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Chapter 18- 2005 SG-1 Season 10 and Atlantis Season 2

Thanks to creative use of his TTE Harry was able to take the Lily to Pegasus to be upgraded with the new super ZPM designs and be back right after he left. The Trinity project had been under some serious time compression since Harry started fighting the Ori. He was able to take as much time as needed in Pegasus because as soon as he was done with the upgrades he jumped back to the time he left and traveled back to the Milky Way to help coordinate the fleet.

Luckily most of the Hatac vessels were only staffed by minimal crews, which in this case was none. The Hatac vessels were being controlled by Alice class computers that were in turn controlled by Alice herself. This meant that only the golems were lost when the ships were destroyed. The Asgard scientist had beamed over to the Odyssey before his ship was destroyed.

They received word from Chulak that the Ori fleet was attacking there. The Hatac vessels that were defending Chulak were similarly unmanned. Bratac wanted to take vessels to defend Chulak but Harry convinced them that doing so would probably result in the destruction of the planet. A fight in space with such forces was one thing but fighting near a populated planet would probably destroy said planet.

All the Ori wanted to do was preach origin to the populace for now so they would let them. The Goauld were a much higher educated people than they were 10 years ago. Harry's mass education campaign had paid off greatly. The Jaffa were already starting to question Goauld "magic" once they learned the sciences. They would not be so quick to believe in origin. Harry would have to make sure that the ones who went to talk with Ori leaders were provided mind wards that would project the thoughts of believing in origin.

This handy defeat of the Goauld/golems would prove to the Jaffa that the Goauld were not all powerful gods once and for all. Harry sent a couple of PJs to Chulak to retrieve Sirius and Vala from the Ori ship with the transporters when they lowered their shields enough, which they would do when they set down on the planet's surface.

It turned out the next day when the team was being debriefed that Sirius and Vala had been through a lot in their time in the Ori galaxy. They had landed on a planet filled with rather primitive villagers that were devoted followers of origin. They claimed to be husband and wife, which proved to be useful when Vala became pregnant (Sirius swore he used protection).

Sirius had to pretend to be an Ori warrior when the army was called to fight. It turned out that Vala went into labor on one of the ships during the battle. When the child was born the midwife carried her away. Vala was informed by a prior that her daughter was Orici, the leader of the Ori armies. The Ori genetically imbued her with all of their knowledge and advanced her as much as they could without ascending her.

They sped up her aging to the point that she was now a full grown adult or very soon would be. Vala had named her Adria. Sirius later confided in Harry that he didn't know if Adria was of his DNA or the Ori completely took over his part but he suspected since he used protection that they took over his part. He had used the energy sight that Harry taught him along with some very passive scans with his watch and discovered that her core was about ¾ of an old zpm.

This didn't surprise Harry because it meant that the Ori had found the balance between power, intelligence, and a corporeal existence. They had perfected the process by doing the experiments that the Alterans found too unethical to carry out. Sirius had convinced Vala to give him her band systems and any technology that would link her to Alterans for safe keeping while they were in the Ori galaxy.

Sirius told Harry that he discovered that he could be a one woman man as long as that woman was Vala. He and Vala were going to go to AP and get married that weekend. Sirius had informed Vala that he was Alteran and she gladly accepted his offer to become one too. Harry made sure that Vala was EMed so she couldn't accidentally blab what she was to an outsider.

Harry consulted the Alteran database from Atlantis. Alice had access to every language on the planet earth through the pnet and used it to translate the words Castiana, Zahal, and Vegunbrae into every known language. She cross referenced these with the Alteran planetary designations from all of the planets they visited in the Milky Way and found matches. What she also noticed was that by combining portions of the addresses from all 3 planets they formed a 4th gate address.

The 3 gate addresses formed a perfect equilateral triangle in space. There was a fourth planet that formed a perfect pyramid with the other 3. This was the visual representation of 3 into 1, which was proof that the 4th gate address was what they were looking for. Harry jumped to the planets addresses in a PJ and found that he could only find the 3 planets of which he obtained the addresses from Camelot. The fourth planet wasn't where the Alteran database knew it to be. This meant that it was cloaked and wouldn't be able to be found from space. They would need to go through the gate.

