Chapter 28: Double Trouble Part 2

Rita looked very perplexed. "Help for what?" she asked, confused. She had no idea what Chomper was referring to.

"There's some friends of mine who need help, and I'll need to find my friends back in the Great Valley," Chomper explained.

"Your….Great Valley friends?" Rita asked, "But the big leaf eaters would be there too!" Rita replied.

"Don't worry Rita, we wouldn't have to go into the Great Valley itself, my friends always end up going outside every few days, we'll find them soon enough," Chomper explained.

But Rita still needed answers, "But who needs help?" she asked. "Some other dinos I know," Chomper explained.

"Who?" asked Rita, curiously. "Anyone I know?"

"You know what, kind of," Chomper replied. Rita of course still needed more answers.

"Chomper, there's something you're not telling me," the dark blue sharptooth said suspiciously, being right on the mark.

Chomper sighed, not wanting to explain what's really been happening, so he did his best to push back the giving of answers. "Rita…I can't tell you just yet," he responded.

"Why?" Rita asked again.

"It'd… too confusing," Chomper responded, probably to say the least. "Fine….," Rita sighed, "We'll go find your other friends tomorrow."


"Why do you think the grownups told us not to go the meeting guys?" Littlefoot (the original longneck form we know and love) asked his friends.

"Me have no idea," Petrie replied in his traditional bad grammar that some of us know and love while the rest know and hate.

"It probably has something to do with sharpteeth," Cera said. "We've seen a lot more than usual. And I'm sure Chomper's a bad one now….."

"Cera!" Littlefoot said, upset by that remark. "That's not necessarily true!"

"Then tell me Littlefoot," Cera said as a comeback, "Why else would he be near Redclaw without being chased? Unless they're on the same side, I have no other ideas!"

"There has to be some explanation," Littlefoot retorted. "Chomper wouldn't turn his back on us like that."

"He did seem upset when he had to leave the Great Valley," Cera reminded.

"But that's because we are his friends, we are, we are," Ducky noted. Spike made a noise suggesting "No comment."


"It's clear something must be done," Grandpa Longneck called to the adult dinos of the Great Valley who had gathered, "About the recent abundance in the area. Before I give my idea, I am willing to hear out any other ideas."

"Simple," Topsy said, with a bit of an egotistical chuckle. "We just get the strongest ones among us here, guard the valley, and kill any sharptooth who comes near."

Tria looked unnerved. "That's….kind of….extreme, Topsy," she said, not thinking that violence of that caliber was a good idea.

Not too surprisingly, that idea did get a few comments of support. Some of the other grownups offered other suggestions, such as moving rocks and logs to protect the valley's weak points better, and Petrie's mother Tera suggested having a heard of flyers serve as a lookout to alert if any sharpteeth were approaching.

After the others said their opinions, Grandpa Longneck went on to explain his strategy. "Similar to Topsy's," the old longneck explained, "We need to establish a protectorate force, one that can chase off carnivores or fight them if need be."

"Finally he's making sense," Topsy said to Tria. Topsy and Littlefoot's grandfather had gotten along in the past, but their minds weren't always at the same spot when it came to how to deal with certain situations involving leadership of the Great Valley.


Chomper and Rita had agreed to go out to find Chomper's leaf eater friends in the morning. Chomper spent the nights in his family's cave, as did Rita, since she lived with them. Chomper had decided to see later if Rory and Myra wanted to come along, and Greg if he and his folks hadn't wandered away.

The purple sharptooth mentally admitted he probably should have thought through his plan better. There were so many variables: There was the chance they wouldn't bump into Littlefoot and the others, there was the chance they wouldn't want to come with him, there was the possibility that they wouldn't believe him about the Stone of Cold Fire and the other reality, or that that would freak them out.

If worst came to worst, he would have to think of another way to help the flatteeth of the wish-created reality.

"Hope this works…" he said silently to himself.


The Bright Circle wasn't completely visible yet, and the morning was young. Littlefoot had decided to go find Chomper to prove to his other friends that he wasn't a bad sharptooth. Ruby, being Chomper's former babysitter, agreed to join the longneck.

But just when they thought it would just be the two of them, the found Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike waiting for them at the exit.

Littlefoot look very puzzled. "How did you…" he started to ask, when he got cut off.

"It was simple," Cera smirked, "We didn't find you guys in your regular sleeping spots, and we remembered what we talked about yesterday, so we guessed you guys were going to find Chomper."

"We did, we did," nodded Ducky. "Wow you guys are good…." Ruby complimented.


Dein and Terri had told Chomper and Rita that were going to go out for the day, and to not go too far from the nest, which fit just fine into Chomper's plan.

"Bye son! Bye Rita," Terri waved as she and her mate set off.

"Have you seen Myra and Rory?" Rita asked Chomper after the two big sharpteeth set off.

"Yeah, but they were going hunting with their folks, I guess they can't join us," Chomper responded.

"Let's go find my dad," Rita smiled, wanting to be with her dad again, and now she didn't mind one bit that her father was Redclaw. She began sniffing the air to pick up on his trail.

