't the end. I'll see you of you! You brilliant kids!!!"

As we left the TARDIS my heart was in my mouth. We all hung our heads as we walked out of the park, then he stuck his head round the door -

"Oh, and girls - you might want to see this."

We looked on, mouths open wide, as the box just dissapeared. We just stood there shocked for about three minutes afterwards before we walked back to the rest of the class.

As we left Fleetwood, everyone was talking about the aliens, they didn't realise that we had a more dramatic version to talk about.

When we got home, I rushed to my Mum and Dad, My nan and sisters and brother were there too. That night, My little sister Gennie bugged me to tell her what happened - I basically told her what the rest of the class would have said, but I couldn't wait to see my friends again to talk about what really went on - about the aliens, about the TARDIS, but most of all, about the Doctor!

So that's it! I think I might cry, now it's over! I'm not gonna bore you but I'd just like to thank my friends who I based the characters on - so, Julia, Megan, Senga and Suzy . I'd also like to thank a certain girl who was inspiration for Alicia - yes folks - she really is that annoying. I'd also like to thank Fleetwood, which is really my home town. Thank you! Mwah! xxx

P.S: Please read the sequel to school trip from hell, written by Konixu. The pen name for my friend Julia.