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To: Jacob Black

Hey Jacob,

You told me you loved me.

I told you I did too.

You showed me new places,

You knocked at my door.

You opened new doors,

And you showed me the way.

You lifted me up,

You took me away.

I put my heart on the line,

And you took it.

I placed my heart in you,

But you broke it.

My dreams, were crushed,

By you and your vain.

My feelings were mixed.

I felt mad,

I felt sad,

I felt like I had been pushed and was shoved,

But somewhere in my heart,

I still felt some love.

And now all I ask,

Is that you leave,

because I hate you.

You chose her over me.

You left me waiting,

And now I am gone.

Our love was blooming,

Our love was growing,

Our love was pure,

But then you stepped all over me,

You shot me down,

You left me waiting in the cold.

But when you left, you took my heart too.

You broke my heart,

Left it shattered in pieces,

You didn't even try to fix it,

Or say you're sorry,

And now all I want is to break you!

I want you to feel the pain,

My pain,

My wrath,

My tears.

So, how about you go and fuck yourself in a corner,

Or Slit your wrists,

So I don't have to.

So, do what you wish,

I am not coming back.

You can beg,

You can cry,

But it won't work anymore.

The love that we shared,

Is now replaced by anger and hatred.

So try as you might,

I will never return.

You lost me,

When you forgot me.

And now it's all over.

But, I kind of feel sad,

For that poor girl called Addie,

Because she has to look at your face,

And withstand your odors.

I mean, come on, have you ever heard of deodorant?

Your nose well it's crooked,

Your face, well it's ugly.

And oh yeah, has any one told you,

Your ass is too big.

So please, try to leave me alone,

Because whenever you smile,

And whenever you laugh,

I flinch, and I scream,

I cry, and I frown.

Whenever you look at me,

like the way you once did,

My heart fills with anger.

So, please, don't come back,

Because I'm joining the convent,

So I can't be hurt anymore

By any guy like you.

Forever Hating You,


P.S. You're gay!

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