McGee: No, to eaves drop on their conversation…

Ziva: That is an invasion of privacy, McGee.


A drive back to NCIS with McGee was usually filled with a fair amount of small talk, but on this occasion that wasn't the case…

"But you're a spy."

Ziva smirked at him. "And?"

"Invading people's privacy is a job requirement, isn't it?"

"I only did what was necessary, nothing more, nothing less."

"So what was considered necessary."

"The information I was seeking…"

"In order to do what?"

She glanced at him. "Why are you fishing McGee?"

He shrugged his shoulder innocently. "I'm just saying…you got all self righteous back there…just curious as to why."

"I do not believe someone should invade someone's privacy…particularly if they have insisted it be kept private."

"But you're a spy." He repeated.

"Yes, I am a spy McGee…but that is different. The invasions were necessary in order to keep people safe…"

"So you were looking out for their best interest?"

Ziva nodded abruptly. "Yes."

"Okay." He said simply before glancing out the window.

"That is it? Just okay."


She pulled the car over slowly. "No, that is not it…if you want to say something…then I suggest you say it."

Tim took in a breath. "Look, all I was trying to say…is that sometimes you have do things that another person may not like…for their best interest. That's all."

"Are you one of those people McGee?"

"If I have to be."

"When would you have to be?"

He thought for a moment. "When I love a person enough, to let them hate me."

She pulled the car back on the road and said nothing. It wasn't until they arrived at NCIS that she responded…

"Do you love someone enough to let them hate you McGee?"

Tim nodded. "Do you?"

Only this time he didn't get a response at all....