Annabeth's POV

Chapter One

My hands shook nervously. I looked in the mirror, wondering who that beautiful girl was standing there. Her hair tossed into a curly bun, a strand hanging delicately down one side of her face. Disturbing gray eyes glowing with an unknown glory. Her light pink lips curved into a smile. Then, I noticed that beautiful girl was me.

The dress that fit me perfectly looked like a thousand diamonds sewn into fabric unknown to man. A tear streaked down my cheek as I noticed the small owl hanging on the end of a silver chain; Percy's gift to me when he first told me he loved me.

My dad walked in, he dressed in a normal black suit, with soft silver waves that were barely noticeable. He had a tiara in his hand. He smiled awkwardly and walked over. I turned to him and smiled. He wiped the tears rolling down my cheeks. He okaced the tiara on my head, and I could see tears bubbling in his eyes.

"Dad..." I whispered

"Are you ready?"

"Yes." I murmured through a smile.

He straightened then hooked his arm with mine.

Immediately I could hear the piano swiftly playing. Then the large celestial white doors swung open.

I took it all in; the beauty, the love, the happiness. Percy stood there, Grover and Tyson standing behind him. I couldn't help but noticed how tall Tyson was now.

Percy was beaming at me. His tossed black hair shining, his sea green eyes shimmering. My dad released my arm and kissed my cheek, then quickly sat down next to my step mom.

Percy took my hand. Apollo abruptly stopped playing the piano and smiled. I could hear Hera quietly crying happily, whispering to people around her, "I made that dress!"Zeus stiffly walked in, taking his place behind the podium.

The service went rather quickly, then Zeus said in a loud chiming voice, "You may kiss the bride!"

My veins felt as if they were pumping streaks of lightning. Percy leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back, and at that moment, everything was right, everything was perfect. I could feel that this was supposed to happen.

* * *

Percy's POV

I hadn't been thinking correctly lately, but finally I knew Annabeth was finally mine. And we loved each other.

I remembered the first day I saw her. I arrived at camp half blood all mangled up, and when I awoke the first thing she said to me was, 'You drool in your sleep.' She seemed to be the star student but now she was my star.

She pulled gently away from me and smiled. I squeezed her hands tightly.

In my peripheral vision I could see Aphrodite beaming, and bouncing up and down in her seat. Annabeth giggled.

Suddenly the loud chiming of bells erupted, Annabeth and I started walking down the isle. Aphrodite squealed and jumped up from her seat, "GET THEM!" Annabeth's eyes widened, everyone piled out of the chairs and started running at us.

We ran outside and a shower of rice flew over us. Blackjack stood at the foot of the marble stairway. His wings buffeted the air, and he reared happily. White roses coiled in his mane and tail. We quickly mounted. Annabeths hands moved to my waist. I pressed my heels into the horses' sides, he reared, pawing the air excitedly, wings flapping against the wind.

Suddenly Aphrodite stopped, throwing her hands in the air wailing, "WAIT!" Everyone stopped and stared at Aphrodite, even Blackjack stood in place on his hind legs looking expectantly at her. Aphrodite giggled, "Here!" a picnic basket materialized in her hand. She skipped over to Annabeth. They looked at each other, Aphrodite smiling, Annabeth looking confused.

"Okay! Go!" She said smacking Blackjack on the rump. He snorted and lunged into the air. And in a wink of an eye, we were in engulfed in the clouds.

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