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A/N: So this is a little one shot I concocted because well no one else is writing for this story. So I thought why not be the first.

"Mmmm. I'm not sure whether I want the brownie or the cookies."

"Well maybe.."

"Or there is always the German Chocolate Cake."


"Shh. Oh look theres also some fresh coffee."

"Well I would suggest......"

"Shh how many times must I tell you that Ryan I'm busy."

"Laurie maybe if you listened to me....."

"Ryan quiet. Mmm the double chocolate chip cheese cake sounds good."

"Laurie if you would just......."

"Ryan quiet. Or maybe some fudge. Mmm fudge sounds good."


"Ryan we are dealing with chocolate here. Now shh. You know what Ill just get a large coffee, cookies, a brownie, the fudge and the cheese cake and I can always come back for the German Chocolate Cake later."

"Now I know why my wallets been lighter since we got married."

"Shut up Ryan."

A/N: TADA!!! Hope you enjoyed a little chocolate madness