RIpper Roo's Auto Biography: Insanity

As I look out below my waterfall, I remember everything; those doctors; those machines; and thatbandicoot. I am, and forever will be cursed with what they gave me.

"Dr. Cortex," the man with one bolt sticking out of both sides of his head said," The project on the Kangaroo was only half succesful."

"Half? what do you mean by 'half'?" the other Doctor, known as Cortex, said.

"Yes, it turns out that he has some sort of derangement, a phsycoticness." The other said.

"Brio," Dr. Coryex said as he walked over to me,"What do you mean?"

"Listen." Brio said. Both doctors then turned to me, Cortex wondering what Brio meant.

"Can you speak?" Cortex asked. I then tried to tell him something, byt instead I laughed, not out of entertainment, but out of insanity.

"Also, his eyes are in a trance-like stage, his claws are razor sharp, his voice is laughter." Brio said.

Cirtex examined me, as if I were some nutt job,"Put him in a stray-jacket, and a cushioned room." Cortex said as he left the room.

"You thursty?" Brio asked once Cortex was out of sight. I nodded. The evil, but rather nice, doctor gave me a baby bottle with a green liquid.

"It's soda, don't worry." He told me. Even though I shouldn't have drank it, it did look like soda; a fizzy drink.

Brio gave me a drink,"There, there, everything is going to be fine, just relax." The room went black, I was out.

The next thing I remember was that I was in some sort of jacket that was suppose to "restrain" me. I saw that I was in some sort of soft, cushion room. I looked out a door that was only two yards infront of me. I called out for someone to help me, but again only laughter. The same doctor, Brio, came in to put a muzzle on me, I wanted to ask him why I was here, but I knew that all that would come out is laughter, so I didn't try that. He then brought me some books to read, very nice ones, too.

"Here, you can read these when every you want," Brio said as he put the books down," Do you want a desk or something?" I eagerly nodded my head. Brio snapped his fingers, and in came a couple of "brainless" people with a look that would make the devil fear for life. The desk was of normal size, maple wood as I recall.

Which book should I read first?, I thought as I looked through the assorted books. the first book I read was about a man that survived in the holocaust. Poor man, he lost his family. The man's situation was similar as mine; we both wanted to go back home.

As I was about to finish the book, Dr. Cortex and Dr. Brio came in and made a proposition with me,"See, Ripper Roo, all you have to do is kill that bandicoot and we give you your freedom." I wondered how I was suppose to do that, first of all I was in a confining jacket, and I didn't know where to go!

"There will be these red boxes called 'TNT', you kill him with that." Brio said.

"Do you accept this riggerous challenge?" Cortex asked as he sat down in my working table chair. I nodded my head, but this time less eagerly.

"Great, Brio?" Cortex said as he tightened his gloves,"Take Ripper Roo to the water fall."

"Yes, right away." Brio said,"Let's go, we haven't much time."

The second I got there I looked around to see the fall's beauty, and my it was beautiful.

"The bandicoot is expected to come here in exactly half-an-hour." Brio said as he walked away.

His walky-talky was beebing, then a familiar voice was heard,"Where are you, Brio?"

"I have just dropped the kangaroo off, doctor." Brio said as he talked into his walky-talky.

"Excellent," Cortex said over the walky-talky,"Meet me back in the castle." Brio left and I toke a nap, I had to wake up when the bandicoot came, should I become friends with him, or should I just follow the rules Cortex told me to follow? All I could think of was sleeping--boom!!! I feel to the floor, unconscious.