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By Stargatesg1fan1

Chapter 1- Survival

Nine year old Harry Potter had finally had enough. Ever since the dark haired young boy could remember he was belittled and called a freak by his relatives. Every year that the young Potter could recall his birthday present had been a beating, with each present getting progressively worse as the years wore on. Harry was not a stupid child. Every time the green eyed youth would tell someone in a position of authority or try to run away, the next day the escapee would be back at Number 4 Privet Drive without any memory of escaping his prison with the Dursleys and none of the people he had made aware of his horrendous living situation able to remember either.

You may wonder how Harry knew he had run away if he didn't have a memory of the event. The young child had taken to writing a journal where he wrote down everything of importance that happened to him. The journal would tell the Potter male that he had run away but that he never got far. This lack of progress in escaping his torturers made the green eyed youth develop an extreme distrust of authority figures or most of humanity in general.

Harry eventually learned to adapt to the situation and the reality that he was stuck at Privet Drive until he figured out what was going on with his memory and how to deal with it. It was after the more severe beatings that the messy haired preteen really started to get suspicious. Some of the injuries were pretty severe. Because the messy haired youth's birthday fell during the summer holidays Harry's Uncle Vernon felt that it was ok to go all out on his nephew. The suspicious event that occurred after each beating was that the dark haired boy's body healed itself overnight while he was lying in his cupboard of a bedroom.

The healing seemed to work best during the times when the injured youth slept for a night. This mysterious healing ability was complemented by the power Harry also possessed to regrow his hair overnight. The hair incident occurred when Petunia Dursley cut all of her nephew's hair really short and the empowered boy was so stressed that he wished the missing hair would grow back as he went to sleep. The next morning the hair was back to its pre-haircut length.

The last nail in the coffin so to speak was when Harry was being chased by his obese cousin Dudley and the cruel youngest Dursley's gang by the youth's school. The Potter heir wished really hard that he was somewhere where Dudley wouldn't find him. The next thing the pursued boy knew he was overcome with a squeezing sensation and he appeared on his school roof.

Harry documented all of these unusual occurrences in his journal. These events and others led the intelligent youth to one conclusion. Harry Potter possessed powers or abilities that the people around him didn't have. Another conclusion the green eyed preteen drew from these events was that his aunt and uncle knew something about the abilities. The elder Dursleys would call their nephew freak and mention his unnaturalness whenever they beat him or punished him.

Harry earnestly wanted to know what his cruel relatives knew about his mysterious abilities. To achieve his goal of obtaining this information the messy haired adolescent would need to make the hateful adults tell him what they knew. The Dursleys only seemed to understand one language and that was communication through violence and intimidation. The Potter heir knew he would need an ability that would allow him to scare the Dursleys.

Teleporting would allow the preteen to scare his relatives badly if he could develop the ability to the point where he could take another person with him. Harry could then teleport Vernon up very high before letting the cruel whale of a man fall to the ground and then teleport himself back to safety. The problem with using that technique is that it would be a one time thing. The inexperienced teleporter could get the height wrong and kill the target instead of just injuring the target.

The healing power really had no ability to intimidate the Dursleys because the gift was all internal. If the ability to lengthen his hair was related to being able to change the shape of other body parts and features then it had one application that Harry could think of to harm his relatives. A shape shifting Potter preteen could make himself look like his despised uncle and go commit crimes while under the guise of Vernon Dursley. While this character defamation was satisfying it would not accomplish the empowered youth's goals as easily as other abilities might. Plus whatever was bringing the fleeing preteen back to the Dursleys when he ran away and making everybody forget would probably just make everybody forget again should Vernon Dursley suddenly start committing crimes.

The Potter heir was a pretty avid science fiction reader. In a lot of the science fiction the youth had read some of the characters had the ability of telekinesis. The intelligent and imaginative young man particularly liked the Jean Grey character in X-Men which he was able to read at the local library. The red haired mutant's powers were telepathy and telekinesis.

Harry recognized a correlation between all of the events where his powers manifested themselves. The emergence incidents all occurred when the preteen was in a strongly emotional state. The resourceful boy knew this meant that he would need to learn to control his emotions. To this end the green eyed youth checked out several books from the local library on meditation.

