Annabeth's POV

Chapter Five

Nine Months Later

I wailed in pain. I doubled over puking in the toilet, Percy came rushing in with a cool towel and placed it on the back of my neck. I stood up straight, wobbling over. I looked in the mirror, i was pale as a ghost. And i was huge. I burst into tears and leaned against him, he stroked my face, humming some random song to me.

Then something happened. There was a splattering sound on the floor. My eyes widened. I looked down and words fumbled out of my mouth, "My water just broke..." Percy took my hands, and led me hobbling downstairs. Then i noticed something.

"Percy..." i whispered silently. He looked at me. Then i screamed, "HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET TO A HOSPITAL?!"

His face went pale. He led me outside and whistled. Blackjack came swooping down and landed on the grass in front of us. Percy helped me up on him, and then he climbed on. My heart was pounding. Sweat covering my face. I let out a grunt, and Blackjack lunged into the air. We were going 100 mph... and I was about to have a baby.

I screached, "Percy! Please tell him to slow down! We don't want our babies flying away do we?!"

Blackjack immediatly slowed down, but soon enough he swooped down on top of a hospital in San Francisco. We were on a helicopter pad. Percy pulled me down, and Blackjack lunged back into the air.

I was wailing in pain now. 5 medical guys scrambled up on to the deck, looking at us really confused, like 'How did you get up here?' look.

I screamed, flailing, "Someone help me!" They pulled a hospital bed next to me and lowered me onto it. The men were speaking softly to me, percy was following them closely.

I gripped the metal bars, blinking. "AHHH!" i screamed. They led me into a room with a large floor-to-ceiling window wall overlooking the Pacific ocean. They laid me down on the birthing bed. A tall man with a warming smile waked in, followed by a short nurse, with curely red hair, and big blue-green eyes. The man dismissed the 5 other, and then smiled at me, "Are you ready Mrs. Jackson?"

It surprised me that he knew my new last name, but i was too weak, and in pain to put forth the effort to ask him how he knew. I just let out a strangled scream, and he sat down in front of me and chuckled, "Brace yourself..."

* * *

Percy's POV

I sat down in the corner, and looked at my watch. 4 a.m. I blinked tiredly. Everything was quiet n the room. Annabeth was asleep. It had been long night. Suddenly the short haired nurse walked through the door with 2 pink bundles. I stood up, briskley walking towards her. She smiled and handed them to me. She left the room saying a quiet 'Congrats.'

I smiled down at the two faces sleeping. The one on the left has small little wispy black hairs around her head, her eyes flickered open, she smiled up at me, her eyes were the most beautiful color i had ever seen. They were green almost all the way, but with a perfect shade of gray, just like her mother's, around her irises and around the rims of her pupils. I walked over to the chair in the corner and sat down slowly. The one with the wispy black hair drifted back to sleep at the same time her sister opened her eyes. This time it was like her eyes were the exact same colors, except flipped around, the rims were green, and the middle was deep grey. She had very fine hair, that was almost so blonde you couldn't see it. She reached out her tiny hand and pressed it against my cheek. I smiled faintly. Then her eyes closed slowly, and her hand drifted back down.

Annabeth jolted awake. She panted, i looked up at her, she blinked, and looked at me.

"Bad dream?" i asked. Getting up and walking slowly over to her. She shook her head, smiling.

"No, it was actually a good dream." she smiled and held out her arms. I put the girls in her arms, and she beamed down at them. And kissed them both lightly on the forehead. She looked up at me. She propped one arm up, that held the daughter with the black wispy hair, smiling down at her sleeping figure, "Erin..." She propped up the other arm, smiling down at the other, "and Amanda..."

I beamed, leaning over and kissing Annabeth, "Now, let the games begin." Making her smile and laugh.