Tony: I know that address.

Abby: Yeah, me too. Its Ziva's.


It wasn't long after Gibbs left the hospital that he made sure to pull Abby aside.

"You had a lead…"

Abby nodded slowly. "Yes, but…."

"And you didn't tell me?"

"Not exactly, you see Tony…"

"You do not report to Tony, you report to me!" His decibel grew substantially louder with each word. "Now why didn't you call me?"

"I guess, I assumed Tony would tell you himself."

"Just like McGee told me you logged that search…or that you checked in on Rivkin's itinerary…"

"I figured you'd find out. You always do."

Gibbs was fuming so he took a moment before responding. "This will not happen again."

She let her head hang low for a full minute before Gibbs placed a gentle finger under her chin. She looked up at him slowly. "This wasn't my fault…"

He almost smiled at her. "Never said it was."

"Yeah? Well, you're hard to read when you're mad…"

"How about the other times?"

She walked with him towards his car. "What other times?"