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1. Everything starts with an end

Everything starts with an end.

If it is the ending of an era, just the end of an hour or simply the ending of the status quo. Before something can truly begin, something else has to end.


This time, the end was the death of a legend, the glorious Supreme Commander of the infamous Decepticon army, Megatron.

And the one who brought about that, was, surprisingly or not depending on who you asked about it, his Second in Command, Starscream.

It was Soundwave who first noticed that this particular day would be different from all the days before.
The dark blue mech was on the bridge of the Underwater base, seated in front of several screens showing the interior of the base, keeping an optic on his subordinates for Megatron.

The warlord himself had been on the bridge until just a few minutes ago, but he had left to go check on some of his Cons who were taking inventory in some of the lower level stock rooms. Their progress was much too slow for his liking and he hadn't heard from the responsible mechs for quite some time now.

Usually Megatron would have sent Ravage or one of the Cassetticon twins to check up on the lazy Cons, but the catlike mech was on a mission and the other cassettes were still in the medbay after the last battle with the Autobots.

Soundwave watched as his Commander appeared on one of his screens and entered one of the storage rooms.
The door had barely closed behind the large, silver form, when Starscream appeared on the screen, smirking to himself.

Soundwave tensed as the Seeker pulled out of his subspace a weapon of a design the TIC had never encountered before, and moved to enter the room.

The dark blue mech threw open a com channel, attempting to warn his superior of the danger, but only received static.
He froze in shock, refusing to believe that he, the Communications specialist, could be blocked so easily and thoroughly.
He hadn't even noticed when the block was put into place.

He leapt out of his seat, frantically trying to contact his Creations, only to remember that they couldn't help him, being either injured or too far away.

His panic reached new heights when the Seeker on his screen looked up, turned directly to the camera and smirked knowingly, giving a quick and mocking salute.

Then Starscream disappeared into the storage room – and suddenly every single camera in the whole Underwater base died.

Soundwave stared at the static, completely mesmerized, his mind still reeling at being beaten at his own game.

Then he jerked into motion, rushing to through the door and into the lift, praying to Primus that Megatron wouldn't be caught unaware, that Starscream would mess up again, for slagging anything!

He ran down the corridors, completely shocking the Decepticons he passed on his way, trying to reach the storage room in time – and failing.

When the blue mech finally came to a screeching halt in front of the door and bust through, Megatron, Supreme Commander of the Decepticons and icon of hope for so many of them, was gone.

The only trace left of him and his apparent demise were some silver parts scattered throughout the room and heavy scorch marks on the floor.

Soundwave stood transfixed in the doorway, staring at the large, blackened spot in the center of the room and tried to process that his Lord and master was gone and that Starscream had finally succeeded.


He looked up slowly, a corner of his mind noticing the arrival of other Decepticons, who gasped as they saw the state of the room and guessed what had happened.

Starscream sat on a closed crate, his arms crossed in front of his cockpit, emanating pure, unadulterated smugness.

The unknown weapon sat right beside him, the barrel still glowing faintly.

Soundwave stared, his world still shattering around him and his processor trying to catch up.

Starscream smirked, "Well, isn't it time to fall to your knees and render homage to your new Lord, everyone?"

Almost an hour later, every single Decepticon on base knew about Megatron's gruesome fate and the change of command.

Under Starscream's watchful optics, they had all seen the remains of their former Supreme Commander for themselves, as the now-former Second hadn't moved an inch from his position of glory the whole time.

By now, the Decepticons had all locked themselves away, trying to analyze the new situation and the possibilities it would bring.
Even Soundwave had collected his Creations from the medbay and had holed up in his quarters.

His only other action had been a quick call to Cybertron to let Shockwave know about their new leader.

Starscream sighed, looked lovingly at the remains of his superior, then jumped off his crate and began to gather the silver scraps from the floor.
He needed trophies, after all.

When his arms were full and not a single chip of paint was left on the ground, he walked to the crate he had been sitting on and shoved the lid off.

For a few seconds he looked impassively at the faintly moving contents at the bottom of the large box, then he let his trophies fall into it and closed the case.

The red and white Seeker once again turned to survy the scene of his victory, marveling at what he had done, still a little disbelieving himself.
Then he leaned against the crate and tapped his fingers on the lid, all too aware of the faint shuffling noises coming from within the metal box.

Now, how to solve this unexpected problem…?