After Sirius and Vala's wedding that weekend the team set off to check the other 3 planets in a PJ to make sure they didn't miss anything. They found nothing useful on 2 of the planets but on the third they did find references to Morgan Le Fey or Ganus Lou as she was known by the Alteran database. That planet contained a parasite that killed the infected in their sleep; it made the team really thankful for their infection wards.

The 4th planet was proven even more correct when Vala seemed to figure out the clues one night in her sleep. They checked her newly installed illusion ward the next morning and found that Adria had sent her telepathic images to answer the clues. It looked like they would have company while they quested for the Sangral. Harry suspected that Morgan had put up protections to prevent an Ori from finding the weapon. They had discovered from the records in the dead village that Ganus Lou had likely stolen the weapon from Merlin and hid it away.

Adria had been busy leading the armies of the Ori into converting a great many worlds in the Milky Way to Origin. The really funny part is that they hadn't converted very many worlds at all. Most of the worlds that the Ori armies thought they converted were in fact worlds where Harry had a pnet satellite around and had significant contact with. The leaders of these worlds were provided with mental illusion bands that allowed them to fool any Ori telepaths. They were just playing along to give SG-1 time to defeat the Ori so that no one was killed (that way Harry wouldn't have to revive them).

This trickery wouldn't last for much longer because the Ori would notice the distinct lack of energy from their new followers but it should be enough time for SG-1 to deal with the Ori threat. The team decided that they wouldn't bring a PJ along because it was likely they were prevented from finding the planet from space for a reason. When they got to the village on the planet they were warned to not go questing for the Sangral because no seeker had ever returned.

They consulted the village library where they found a map that the librarian wouldn't let them take because he didn't trust them. They were eating in the local tavern when the Ori soldiers showed up. They started burning the books from the library and started trying to convert the village. Adria was at the lead followed by a prior. This was the first time most of the team saw Adria in real life (hologram from Sirius memories). She was quite beautiful. Harry figured the best way to stop her would be to seduce her (hey it's always worked for him before).

There were 2 kinds of charms that a veela possessed. The first was a zpe EM charm that attracted the potential mate and worked more on those of weak will. This kind was out because Adria would most certainly detect it. The second kind was much harder to detect because it worked by the release of potent pheromones that could be targeted at the person the veela desired. This method would most likely work on Adria.

Adria disappeared into the library and the others started to discuss options. Not long after that the local librarian (an old man) hurried into the tavern asking for SG-1's help because the Ori army was trying to find him. He told them they burned the map but he still had a copy in his head. He offered to lead them on their quest and they accepted. All of a sudden some of the soldiers burst into the tavern looking for the old man and SG-1 gunned them down with their lancers. They were then quickly shown to a concealed passage by the tavern owner, which led them out of the tavern.

Harry wasn't able to notice before with all of the scents in the tavern but he now noticed that the old librarian was definitely not old or a man. It appeared that Adria was also a metamorphagus. Harry's draconic senses picked it up easily. It was either arrogance or a rookie mistake that caused her to not mask her scent, probably a mixture of both.

Harry took the opportunity to start directing his pheromones at the Orici. It was easy to tell that it was having an effect because Harry's draconic and veela nature could pick up on the subtle blush and the smell of her arousal. Harry was using his very strong mental bond with Sam to converse what was going on. It would be unlikely to be detectable to Adria even with energy sight. Even if it was that bond was common for normal married couples, they just didn't know how to use it to converse on a conscious level.

Sam definitely approved of Adria's seduction after seeing her earlier in the village and told him the other girls would too. Harry was glad that he had provided all team members with an illusion ward band so that all of their zpe based shields and technology was masked from Adria's detection.

They encountered their first obstacle, which turned out to be a time dilation field. It had a path through it of normal time that SG-1 could navigate through. Harry pretended to use a palm computer to sense the path while Alice guided him through with the others following. Harry was able to sense the building pressure of the suppression wards.