The Potter male would wait until the Dursleys were asleep and then practice the meditation techniques in his cupboard. The first few weeks that Harry tried to meditate he met with little success. It wasn't until the third week that the determined youth started to make any progress. During that third week the concentrating young man found a sense of peace and calm wash over him. The empowered shape shifter appeared to be in a place surrounded by darkness with small silver clouds floating around him.

Harry willed himself to float over to one of the clouds and carefully touched the glowing formation. The mentally determined young man found himself immersed in a memory of when he was six and once again experienced his annual birthday beating. The Potter heir pulled back from the memory and looked around. There was a massive sea of memory clouds floating around the resourceful survivor. The intuitive preteen decided that the next step in his emotional control was to sort out his emotions which were tied to the memory clouds.

Over the course of the next six months Harry sorted the memory clouds into filing cabinets that he willed into existence. The growing boy found that he had few positive memories. The only times when the Potter heir could recall being happy was when he was in the library or reading. A good number of those nights of memory sorting the slim youth cried himself to sleep because of the depressing and often overwhelming emotions. Over time it got easier to deal with the feelings generated by the memories.

Harry also found another positive aspect of this memory sorting was the ability to instantly recall anything he had ever learned in school. The intelligent messy haired youth had always been very careful to never score higher than his cousin in school because the one time he had outperformed Dudley he was beaten for it very badly. With his new memory recall ability the preteen had to keep himself from answering every question correctly. Harry decided that if he succeeded in getting leverage over his relatives his grades were going to change quickly.

The memory sorting also increased Harry's ability to speed read to a whole new level. The teleporter would just have to scan a page for a second and would have the entire page committed to memory. This technique wouldn't allow the Potter male to absorb the scanned information into his conscious mind at will until he sorted the information into his mental file cabinets every night, but this was easily done.

The messy haired youth discovered that all of his memories that were of before he came to the Dursleys and the instances where he had tried to run away or tell authorities about his Dursley inflicted abuse appeared to be blocked. This discovery confirmed the shape shifter's suspicions. The resourceful preteen couldn't seem to unblock these memories so he set them aside for later.

Harry found in this place that he decided to call his mind's center a large glowing ball of energy. When the green eyed male eventually learned how to immerse himself in the energy sphere he was overcome with a feeling of power the likes of which he had never experienced before. The power immersion was a very awesome feeling.

The boy with dark glasses was unable to access all of the energy in his mind's center. There appeared to be some type of energy net or shield cutting off access to the preteen's powers. There also seemed to be a sickly green energy blob in the shape of his scar that was siphoning off some of the shape shifter's energy. Harry could sense that this energy scar was foreign to his body and quite malicious. After much effort was expended the teleporter was able to sever the connection that the scar had with his energy core but the glowing scar construct was still in his mind. This pervasive construct alarmed the Potter heir quite a bit.

The shield that was around his energy core gave Harry an idea. The curious young man was able to transfer the shield off of his energy core to the energy scar in his center. When the shape shifter completed this task his energy core expanded to three times its original diameter. Now when the teleporter became immersed in his energy sphere it felt even more amazing.

Harry was starting to concentrate on seeing if he had telekinetic abilities like existed in his readings. Like the meditation he wasn't too successful at first, but the persevering preteen didn't give up. When the teleporter first started off attempting telekinesis he started with a piece of paper. The sheet of paper didn't move at first but then he concentrated on willing the energy to travel down his arm from his core and out to surround the parchment. The shape shifter was eventually able to will his target to lift off of the ground.

The task became easier when the dark haired youth was able to will some of the energy into his eyes to try to see the other energy travel down his arm and surround the paper. At first the "pathways" that allowed the energy to travel down Harry's arm were rather thin but over time they began to expand. When curious youth had moved the shield off of his core and onto the scar the energy pathways went through a very rapid expansion. It was actually quite painful at first with the experimenter having passed out in his cupboard.

Eventually Harry got to the point where he was able to lift larger and larger objects. At this point the green eyed youth was able to use the energy to lift his uncle's car. The cautious Potter had to check that fact out at night when everybody else was asleep. The shape shifter had to teleport outside the house because his cupboard was kept locked at night.

Over this time Harry had been working on his teleportation, healing, and shape shifting his features abilities. Like all of the other abilities improvement was slow going. The teleportation the messy haired preteen had discovered required extreme concentration at first but gradually required less and less as he practiced. It was very loud at first when the slim Potter disappeared or reappeared.

