Chapter One - Well, Better Get Started

A light spring breeze blew pass carrying with it stray blossom petals whipping them across the face of an unexpected traveler.

The young boy continued his journey up into the town of Alvarana that lay before him. He breathed in the sweet smell of flowers and with a smile on his face looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Wow, this place is nice." He said aloud to himself. "And these flowers are so beautiful…"

Another pleasant spring breeze went past, brining with it a young girl, her long black hair flowing out around her.

"Oh, hello!" She exclaimed, her voice soft and innocent. She was surprised to find a boy standing under her favorite cherry tree.

"Oh, um, hello…" The boy replied, spinning around quickly to face her.

"Hey, I haven't seen you around here before. Are you just passing through?" She questioned.

The traveler wasn't sure how to answer. Was he just passing through as he had all the other villages, or was this place what he had been searching for? "Passing through? Um, I think so…" He answered after a moment.

"You think so? You mean you're not sure?" She giggled, a smile covering her face.

He laughed with her. "That's one way to put it."

Their laughter faded as the boy turned back to the tree. "Everything is so beautiful here."

"Yes it is…" She sighed, watching his back, as look of content on her face.

Just then the serene beauty was broken by a deep booming voice. "Mana!!! I'm not going to let you marry him!!!"

"Father?! Marry? What are you talking about?" The girl, Mana, turned on him, surprised.

"You promised me that you'd stay my little girl forever!"

"Yeah, when I was six! Why are you even talking about this?!" She spoke low, clearly embarrassed of her father talking this way in front of the new comer.

"Don't try to hide it! I over heard you two talking about love and feelings and that sort of stuff!"

"Father, we were talking about how beautiful the flowers were!"

"Oh, you were? Whew, that's a relief! Don't scare me like that, Mana." The big man chuckled, letting down his guard.

"You're the one who scared us!"

"Sorry about that." The big man laughed. "What's your name son, I haven't seen you around here before."

"Uh it's… It's Kyle sir. My name's Kyle, nice to meet you." The boy answered.

"I'm Douglas, this here's my daughter Mana, but I see you two've already met." He stopped a moment to eye them suspiciously.

"­­­Kyle's just passing through." Mana said, quickly breaking the silence.

"Well actually…" ­­­­­ started, but was quickly cut off by a loud booming voice.

"None sense!" Douglass exclaimed. "You must stay for a while, assuming you don't have a home to return to. But a traveler such as yourself must not have any place to call his own."

Mana sighed. "Pardon my father, he just wants someone to occupy our old farm… Though, I wouldn't mind if you decided to stay…"

"You know… that sou-" ­­­­­Kyle tried speaking but once again, Douglass cut him off.

"Please, please stay in that house, it hasn't been used in years and the 36 acher farm land is over grown with grass and weeds."

"Okay, I'll stay for a while." ­­­­­Kyle spoke quickly this time; to be sure he could finish his sentence. "I've never farmed before, at lest not from what I can recall, but I'm sure I'll be able to handle it."

"This is wonderful!" Douglass clapped his giant hands together startling the two children. "Come with me, right this way, I'll show you to your new home."

The big blond man pulled him away from the cherry trees and out through a bear field of grass in the direction of the path that would lead to his new farm.

The house was large and old, and stood two stories high. Kyle wasn't sure how he could possibly occupy such a large amount of space all by himself. Even more overwhelming was the, what seemed to be endless, patch of grass, fallen branches and tree stumps that lay before him.

Douglass stood watching Kyle's eyes growing bigger and bigger. "Here's some handy tools, you're gonna need 'em." He chuckled, obviously happy with the fact that someone else was going to tend to this overgrown mess. He handed over a watering can, a hoe, and some other useful tools. "Mana and I own the general shop down in town, stop buy and pick up some seeds when you're ready, though I suppose it'll be a while." He chuckled again, then turned to leave. "Oh and by the way, you should introduce yourself to everyone when you get the chance, they'll be happy to meet Alvarna's newest resident!"

­­­Kyle stood alone as a gust of flower petals blew across his face and hair. Watering can in one hand, hoe in the other, he looked out across the field. "Well, better get started." He smiled to himself.