As the old EAs would call them, magic suppression wards came in many different varieties. There were two very common types, the first of which were ones that suppressed a zpe user from being able to cast any EMs from their body. This didn't prohibit the use of internal energy, which Harry was quite proficient at. The second most common type was one that prohibited all use of zpe, in any form. Luckily they seemed to be dealing with the first type, probably because zpe would be one of the only types of power sources that could power the suppression wards for as long as these ones have been around. The second type was usually used for shorter terms wards so that a special shielding room didn't have to be constructed so a zpm could power the wards. Both types of wards were only effective against biological beings and certain types of zpe based technology (like ZPMs without shielding). Luckily for Harry Alice and her spell generator still functioned perfectly.

Alice also had access to the new super zpm Harry carried in PDS. She couldn't control it as well as Harry could, who could only control a third of it at one time without burning out his suit, but it would do in a pinch. This also meant that all of the members of the group were equipped with functioning shields.

The next obstacle they came across was a shield trap that lured the seeker into looking in a chest for treasure. To bypass it they used the instructions that came with the map for a clue. They each ended up putting a possession into the chest and escaped the trap. On the long walk between obstacles Adria gave away that she wasn't who she appeared to be to the group by paraphrasing the book of origin, but Harry signaled the rest not to do anything yet.

They finally arrived at the base of a mountain that began the entrance to the underground part of the obstacles. The group confronted Adria and after much posturing they proceeded on their way. Adria was definitely showing a lot of blushing now that she was in her natural form. Harry was hitting Adria with pheromones at a much higher rate now that she was showing her true form. Adria seemed to be walking very close to him, which amused Sam quite a bit.

The next obstacle they came to was a hard light projection of a little boy trapped behind a gate. Adria thought it might be a trap but seemed to not object too much as long as she was close to Harry. They got her to help lift the gate with her powers. That confirmed for Harry that she did know some internal energy techniques to at least enhance her strength, because Alice detected no telekinesis while she was lifting the gate. They proceeded on through several obstacles that both Harry and Adria answered faster than the others because it was their language and their brains were more advanced (Although Sam, Vala, and Sirius weren't far behind).

The last obstacle they came up against was a wall of fire. While the others just watched Harry just walked through, knowing that fire didn't affect him. Harry was pleased to note Adria's shouted objection to him walking through with concern in her voice, he was cracking her. The wall of fire disappeared without harming him (it was probably just an illusion with a temperature field like those used in the temperature regulation bands that were Star standard issue). They saw a long narrow walkway with a dais at the end. The Sangral appeared to be on top of the dais.

Adria only wanted herself and Harry to walk out to it. They bantered for a little bit with Harry calling her on her inability to use her powers and she teasingly replied asking him if he wanted to test her. He again continued to call her bluff and stepped up to her. She was flushed and Harry could smell the arousal rolling off of her. He leaned into her and started French kissing her while tipping her back and grabbing her ass. When he let up she was really flustered from what Harry was sure was her first kiss. He just gave her what his lovers called the most charming smile in the 4 galaxies known to them (the ones they knew some history of at least) and passed his hand through the Sangral that Alice had informed him earlier was a hologram.

They walked back over to the others, all of whom were shocked, except for the Alterans in the group. Sirius looked so proud that Harry just had to snicker internally. The guardian, which took the shape of a dragon, chose that moment to rise up from the depths of the cavern the group was in and breathed fire at them. Unfortunately the entrance had sealed up after the group entered this chamber. Adria extended her shield to protect the group, mistakenly thinking they had no protection. They then ducked as the dragon/hard light projection swung it's tale at the group, breaking back open the previously sealed passage.

They all started running back towards the entrance of the mountain with a wall of fire following them. When they made it out of the mountain the dragon followed them by breaking out of the top. They opened fire on it with their gauntlets which were powered by naquadria. When that didn't appear to damage it too badly they ran for the tree line. Harry was tempted to transform into his dragon form or pull out his Gryffindor blade but refrained for secrecies sake.

He was pretty sure Adria would be finding out his heritage very soon but wanted to wait until he was ready to fight her if the need arose. It wouldn't be such a good idea with the guardian around to be injured in a fight. That thought gave Harry the answer to their problems. The instructions said that the Sangral would belong to whoever spoke the guardian's name. The guardian was actually Morgan or Ganus Lao. Harry ran out to the dragon while the others were discussing the situation and shouted Ganus Lao.

