Some Enchanting Evening

Pairings: Sam/Jack

Spoilers: There but for the Grace of God, Point of View

Setting: Mainly beginning season 5

Warnings/Victory Dance: This is done, all done. After 3 years it's really truly done all typed up and everything. The story is with my awesome Beta Wendy. You have 15 chapters and an epilogue and as she gives them to me I will post them.
Some might recognize the beginning of the story. The first 10 chapters are very similar to the 13 chapters posted in the original posting of Some Enchanting Evening but not all the way (a fresh reading is needed becuase of changes).

Summary: One night different endings. AU and mirror touching.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, darn it.


It was the dawn of a new era, a new President was elected and the parties that surround the inauguration of him. The inaugural balls were nightly for one week, one big party after another; a time to celebrate. Sam was not one to attend events, never a fan of getting dolled up to smooze. She had been asked to attend at least one event so here she was in a room full of candlelight and masks. A masquerade ball sounded like it would be a better time then the cowboy themed one the night before.

Sam had decided to wear a simple, long, midnight blue sheath dress; it sparkled with the candlelight around the ballroom. Her mask was simple, covered only the top half of her face, and the same shade as her dress with little specks of silver everywhere. She had managed to pull her hair into a style that made it look like she had more hair than she really had.

Sam was dying for a break, since she had arrived she had been dancing. Every time she thought she was going to have a break, another guy turned up and asked her to dance. Where was her date to save her from all this? Nowhere to be seen of course. She knew she had to find her own way out of this, she had to escape. Finally noticing a slight pause, she excused herself from the nice gentleman she was dancing with and dashed towards the bathroom.

Moving fast, she scanned the crowd for her date or the bathroom, whichever was closer but suddenly she found herself fall towards the ground, fast.

"Wow," a set of hands gently circled around her to steady her, "where's the fire?"

Sam looked up at her rescuer and found a man taller than her by a few inches, even with the heals she wore. He was wearing a simple tailored black tailcoat and tux pants like many of the other gentlemen in the room. His mask was like Sam's in that it was covering just the top of her face, all black outlined in gold glitter. His eyes, she noticed, were a chocolate brown and they simply took her breath away.

"Sorry," Sam started to reply but stopped as she truly looked at him. Nothing else seemed to come from her lips, she was suspended in thought, and as girly as it seemed, she had butterflies in her stomach.

After a moment, or maybe it was longer, the gentleman spoke up. "Would you care to dance?" Funny how she had been trying to escape this exact fate but for the first time that night she truly wanted to dance, she was enchanted by this gentleman. Still at a loss for words, a rare occurrence, she simply nodded her head and let him lead her to the dance floor as the band started up their next number.

Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger,
you may see a stranger
Across a crowded room
And somehow you know,
You know even then
That somewhere you'll see her
Again and again.

Sam had always loved this song, her mother used to sing it to her father when he came home after a long deployment. "I have to admit something," the gentleman whispered in her ear as they danced a slow waltz. She turned her head ever so slightly to look into his eyes again. "I've been watching you all evening." She knew he had, and it made her stomach flutter again. Smiling at him, she replied with a simple, "I know," before resting her head on his shoulder again.

Some enchanted evening
Someone may be laughin',
You may hear her laughin'
Across a crowded room
And night after night,
As strange as it seems
The sound of her laughter
Will sing in your dreams.

All of a sudden another couple bumped into them and he had to steady her once again.

"Stupid heals," he whispered into her ear, saying exactly what she was thinking, making her let out a small giggle.

Who can explain it?
Who can tell you why?
Fools give you reasons,
Wise men never try.

Listening to the lyrics being sung, he knew that they were true.

Some enchanted evening
When you find your true love,
When you feel her call you
Across a crowded room,
Then fly to her side,
And make her your own
For all through your life you
May dream all alone.

"So, what may I call you?" She asked, whispering in his ear.

"Colonel." He replied, simply.

"Nice to meet you, Colonel," she replied, looking up into his eyes again.

"What about you? What do I call you?" He asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"Captain." She told him. He raised an eyebrow at that. He was not about to comment because though she might not look like a Captain in the dress she was wearing, it didn't mean that she wasn't one.

"Nice to meet you, Captain." He replied with a smirk.

Once you have found her,
Never let her go.
Once you have found her,
Never let her go!

Looking into each others eyes, Sam realized that she wanted more. Her date be darned, she was going to do something crazy. The Colonel, seeing all he needed to know, started leading her from the dance floor.

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