RIpper Roo's Auto Biography: Insanity

Chapter 2

I feel asleep, I was probably exhausted from reading and writing. Well, whatever the reason, it happened all of a sudden. I fell asleep atop of the water fall far from the edge in a cave. I tried to come out and walk out, but with the stray-jacket on it made it a little difficult. So, I had to hop out of that cave. As I was hopping out I felt the cool brezze hit my face, I heard the birds chirping, and I heard a Bandicoot spinning. Of from the distance, I can see what seemed to be the bandicoot Cortex and Brio were talking about. But I wasn't quite sure, so I went to go great the guy. He didn't look like a bad guy at all. I then heard a sound of crackle, one from a walky-talky. I guess Brio must have left me one to see any progress I've made.

"Ripper Roo, the bandicoot is estimated to be in your sector," Cortex said over the walky-talky,"Bring him to me." And the entity fallowing 'Crash', known as Aku-Aku, must have heard what Cortex said.

"Becareful, Crash," The mask said,"Cortex must have sent that kangaroo to get you." I went up to Crash, to say,"Hi," but when I did, only laughter. No words. It creeped out Crash and Aku since they hade faces of fear. I must say ,my laughter was starting to get annoying, but Crash listened to Aku and tried to fight me. I tried to tell him to stop, but only laughter.

I'm realy starting to hate this stuff, I thought. Crash came at me with some sort of weird, and very silly, spin attack. I tried to block it from me with my razor-sharp claws and ended up scratching Crash. He bleed from his right arm and got pretty angry. So, he punched me into the waters.

One last thing was heard from his mask-friend,"Don't fallow us."

I got up to my feet on a platform off the water and went walking back to castle Cortex.

Later that day, Cortex was also getting annoyed with my laughter, so he made the "The Translatifier". Kind of a cool name, if I do say so myself. What this "Translatifier" was suppose to do is translate my laughter into plain english. It was like a collar for a puppy. So, Cortex strapped it around my neck and ajusted it to "English".

"Speak," Cortex said as if I were a puppy.

Laughter came, but then "The Translatifier" worked its magic,"Hi, there."

Cortex jumped, for he wasn't expecting that,"It works!!!"

"Wow," I said,"It actualy works! I can--Talk!!!"

"This is great news, very great news." Cortex said as he wrote down some notes on a clipboard.

"Yes, it is!!!" I said with such joy. And now, the laughter wasn't from insanity, but from happiness

"Cortex," Brio said over Cortex's walky-talky,"The bandicoot is proceeding up to the laboritory."

"We better hurry," Cortex said,"I'll go to my air-ship."

"And I'll go home." I said.

Cortex was puzzled,"Home?"

"Yeah," I said with such joy,"I chose to live by the waterfall where I was."

"Alright," Cortex said as he tightend his gloves,"Do as you wish. But keep contact with me, my e-mail is .evil" and with that, he left to his airship, leaving me behind. As he left, I walked my way to the exit.

As I walked, I met the bandicoot, one last time,"We meet again." I said, with a low chuckle.

"You again, listen, we have to pass to go see Cortex." Aku-Aku said whilst Crash nodded in agreement.

"Go, but take this note, Bandicoot: We will meet again." I said and let them past.

As I left the castle I heard a big "Boom". I looked back to see a room was on fire! I think it was N. Brio's quarters, but I wasn't sure. I then looked at Cortex's air-ship to see him amd Crash battling. They went on for minutes until Cortex got counter attacked with his own plasma blast. Cortex fell off of his hover-craft thing nad fell deep into the sea below and said,"CURSE YOU, CRASH BANDICOOT!!!"

That was the last of Cortex, well, that's what I thought.