The projection disappeared and Harry made his way back over to the others. He could have sworn he heard the even more concerned cry from Adria than when he ran into the wall of fire. They walked back into the dais where the holographic Sangral still was. Harry activated what he knew to be a transporter from Alice's scans by passing his hand through the hologram. The entire group except Adria was then transported through the gate. When they arrived at their destination it was to find a cave that looked like an Alteran work station.

Harry saw something he never even suspected he would have observed, his great grandfather Myrrdin in a stasis pod. He no longer cared about the others finding out his Alteran heritage, he ran over and activated the revival field on the pod while summoning an age band from his trunk. Myrrdin's body would be quite old from the thousand years of stasis. Sure enough he appeared to be dazed but perked right up with the band on his arm.

He asked where he was and Harry's answer shocked half the group. "We're in your lab grandfather." Merlin focused on Harry when Harry called him his grandfather.

"You're my grandson?"

"Yes, I am your great grandson eight times over and the current leader of the corporeal Alteran people."

Harry flicked his wrist to summon his grandfather's wand from the holster he still kept it in and flicked it to conjure chairs for the rest of the group.

Harry ignored the completely shocked looks of Daniel, Tealc, and Cam to levitate the wand back to it's rightful owner.

"Ah, I have not held this particular focus in my hand in many years," Myrrdin said with a look of happiness.

"The Alteran people are currently engaged in a war with the wraith and the Ori grandfather Janus, and would appreciate any help you could give us," Harry replied.

At the mention of the Ori Myrrdin focused intently on Harry and asked him to tell him more. So Harry sat there with a captive audience while he told Merlin a brief synopsis of events for the last several years, including some Alteran events that 3 of the group didn't previously know.

When he was finished Merlin commented, "You truly are my heir with the amount of excitement you have managed to get yourself into and the amount of women too."

Merlin telepathically passed Harry the knowledge of how to construct a Sangral, which was copied into Alice's memory. Harry had Alice disable the automatic dialing program that was shifting the cave they were in between worlds so that Adria could catch up with them.

He stood up and waved his hand which caused his chair to vanish back into the energy it was constructed from.

"Now I do believe that one of my future lovers will be arriving soon."

Daniel replied, "Well a lot of events you have been involved in and actions you've taken over the years now make more sense."

Tealc chose that moment to comment, "Indeed."

Cam still appeared to be speechless. They would construct the Sangral back on AP, when they all traveled back there in a little while.

Sure enough Adria used the obelisk to transport herself directly into the cave where she was met by the group. Harry used the power of the trinity zpm to direct a high powered concentrated stunner at her, which was able to overwhelm her shield without harming her. He caught her with his telekinesis before she could hit the floor. He picked her up and proceeded to walk out of the cave with the others following. He had Alice activate the gate while he waved his hand again. The result of this bit of wandless magic was to send a massive stunning field over the Ori troops that were blocking the gate, after which the entire group walked through the gate to Altera Prime.

Those that hadn't known about Harry's abilities before were staring at him in awe, but their attention was quickly diverted to the view of earth from AP. They could obviously see earth and Daniel couldn't help but ask, "Are we on mars?" Harry briefly explained how he had terraformed the planet and claimed it as the Alteran home world for the Milky Way. Harry and the others were transported to his home where he was met by his wives and various lovers (the house was huge). Harry excused himself and proceeded up to his bedroom, followed by Sam.

They proceeded to wake Adria up in the nicest way possible with lots of kissing and touching. She didn't even resist what they were doing. They both completely dropped their illusion wards and banished their clothes to the vacuum of subspace. They proceeded to relieve Adria of her virginity while using the Alteran sharing technique that showed Adria both of their lives as well as hers to them.

After they were finished and were lying in post coital bliss with Harry lying in between the two naked beauties Harry asked Adria, "Did you really think you were the only one?" Her nod of yes was all the explanation Harry needed. After the first few months of her life Adria followed along with the Ori because she was lead to believe that she was the only corporeal being of her kind. It hadn't taken her long to realize that there was something wrong with killing millions for their beliefs, but with her being the only corporeal one of her kind she couldn't see a way out.