Harry had been studying physics in order to see if he could figure out some of the theory behind his abilities. The young survivor figured the physical sciences might help to develop his already discovered abilities or others he might develop in the future. The Potter male figured the telekinesis must be manipulation of the force of gravity. The perceptive youth learned that there were low levels of the energy in his core everywhere and that he could use his energy to will objects to move through the background energy as he wanted.

The loud pops the shape shifter heard echoing back at him when he teleported into enclosed spaces at first was caused by the rapid displacement of air when his molecules displaced the air molecules. The growing male was very glad that the air molecules weren't rigid enough that they resisted displacement too much. Harry discovered that by willing himself to teleport slower the noise disappeared, at least to the capability of a human to hear.

The green eyed young man's ability to shift his features had improved greatly over the months too. The shape shifter found that by suffusing the area of the body that he wanted to shift with the energy from his center it was pretty easy to will the body part to change. The persevering youth could now make himself look like just about anybody he wanted. It was painful to change body sizes but Harry had learned to deal with pain before he had ever started to experiment with his abilities because he had to deal with the sensation on a daily basis during beatings.

When the teleporter started to experiment with the center he discovered the ability to lessen the pain by willing a control console for his body into existence inside of his mindscape. At first the Potter male had to be in the center to reduce the pain but after much practice he could reduce pain to non-existent levels while in his conscious state of mind.

The Potter heir figured with his telekinetic abilities at the level that they were it was time to confront his relatives. The cautious youth waited until the three Dursleys were in their bedrooms one night about seven months after he had started to explore his abilities before he walked into his aunt and uncle's room without knocking. The explosive reaction was expected.

"What the hell are you doing in here boy?" Vernon Dursley bellowed.

"I have come for some answers that were a long time in coming uncle," Harry replied simply. The obese Vernon advanced on the boy as if to punch the preteen, but the teleporter used his telekinesis to fling the man against the wall and hold the child abuser there. "Now none of that uncle Vernon," the abused shape shifter declared while sneering at the fat man. "You will never lay a hand on me again or I will end your pathetic life."

To put an emphasis on his words the intelligent green eyed Potter heir closed his fingers a little bit, causing his uncle's throat to constrict using telekinesis. The perceptive Potter observed his aunt's reactions and was not surprised to note that she was afraid and pale but didn't appear to be too horribly surprised by this turn of events.

"I can tell by your reaction Aunt Petunia that you appear to know something about my abilities. I have suspected your knowledge for some time since you seem to enjoy calling me a freak so often. You will explain right now everything you know or I will start removing body parts from your husband," the green eyed youth threatened.

With a nod of her head in agreement Petunia Dursley began to speak, "My sister and your father were a witch and a wizard."

Harry was pretty good at reading deception in people and his aunt didn't appear to be lying to him.

"Go on," the Potter heir prompted.

For the next hour Petunia proceeded to tell the messy haired shape shifter about what she knew of the wizarding world. Harry learned that his parents were murdered by a dark wizard named Voldemort. The newly identified wizard learned that the headmaster of a school left the Potter heir on the Dursley's doorstep the night the youth's parents were killed. The sorcerer learned that the same old wizard headmaster had apparently erected blood wards around Number 4 Privet Drive. That news explained what the shield around Number 4 that the young enchanter could see if he pushed power into his eyes was. The ward was actually quite weak in appearance to the untrained warlock's gaze.

Petunia appeared to be very jealous of her sister. Mrs. Dursley evidently allowed that jealousy to grow into hatred which she passed onto her sister's son. That night Harry learned how petty humans could be. Petunia may have hated her sister but because of the jealousy she had felt for the red haired witch she listened to what Lily had said about the wizarding world.

The messy haired sorcerer discovered that the war his parents had been involved in was over a faction of pureblood wizards not wanting to relinquish power, so these bigots went on a campaign to exterminate non-purebloods or people who didn't share their ideals. So basically this war was a bunch of terrorists who used guerilla warfare tactics to terrorize a small inbred community. Harry was not amused at the situation he now found himself in.

The Potter heir also learned that in about a year and a half he would probably be getting a letter to go to the school this manipulating headmaster who left the preteen with the Dursleys ran. Harry used his centering technique to suppress the rage he felt towards this headmaster. Petunia informed her nephew that from the letter left with him on her doorstep she had learned that Harry had vanquished the dark lord responsible for his parents' death. The intelligent young warlock knew immediately that this would mean he had a great deal of enemies.

