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One Year Later (2002)

Liz was bouncing around Sam, who was working around the kitchen. "Who's coming, mom, who?" Liz asked for the hundredth time that day. She had already been told it wasn't Grandpa Jake or Uncle Mark and the cousins and it wasn't Uncle T or Danny. All her mom would say was that it was a surprise.

"Liz, you have been waiting 3 hours, you can wait 10 more minutes," Sam replied as she wiped the countertop one more time.

Just then the doorbell rang, and Sam wiped her hands on the towel hanging on the oven. Liz was already running full tilt down the hallway to see who was at the door. "Liz, no running," Sam warned. That didn't stop the little girl as she screeched to a halt once she reached the door. She looked through the window to reveal...

"Grace!" Liz shrieked as she tried to open the door, but the lock had always been tricky to her.

"Liz," Sam said, sternly. Liz stepped away from the door as Sam expertly opened the door, welcoming Jacob and an equally excited Grace into the house.

Liz was hugging Grace before she was even in the house, already talking a mile a minute.

"Why don't you show her your newly painted room, Liz?" Sam suggested. The two little girls disappeared up the stairs and through a door.

"I take it the trip through the mirror went okay?" Sam asked.

"Yes. As well as could be with an excited 5 year old," Jacob smiled. "This was a good idea, you know, letting them see each other." Sam shrugged her shoulders before responding.

"When Hammond mentioned that he wasn't going to destroy the mirror because he knew it wouldn't be done, I figured it would be nice for the girls to see each other. Even if they only knew each other for a short amount of time, they are sisters and will always wonder about the other," Sam explained. "How is Grace?"

"She's good. She's living in Colorado Springs, in my Sam's house with Barbara. Barbara figured it would be best to keep as many things the same as possible for Grace," Jacob replied. Sam nodded her head in agreement.

"How is Earth recovering?" she asked.

"They have most things up and running, and in some cases better than they were before," Jacob started. "It's really been a wake up call; people working together to get everything done. Overall it's gone pretty well. Grace has even started school this year, so life on Earth is returning to normal, as normal as it can after all of this."

Sam nodded her head in understanding, nothing would ever be completely normal after more than half the world's population was destroyed. "What about Liz, how has she adjusted here?" Jacob asked.

"Better than I had ever hoped," Sam replied with a big smile. "It was touch and go in the beginning with nightmares and flashbacks, but those have slowly ebbed away. Now she's a happy little girl who loves kindergarten and all her new friends."

"She ran into any kids she used to go to school with in her reality?" Jacob asked out of curiosity.

"We opted to move to a different area then where she grew up to avoid that as much as possible," Sam replied. "Liz said it made things hard for her when she meet a boy at the playground that she knew and of course he didn't know her, but apparently they had been best friends along with her sister. So with a new area the likelihood of the kids in her school being the same as the kids that she played with back at the old house are less likely. Granted she will have to face seeing people some day, we are just trying to avoid it for now," Sam finished.

Heading toward the adjoining kitchen, Sam asked, "Do you need anything to drink?"

"Yes, please. A water would be nice," he called after her. Taking a look around the room, he noticed he was in a living room and walked towards the fireplace on the far wall. It held a few pictures on top of the mantel.

He looked at the first one and noted Liz was standing there with a huge grin on her face; hair in a ponytail, wearing a light pink dress and a green backpack, holding a lunch box while standing next to a mailbox. First day of school, Jacob mused before moving toward the next picture.

A picture of SG-1 that looked eerily familiar to him. It looked like one that his Sam had, Daniel still had his long hair and nerd-like appearance, Teal'c looked like a stone statue, while Jack had an un-amused look. This Sam looked like his, but her appearance was different somehow, he just couldn't quiet put his finger on it.

Moving to the next picture, he smiled and picked it up: Liz was wearing a light blue dress and had little white flowers placed sporadically in her hair, and was being held by Jack in a tux. The two were sticking their tongues out at each other while Sam laughed beside them. As he looked at Sam's dress, he smiled: seeing she was wearing the simple white dress that his wife had worn when they had gotten married all those years ago. Well the dress from when this version of Jacob got married. Her hair was twirled in a way to make it look longer than it was and little white flowers were placed throughout, just like Liz's hair.

Placing the picture back down he moved to the last one, which was of Sam in her dress and Jack in his tux, dancing at their wedding reception. Liz off to the side, being held by their Jacob.

"Our first dance," Sam said as she handed the glass of water over to him.

"Thank you," Jacob said, he took the glass and placed the picture back on the mantel. "How long?" he asked.

"Four months next week," she grinned.

"For Liz?"

"No and yes," Sam started. Jacob looked confused at the answer. "Without her, I don't think we would have gotten together anytime soon. When she told us the story of how her parents met at a masquerade ball, Jack and I were shocked at how one simple detail could change the whole night."

"What was that?" Jacob asked, curious at what the difference was.

"I went with my dad to the ball not Jonas. When I got ready to leave with Jack, you came up and asked if I was ready to go home. I always wondered the next day what I was thinking, getting ready to leave with a guy that I didn't know," Sam finished as she heard two set of feet running down the stairs.

"Mom!" The voice rounded the corner.

"What have I said about running, Liz?" The feet stopped, and a guilty looking Liz stood at the doorway.

"Sorry. Can we have a juice box and cookies outside in the fort?" Liz asked with a bounce in her step. Grace looked hopeful behind her.

"Ya betcha. Why don't you two head out and I will bring them to you?"

"Sweet!" Both little girls exclaimed as they skipped toward the sliding glass door to the outside at a fast pace.

Sam slowly made her way toward the kitchen; Jacob followed her this time. Pulling open a cabinet, she started putting together the girls snack. Jacob took his glass to the fridge to get some more water, as he did he noticed more pictures and artwork on the fridge door. One of them stood out.

"How far along are you?" Jacob asked.

"Huh?" Sam said as she looked up from her task.

"How far along?" Jacob asked again, pointing at the ultrasound picture hanging on the fridge, showing a peanut.

"Oh, 8 weeks," She answered with a grin, she looked at the picture Jacob was gesturing to. "It was a surprise, but a good one," she continued as she opened the fridge and grabbed two juice boxes from the side door. She then went back to the kitchen island and grabbed the plate of cookies, and headed toward the sliding glass door.

"We can sit outside and talk if you like?" She suggested, looking outside. "It feels pretty good out here."

"I bet your father is so happy, because I know I am," Jacob whispered before following her outside, intending to watch the girls play before he and Grace had to head back to their reality.