They were brainwashing her from her birth, which was difficult to overcome. Her crimes were even less severe than Tealc's because at least he had had his younger years free and wasn't fighting genetic knowledge. When they were all rested up Harry took Adria to his genetic manipulation machine and with his grandfather's help rid her of the brainwashing aspect of the genetic knowledge that forced her to think with the Ori viewpoint. Luckily the knowledge wasn't integrated with their philosophy, so she was still left with a complete copy of the Ori knowledge repository.

Harry gifted her with all of the devices he usually gave his lovers. She used her watch to update the Alteran knowledge database, which was accessible through the pnet and for the first time in millions of years the Alteran and Ori repository became one.

Merlin and Harry constructed the Sangral that day and sent it through to the Ori galaxy, set to go off as soon as the gate disengaged on the other side. It was under an invisibility cloak along with a masking ward. They sent it through a regular sized stargate so the Ori would be less likely to detect it. Adria was able to confirm the death of the ascended Ori as soon as it happened. She immediately sent word to her prior's to stop the attacks and conversion process. She was very relieved when Harry informed her that she had never actually killed anyone thanks to his reviving them.

The process used to increase a being to Adria's level of physiology was now known through the database. It began to quickly be instated, although it seemed to work much better for those who it was done for at birth. No one was ever able to become as powerful as Harry and Adria, because their souls weren't as "absorbent" as a being's who started at a very young age.

Over the course of the next few years Harry with the aid of the Ori fleet, which Adria now controlled, the Alterans, or the Asurans as they had once again taken to calling themselves, lay siege to the remaining wraith in the Pegasus galaxy. They completely eradicated them from existence without a single Asuran casualty.

Unlike the past war, where the Alterans let down their guard when it appeared they were winning the war against the wraith, Harry and his lovers put in place fail safes should the wraith return or another hostile race attack their people. This included placing the 10 hour time reversal device (code named Timex satellites) in the required places all over all 3 galaxies (Milky Way, Pegasus, and Ori) like Harry had planned upon discovering the device. This allowed any major disaster to be reversed and up to 6 months for the rest of the galaxy to prepare for it. Another failsafe that was put in place was Harry placing vast stores of supplies and ships in deserted realities like the one where he did his time travel research. Harry was pretty sure that he was about as paranoid or prepared as anyone in several galaxies.

The Asuran race announced their return to the Milky Way galaxy when they uncloaked Altera Prime's new appearance, much to the shock of earth. Harry decided to help earth when he revealed the existence of the galactic situation to the population not in the know. He used his resources on the planets surface as well as an upgraded pnet satellite system that had each satellite equipped with a massive area effect spell generator. Generating the calming EM to the entire planet when the news was broken kept anybody from panicking.

The now free Jaffa nation was getting a lot of help from the Tokra and Asurans in establishing a stable government with support systems. The Jaffa people were completely freed of their dependence of symbiotes with the massive distribution of the Jaffa band. Harry and his grandfather figured out in the years to come how to modify the Jaffa bands to make them reestablish an immune system in subsequent generations.

The Asgard were given the plans for the technology that would correct their genetic problems as well as a fully functioning cloning machine, for which they were very grateful. Harry also informed Thor about the Asgard element in Pegasus of which he was very surprised.

The SGC was ecstatic to learn that all of the personnel that they thought they had lost were actually still alive and quite healthy as well as happy. The reunion was quite enthusiastic and involved a lot of drinking. Over the next few years Harry got to know his parents and grandfather who decided to remain in the new Asuran form that was a very good balance between power, intelligence, and corporeality.

Harry experimented on many projects with his grandfather. One of his greatest projects was to copy his entire personal PJ with a complete copy of the entire Asuran repository and send it on a trip with a special copy of his consciousness. This copy had a full soul that would travel from alternate reality to alternate reality or stay in one if it chose while sending an identical copy on to the next. The purpose was for both science and entertainment (if you're going to live for an eternity you need to keep yourself entertained).

