Disclaimer: I do not any of the characters they belong to Beverly Hills 90210.

Intro: Dylan McKay was back for one reason only and that is to get someone back he never should have left in the first place. Kelly Taylor his true soulmate. Dylan would stop at nothing to get her back. The problem is Kelly is engaged to Matt and they are planning to get married in six months. Dylan is back and ready for war one he intends to win.

Back Story

I want to set the story for you. Dylan and Brenda have been broken up for several years now. Brenda has moved on. Since then Dylan has dated Kelly, Val and Gina. Let's just say that Val and Kelly are arch-rivals to say the least have been for sometime now. And Gina is not one of Kelly's favorite people. After breaking up with Kelly this last time Dylan went to Europe to get away from it all. He kept in touch with Brandon and David. So he knows Kelly is engaged. Only Brandon and David know he is back in Beverly Hills.

Chapter 1

He stood there watching her it is the first time he has seen her in two years. He had not forgotten how beautiful she is. He could feel his heartbeat skip as he watched her. Kelly Taylor was working in the boutique she and Donna Martin co-owned. She was folding shirts to put on display. A shiver ran down Kelly's spine she could feel eyes on her. Kelly turned and looked around the store and outside of it in the food court. She saw no one there. But the feeling was still there. Donna walked in. Kelly had a strange look on her face.

"Hey Kel, how are things going?" she asked.

"Kelly, is there anything wrong?"

"Did something happen in the store?" Donna questioned.

"Hi Donna, things are good in the store." Kelly told her.

"I just had this strange feeling that someone was watching me."

"But I saw no one around."

"It just freaked me out that's all." Kelly told her.

"I will call security and have someone look into for us." Donna told her.

"I think that would be a good idea," Kelly said.

Donna called security and asked them to come and search around. Donna then started to work on the inventory.

Kelly asked, "Donna do you think someone is stalking me again?"

"Kel, everything is going to be ok," she told her.

But Donna was not too sure of that. The same thought had crossed her mind when Kelly asked the question. Donna knew what Kelly had been through because she was there to help her. She also knew Kelly is terrified of being watched and stalked. The security guards came and looked around but found no one watching the store or Kelly. But Kelly was still uneasy. She knew someone was there she just could not see them.

The store's phone rang it was Matt.

"Hey Donna, may I speak with Kelly?" Matt asked.

"Sure," Donna said calling Kelly over. "It's Matt."

"Hey babe, you want to meet for lunch?" Matt asked.

"That would be great, how about in an hour." Kelly said.

"No, problem on this end see you soon, love yah," Matt said.

Kelly told Donna that she and Matt were going to meet for lunch in an hour. Kelly still felt uneasy.

"Are you going to tell Matt about this morning?" asked Donna.

"Yes, he needs to know that someone may be watching me," said Kelly.

Matt came to get Kelly and Dylan is still hiding in the shadows. Matt was tall had brown hair. He was a trial lawyer. Still trying to make a name for himself in the world of law enforcement.

Dylan got a good look at him sizing up the competition. Dylan stood there watching as they hug and kiss each other making Dylan's heartache. That was his girl he was doing that with and he was not sure how much longer he could hold out.

"Donna, I'll be back soon." Kelly said.

"Ok, have fun at lunch see you later," said Donna.

Kelly and Matt walked out of the store when Kelly tensed knowing that she was still being watched. Matt felt her body tense.

"Kelly are you all right?" Matt asked.

"I will tell you about it at lunch." Kelly told him.

Kelly and Matt went to the Peach Pit for lunch. That is one of their favorite hangouts. Nat waved to them as they walked through the door. They went to their booth they always sit in. Nat did not even have asked them what they wanted. He brought over two mega burghers and crispy fries with two shakes.

"Hey Nat," they greeted.

"Hi kids," said Nat.

Nat always call them and the rest of the gang his kids. Nat and Dylan are partners. Nat is like a father to all of them.

"Kel, what do you want to tell me?" Matt asked.

Kelly told him about this morning and that security cheeked everything and that they found nothing.

"Matt, when we were walking out of the store; I felt like someone watching me again." Kelly told him.

"May be you should call the police and tell them."

"You know they never caught the stalked." Matt said with concern in his voice.

"They will want prove and I have nothing but a feeling, they will not do anything until then," she said.

They finished eating and went back to work. Matt walked Kelly to the store and kissed her good-bye.

"Remember I will walk you to your car when you are ready to leave." Matt said.

Matt went back to work. Dylan watched him leave. Kelly went into the store.

"Hey Donna," said Kelly.

"Hi, did you and Matt have a nice lunch?"

"Did you tell him about this morning?" asked Donna

"Yes I did, he wants me to let him know when I am ready to leave so he can walk me to my car." Kelly told her.

The rest of the day went well at the store. Nothing unusual happened. It was almost closing when the phone rang. Kelly picked it up.

"Hello," she said.

"Hey Matt, I am almost ready to leave." Kelly told him.

"Kel, I have to work longer I have to take a deposition and it is going to take awhile."

"Get security to walk you to your car, ok." Matt told her.

"Matt, it will be ok my car is parked right out in front of the mall it is not far." Kelly said.

"Ok, but you call me as soon as you are in your car." "I will she said.

Kelly locked the store and left for the night. As she walked down the isle of the mall she heard footsteps behind her. She quickened her walking the steeps did also. Kelly was too frightened to turn around and look. She ran for the mall door pushed it and ran through it. Kelly heard the door slam shut again as she just got to her car; she fumbled with her keys and dropped them. Kelly bent down to pick them up when she felt an arm wrap around her waist and a hand a crossed her mouth. He pulled her up as she struggled to get away. That made him only tightened his grip. She could hear his breathing heavy and hot on the back of her neck. She kept pushing and struggling to get away when she felt him turning her in his arms to face him. When their eyes met he saw how terrified she was. Kelly collapsed in his arms.