Knowing Redclaw's size, it wasn't going to be a tough task.

Elsewhere, Redclaw, Screech, and thud had successfully brought down a spiketail, and were eating their prize.

"We caught this one by surprise, didn't we boss?" Screech asked eagerly. Redclaw nodded in agreement.

Thud was digging into one of their prey's legs, his face getting smeared with their breakfast's blood, but he could easily wash it off. Suddenly, his sniffer began acting up.

"Boss, I think I smell something coming our way," the green fast biter commented. Redclaw smelled the air too, and smiled.

"It's my daughter and her little friend," he said to his friends as Chomper and Rita closed in on them.

"Hi dad,' Rita said, as Redclaw leaned down, allowing her daughter to nuzzle his face. "It's great to see you again, though it hasn't really been long now."

"Likewise," Redclaw smiled back.

"Hey dad, could you, Screech, and Thud do us a favor?" Rita asked.

"Certainly, what is it?" Redclaw asked in response.

"I need to get to the Great Valley….well, near it at least. I need to find my leaf eater friends."

"What for?" Redclaw asked Chomper.

"I need their help, and maybe their parent's help as well. Some of my other friends are in danger."

"I could be of assistance," Redclaw offered, somewhat smugly. Chomper knew the massive sharptooth had a point, so he would likely ask him after he told Littlefoot and the others.

"It's complicated," Chomper said. "Could you take us to the Great Valley's walls?"

"I'd be honored," Redclaw replied. Chomper then was sure to keep his reality-warping rock beside him.


Littlefoot, Ducky, and Ruby were having Spike sniff the ground, seeing if they could recognize Spike's trail. Since they had used it before when Chomper lived in the valley, Spike was able to commit it to memory.

"Is he picking any trail up?" Cera asked.

"Give my brother time Cera," Ducky replied, "He's doing his best. He is, he is."

"Chomper can't be too far, far away is where Chomper can't be," Ruby added. Just then, Spike made a noise that meant, "I found something!

"Me think Spike found Chomper's trail!" Petrie grinned.

"Then let's follow it!" Littlefoot said, "I'll prove Chomper's not bad."

"Keep having sleep stories about that…" Cera said under her breath.


Similar results were coming up, Chomper was smelling his friends' scents enter his sniffer. "I think they're not too far away!" he grinned.

He then set the next part of his plan into motion. He asked to be given a break for lunch, and Redclaw obliged. Holding on to his rock, he ran out of the sights of Rita and the others and then concentrated on the other reality. He was soon warped to the Place Between Worlds, where he noticed one weird thing: the symbols representing which reality was which above the portals were now missing. But Chomper figured he'd remember which was which, so he proceeded to head back to the sharptooth Great Valley

In the sharptooth reality, no time had passed, so the sharptooth versions of Ruby and the others (And the flatoototh versions of Rita and the others) hadn't been waiting for long. Before Chomper could reappear to his friends, Greg's belly rumbled.

"I'm hungry," the spiketail said, then Rory spoke up.

"So am I," he nodded, "Because I did skip getting something for dinner tonight," he explained.

"And I had dinner, and desert, but I'm still hungry," Greg continued. Myra and Rita laughed lightly at that.

"We might as well go with you guys to get something to eat," Rita said. She turned to the sharpteeth, "Just tell Chomper we'll catch up to you guys later."

"Got it," Petrie replied.

After the 4 flatteeth were out of the gang's site, Choper reappeared. "What were you doing?" Littlefoot asked. "We've been here for a few minutes."

"Yeah…I was just making sure everything was ready," the purple rex replied, although that only resulted in puzzled looks. He then noticed, "Where's Rory and the others?"

"Getting a later dinner," Cera replied. "So what's this plan of yours?" the fast biter asked, demanding to know.

"Well….this!" Chomper replied, dropping the stones in front of his friends.

"Rocks?" Petrie asked, confused. Spike made a noise suggesting, "You can't be serious, are you Chomper?"

"Just trust me on this," Chomper replied. "And do as I say, each of you pick one of these up, and focus on….our storytelling spot." While in the original reality, he figured out a way to have his friends activate the rocks without telling them everything about his wish: Since the Place Between Worlds resembled their storytelling spot, he would have them warp there.

Ruby, Cera, Littlefoot, and Petrie picked up their rocks with the claws, while Spike put his foot on it. Concentrating hard, they eventually warped to where Chomper had hoped, to the Place Between Worlds.

When they opened their eyes and noticed where they were, confusion was the only natural reaction. "What is this?" asked Ruby.

"Where are we?" questioned Petrie.

"Is this a sleep story and all of us are back at our nests?" Cera pondered.

"No Cera, this is all real," Chomper replied, ready to tell his "alternate version" of the story about how he discovered the Stone of Cold Fire.

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Next time on Sharptooth Valley II: After Chomper tells his story, the sharpteeth version of the gang head to the old reality, and the two versions of the gang finally meet! But they get a hint that it might be dangerous to have two versions of one dino in the same reality…..