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A.N. I thought that this story would be complete, but I decided that Jacob would send a reply to the letter. There is only one more thing left which should be an epilogue. That won't be here for a while because it is part of my story after the End. So I need to finish that story to finish this mini story.

Sorry this one is not as good as Renesmee's love letter... mainly because Jacob isn't a very good writer!

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Dear Renesmee,

When I read your letter I was confused, hurt, and I felt like crap.

I was kind of pissed at what you had said to me.

I thought I was reading a bunch of lies.

But then I realized that when you writing this you were probably pissed. Hell, I wouldn't blame you if you still were.

It was only till today that I realized that you were telling me the truth.

Renesmee, I realize that I was a jerk.

You were my true love, but I didn't respect that.

I ended it, all the trust that we had built up, I let it all fall.

I let my guard down.

Instead of loving you, I hated you.

You stopped me from loving Addie.

I denied you my love and gave it to someone else.

You were everything to me, and I was everything to you.

But then I screwed it all up.

I fell in love with her, when I should have loved you.

Renesmee, I know I am asking too much here, but I will ask it "Can you forgive me?"

It's all right if you say no. Because I know I hurt you.

But I want you to know that I made a mistake and I want you back.

I want things back to the way they used to be.

I want you and me to laugh like we used to.

I want us to smile at the little things in life.

I want us back.

I want the times we shared back.

I want you back.

Renesmee, Forgive me.

I was a jerk to you. I was nothing but mean to you.

Nessie, I just realized that I was wrong in loving Addie.

She didn't love me, she deceived me.

Renesmee, I realize that I made a mistake.

I should have stayed true to you.

I was jerk and I'm sorry.

Renesmee, Please forgive me.

Forever in your gratitude,

Jacob Black

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