The complete experiences of the traveling consciousness would be transmitted back to recording equipment in the original reality where it could be watched at leisure. Harry copied all of the things he carried on his person as well for his alter ego to use in his adventures. The consciousness would suppress the consciousness of the body it was currently traveling through until they were going to leave but could blend with them if they chose to stay (it could be fought off if it was really desired so by the owner of the body in which case the consciousness would just move on to the next reality). Alter Harry, as he chose to call the consciousness, would still have complete access to the memories and reactions to every situation of the person's body he inhabited throughout the various realities and there was also some degree of communication between the two (so it was by no means one way). Harry imagined that it was a lot like being a Tokra.

The Tokra were thriving on their home world now that the Pegasus, Ida, Ori, and Milky Way galaxies were pretty much at peace. There were always small skirmishes going on somewhere or other but for the most part it was a pretty peaceful and prosperous time.

Harry and Janus finally did work out Harry's idea for a modification of the Horcrux device. Using the knowledge Adria provided from the Ori they were able to completely copy a soul and keep it in an unconscious state while updating it with new information from the original. They were able to make it so that should the original stop transmitting updates for a certain period of time the consciousness would be downloaded into a new cloned body. Harry did this for all of his loved ones (which was quite a few people because it included close friends).

Instead of making one copy Harry made several, stashing them in several galaxies throughout several realities. He found some nice realities devoid of any life so that the facilities shouldn't be tampered with, even through he did leave protection systems. In ARs time didn't always move at the same rate. He stored copies in a much younger reality that would last a lot longer than his home universe so that when one ended he and his loved ones would live on in another reality. In this method Harry achieved an immortality and invulnerability that would have boggled the mind and made old Tom Riddle green with envy.

While exploring the Pegasus Harry and his family did come upon the replicators that the Alterans had constructed as a weapon during their first war with the wraith and thought destroyed. The replicators seemed to have survived, rebuilt, and taken on the name of Asurans after their creator's original and now reclaimed name. These constructs were deemed too dangerous during the last war and were thought destroyed. The Alterans back then had thought that physical destruction would suffice.

Harry and Janus took no chances and used the ARG technology on the entire planet and used deep scans afterwards to make sure there were no intact nanites. They did claim the planet the replicators had built upon. The planet was very similar to Altera Prime in the Milky Way. They named it Asura Prime and made it the Pegasus capital. Atlantis was moved back to the Milky Way to Altera Prime because Asura Prime had an identical copy of it.

Harry did manage to pick up another few lovers in the form of Dr. Jennifer Keller (who he finally did seduce) and Larrin, the leader of a nomadic people who traveled Pegasus in ships. His seduction of Larrin began when he allowed himself to be captured by her out of curiosity in his personal PJ when he was making sure all of the Pegasus gates were functioning correctly after their reactivation.

She wanted his help in activating some systems on a damaged Aurora class ship she was trying to salvage. Harry did her one better and fully repaired the ship for her using a swarm of constructors kept in PDS in his PJ. After seducing her and making her his lover he eventually turned her into a new Asuran with her consent. Her people eventually settled onto planets now that the wraith threat was over. She was rather anxious to settle down with her new lovers (Harry and all of his other lovers, yay for veela nature!).

The new Asurans discovered another ship of fellow Asurans in trouble in the void between Pegasus and Milky Way, after they set up a powerful sensor array to monitor the void for signs of trouble. They discovered an Aurora whose hyperdrive had broken down and was traveling back to Pegasus at sublight speeds. They were traveling at such a high speed (look up the previous 99.999 % decimal because I'm not retyping it) that due to relativity they were undergoing severe time dilation for the last 10000 years outside time.

Harry's crazy life seemed to culminate to the description of fantastic life when he eventually added all of his lovers on as his wives after another marriage ceremony. All of the lovers agreed to the marriages, so it was that Harry got married to Arista, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Larrin, Anise/Freya, Ayiana, Chaya, and Adria (I'm sorry if I forgot one or two) along with a renewal of his vows to Fleur, Hermione, Sam, and Nym. Harry could not believe his luck, especially on his wedding night.

Harry ended up developing a massive bond with all of his wives which allowed them all to communicate through telepathy across almost any distance as well as to sense each other's emotions. Harry swore he would have gone insane had it not been for his previous empathic experience when that bond formed. Not much later the first truly Asuran child was born starting from Adria and continuing with all of his wives, and so it was that Harry lived in craziness and happiness with all of his wives, family, and friends as the ruler of his people.

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