"Man's best friend? Huh. Well Sandy isn't a man but maybe she would like one of these so called puppies anyway." SpongeBob was reading a book called "The Perfect Presents". He so badly wanted to tell Sandy how he felt about her but it was just too hard. So his plan was to give her a great, exciting gift that would express his emotions. So far he had already crossed of chocolates and flowers. Chocolate was too boring and he gave her flowers all the time anyways. But these puppy creatures sounded interesting. He continued to read about them. Puppies are one of the greatest presents you could give someone you love. These friendly little animals always seem to cheer you up no matter what kind of mood you're in. SpongeBob thought about that part. Sometimes Sandy could get in a terrible mood very easily. It was almost scary sometimes, how the littlest thing could get her so angry. "Maybe this IS a good gift for her." He said, thinking out loud. He read on. With the proper training, the right owner could get almost anything out of puppies. However, it is important that you pick the right type of dog for the person. To find out more about dog breeds, you should check out your local library for a book on dogs. "I guess I'll go do that then." He got up off his coach and ran towards the door. He finally made it to the library. It took him about an hour to find a book called "The Complete Dog Book". He quickly flipped through all the pages till he found a bunch of pictures."Whoa, these things are the weirdest creatures I've ever seen!" He looked all the pictures and chose one that he liked the best. It was called a beagle. He quickly flipped through the description for the dog. It stated that they were friendly, loyal, and great companions. There was even a little section about squirrels! It said that they beagles were originally bred to hunt small creatures like squirrels and rabbits. "What in the world is hunting? It probably just means that they like squirrels as play mates or something. Oh well, this sounds perfect." He went to the library's computer and typed in beagle. Lots of little sites came up about buying them. He went through a couple of them until he found one for free. Since they were land creatures, he had to type in a land address to send it to. He quickly typed in the street right in front of the sea. This would mean he had to go onto land again. He shivered at the memory of those stupid sea gulls that attacked him. Luckily Sandy had been there to save them. Oh well, he thought, Sandy's worth it.