Harry made Petunia give him the letter which he kept for future purposes. When the Potter male had heard enough for the time being he released Vernon from the wall and announced the new house rules.

"Here is how things are going to go around here from now on. You will not speak any demeaning words to me at any time in the future. This includes demeaning words about my parents. I will do no more chores ever. I will be moving into Dudley's second bedroom and will start to get decent sized meals. You stay out of my way I'll stay out of yours. Just so you know I've taken the opportunity to record every single beating or abuse you have ever handed out to me. I have pictures of everything. If I fail to keep contact with certain people on a daily basis those pictures and documents go directly to the newspapers and police. So if you're thinking about retaliating, don't. I don't think you want the neighbors to realize what you have been up to," Harry threatened.

If there was one surefire way to keep the Potter youth's relatives in line then it was to threaten to expose them to the neighbors.

"If you violate any of my rules you receive broken bones. If the offences repeat you die. Nobody can prove a damn thing if I don't touch you, and if you try to tell anyone I performed magic they'll have you committed before you know what's going on," the enchanter pointed out. "Tomorrow, Aunt Petunia you will drive me to this Leaky Cauldron so that I can go to Diagon Alley. I can find my own way back. I just can't get there the first time."

With that task accomplished the wizard made his way out of his relatives' room and into Dudley's second bedroom. Dudley's second bedroom was scattered with broken toys everywhere. Any junk that looked like it wouldn't be useful to repair Harry used his telekinesis to atomize. It was a pretty useful technique to be able to pull the molecules of an object apart. The Potter heir opened the window and pushed the dust out.

Anything that the dark haired male could later repair was pushed into the closet. Harry then made his way over to the small bed and lay down to think. The intelligent youth didn't believe the energy he could harness was magical at all. More than likely this mysterious natural energy was some highly energetic source of power that the mundane physicists hadn't been able to detect yet. The green eyed preteen had managed to teleport into the local high school at night and had started reading all of the books he had access to there. The shape shifter was pretty good at any science up to a high school graduate level. The teleporter would need to see about finding college level materials in the near future.

There were no universities within easy walking distance of Surrey. Now that his relatives were sufficiently cowed the mage could unleash his full intellectual might at school. The thin enchanter figured that it would be pretty simple to jump grades to a high school senior at the beginning of next year and then graduate at the end of that same year, right when he started at Hogwarts. It sounded like the isolation of the wizards and witches from the mundane world was extreme.

In Harry's opinion this isolationist policy was the height of folly. From his extensive readings in history and philosophy the budding warlock had learned that isolation breeds misunderstanding. Misunderstanding leads to fear and fear leads people to do unspeakable things. If it was getting to the point where the wizards would come out into the mundane world during the last war and torture and kill and get away with it using memory modification then something needed to be done.

First Harry needed more information about the wizarding world. The accomplished survivor knew he would need to be skilled. This Dumbledore bloke appeared to have plans for the Potter heir that the young warlock did not think he would like. The shape shifter suspected that he would be well known given the size of this community and what he did to this past dark lord. This Dumbledore probably sought to use the green eyed youth and manipulate him. The old manipulator apparently had not counted on the effects the frequent beatings at the hands of the Dursleys would have on the last Potter's personality.

The young male knew he would need to use his shape shifting abilities to disguise himself the next day when he ventured into Diagon Alley for the first time. It simply would not do for the young warlock to give his hand away to Dumbledore too early in the game. Harry would set up at least two alternate identities and plenty of escape plans should something go wrong in the future he was walking into. The immensely curious enchanter would have at least one of these alternate identities continue his mundane learning through a college education. There was likely some magical way to allow Harry to duplicate the degree certificates with the names of his other identities on them and to create records within the learning institutions' archives themselves as well.

The resourceful son of James and Lily Potter was aware that a person could carry out mail correspondence college courses in that day and age. The jade orbed intuitive learner suspected from what his aunt had said about his father being an old line pureblood that as the Potter heir he would have accounts at this Gringotts wizarding bank available for use. The messy haired sorcerer would check for accounts the next day and use any available money to finance his plans. With these plans made Harry centered himself and fell asleep.