Fic: Crashing Down

Author: Seraphim Grace

Fandom = Supernatural

Pairing = Castiel/Girl!Dean

Rating = G

unbeated - coda to 5.16

Soundtrack - Fiona Apple - Sleep to Dream

"Half angel and half bird. And all a wonder and a wild desire."

Robert Browning- O lyric love

Dean wants to reach out, to touch him. She can see CAstiel break, she can see him at that exact moment where he shatters and his faith is undone, his back to her, his sentence left unfinished, left open as he obviously wants to scream obscenities at the door jamb of their crappy motel room. Her blood is still spattered here and there on the wall paper, caught in her hair no matter how many times she washed it.

All she can see is him breaking.

There's so much she wants to do, so much she wants to say.

She says nothing. She does nothing.

When he turns he has a look of apocalypse that she has never seen on him before.

If there was anything left inside her she supposes it would break, but she's blessedly numb.

"I don't need this any more," Cas says and drops her amulet back into her hand, the leather thong still warm from his skin.

Sam goes to say something, he tries to fix it with his puppy dog pout and hug monster arms but Cas is gone.

Dean looks at the amulet for a long moment, feels the weight of it, metal and memory, before she opens the door, dropping it into the trashcan as she walks past.