Hey guys! This is my new story, Friends With Benefits. I've never done this before, I'm new at it so be nice...It takes place when Meggie's seventeen. They still live in the Ink world. She's having strong desires for Dustfinger, and eventually he admits he has feelings for her. But they know they can't ever be a couple. But the want for each other is so strong. . . Anyway just read it and tell me what you think. I will only update if you REVIEW.

Dustfinger: I'm meant to love Roxanne. I track Mo for years trying to get him to read me back. How can my love for her fade after all of that?

Me: Because you realize Roxanne is a snob and hyprcrit and Meggie's really the one for you.

Dustfinger: But she's younger than me! That would make me a paedophile , would it not?

Me: No because Meggie's almost of age and she's turning eighteen very soon, and you are limited with what you do, AND because you're actually not that old because I don't make you that old.

Dustfinger: I don't get a say in this, do I? Why is it I never get a say?

Me: You do get a say. You love Meggie...you told me.

Dustfinger: I don't recall any of this.

Me: Maybe that was a dream. Anyway, I promise she is worth it.

Dustfinger: Alright, now we're talking.

I don't own Inkheart or any of the characters.


She watched him with careful eyes. There was such an ache in her heart; it almost brought her to her knees. Every time he placed his lips onto her full, blood red ones, and moved them gently in sync with hers, there was such a longing inside of her, that brought every nerve alive, every hormone alive. The force of it made her want to tear her hair out, strand by strand, if not to focus on something else other than the love and longing she held for this one man. But it was impossible. Why did she feel such desire for a man who had betrayed her numerous times? Who had sent her knocking on death's door, teasing?

A man who would look at her, and not see her. She was nothing to him, where Roxanne was everything to him. And it hurt. It hurt very much.

She hated herself for it. But hate was no battle for love. When Farid would kiss her, she would imagine it was Dustfinger's lips, when Farid would caress her softly, she would imagine it was Dustfinger's soft, but burnt hands, moving up and down her body. The thought made her moan out loud-but what was it compared to the real thing?

"What you thinking about, princess?" a voice suddenly drew her out of her fantasies. She looked up and into Dustfinger's curious eyes.

She felt her face going red, and she hastily looked away. What was she thinking?

Oh, if only he knew!

Dustfinger chucked quietly when she didn't respond.

"That bad, huh?" He picked up a blade of grass, fiddling with it between his thumb and index finger. Meggie watched in silent awe as it then burnt in a matter of one second.

"I don't know," she finally found her voice, turning away from him. Dustfinger remained silent, but she felt his heavy look on her.

"How are you and Farid?" Her head snapped towards him, surprised at the question.

"We are…why? What did he say?" Was he suspicious of her? Dustfinger raised his eyebrow.

"He is a little worried about you."

Meggie felt panic squeeze her heart. She blew out a breath, but did not turn from his penetrating gaze.


"You seem distant. Almost sad," She watched his expression grow concerned.

"Well, I'm fine."

"You don't' seem fine." He pointed out, his voice now careful.

"So you came out here to check on me? I'm not a little girl anymore, Dustfinger!"

He smirked.

"I know that."

She clenched her fists. Did he know that? Did he really? Or did he still see her as that small twelve year old girl?

"Meggie, please don't jump to conclusions. I do care about you and I want to know if you're alright, princess."

"Why? Are you going to go back to Farid and give him the message for me? Was he not man enough to come to me himself?" Dustfinger's eyebrow rose, and he frowned, looking at her, his expression torn between concern, amusement and curiosity.

Meggie started to wring her hands, looking down at them.

"You are both so young; I guess Farid didn't understand what to do. We are both from different worlds, Meggie. You must remember that."

"But you knew." She blurted out. Dustfinger smiled.

"Well, yes. Because I've had more experience." He winked at her. The words were heavy on her, and she gave a shudder.

"Are you cold?" He asked her, and fire soon started to dance beside her. She held her hands out to it, staring at him.

"What about you, Dustfinger? Are you happy with Roxanne?" she bit her lip, waiting his answer with anxiety.

"Yes, I suppose so." She leaned forward, hearing a hint of hesitation in his voice.

"Really?" she prodded. Dustfinger looked at her from the corner of his eye.

"Why do you care, princess?"

She smiled mockingly.

"Because I care about you."

Dustfinger gave a weary sigh and whispered the fire out.

"Come on, we must get back. It took me awhile to find you, and your parents, as well as Farid, must be wondering where you are, and if you're alright." He held his hand out to her as he stood. She took a deep breath, before latching onto him. He squeezed it gently and pulled her up. She loved the touch of his hand, and she knew she could find better places for it to be.

"You spent awhile looking for me, Dustfinger? I'm touched."

He rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't let anyone know that I have a soft heart."

"You only have a soft heart for those you love." He paused, looking down at her. She blushed again, cursing herself once again for her sharp, brave tongue.

"I mean, I didn't mean…" She trailed off. Dustfinger gave her one of his strange smiles, but it did not mock her. In fact, it was a new one.

One that she liked.

"That's okay, Meggie. I know what you meant. Come along," He lead her through the forest. All the while Meggie was silently screaming curses at him. Why had he stopped there? Why hadn't he answered her? Did it mean anything?

They soon came to the Robber's camp, where people were leaving. At age seventeen, Meggie supposed that she should be married by now, and living with her husband. But she could not bring herself to leave her father, mother and brother, and nor did they want her to. Farid lived with Roxanne, Dustfinger, Brianna, and Roxanne's son. Something Roxanne was not pleased with, but Dustfinger would not have it any other way.

Dustfinger stopped her before they came into view.

"Are you sure you're alright?" he asked her. Meggie opened her mouth, ready to tell him everything, when she was interrupted.

"There you are!" They both turned to see her father walking briskly over. Meggie swore under her breath. It was as if her father knew, and he was trying to stop it. But as he hugged her, and smiled warmly at Dustfinger, she knew that he really had no idea of his daughter's thoughts. She blushed. Mo let go of her, looking curiously at Dustfinger.

"Don't look at me like that, Silvertongue." He then walked over to his family, and Meggie watched him go, her heart sinking. These moments with Dustfinger, she loved before anything else. Except for perhaps her father's voice. It hurt her so much when they ended, for she didn't know when they would share something like it again.

Mo gave his daughter a questioning look and she shook her head at him. Mo knew her too well, something she had always been irritated at. Perhaps he had felt the same way all those years back when she had caught him out on every lie.

"Meggie!" Meggie turned around just in time before Farid swooped her up into a hug. He set her down on her feet, his face tinged red.

"You guys are acting like you haven't seen me for ages," Meggie said, frowning slightly up at Farid.

"I just love you Meggie," he kissed her forehead, her nose before gently kissing her lips. She pulled back, and buried her head into Farid's warm chest. She glanced at Dustfinger, who was talking to Brianna. His eyes flickered up and over at her face.

The words were still on her tongue, burning, so hot that she wanted to spit them out.

It's not working, Dustfinger. Me and Farid…I want you. All of you. Some of you, whatever I can take. I want you!