He had had it all planned in his head. The words had come to him, so easily that it scared him and he even wondered if Meggie had been behind it.

He had even gotten paper and wrote the words down.

Now the piece of paper in the pocket of his coat seemed to weigh him down. The words disappeared and his lips were dry.

That's the problem with mental preparation. Whatever you are preparing yourself for, imagination is replacement for the real person is never enough.

Roxanne's pain was devastatingly beautiful, but she wasn't Meggie and here they were.

"I'm sorry. I am Roxanne."

"It's her, isn't it." Her tone was more defeated the accusing, and a statement, not a question.

Dustfinger looked at her, perplexed and nervous.

He opened his mouth and then closed it, repeating the same process.

Roxanne's eyes filtered across his face, and she smiled bitterly through her tears.



She waited and Dustfinger sighed.

"Why ask when you already know?"

Roxanne closed her eyes.

"She's seventeen." She whispered.

"I know." Dustfinger matched her tone.

They stood in silence, both looking at each other now.

"I'm sorry." Dustfinger repeated, wishing he didn't love Meggie, wishing with everything he had.

But while Roxanne made his heart sigh, Meggie made his heart sing.

"So you won't change your mind?" Dustfinger's heart sagged under the weight of her hopefulness and desperation.


He hadn't mean it, but that word rung with finality, and Roxanne visibly flinched.

Dustfinger absentmindedly started playing with fire, bouncing it in his hands.

He needed to finish this, and finish it now. He still had Meggie to talk to and this conversation was boarding the dangerous line.

"Who's going to tell Brianna?"

Dustfinger froze.

"Roxanne..." he choked.

She stared at him defiantly.

"For what we had...and have been through, I ask you please let me tell my daughter-our daughter-in my own time."

Roxanne looked at him deeply, and they shared another silence.

"Alright." She said softly, though she crossed her fingers behind her back.

"For what we had."

Make things right.

Meggie stared at the words she had written, brushing a finger over the drying ink.

She ahd been fed up with not seeing Dustfinger and not knowing. Only last night had she even dared whisper the words aloud, not even knowing if it would even matter.


She looked up at her young brother, whose eyes were wide. Meggie closed the book.

"What's up kiddo?" she patted the spot beside her.

"I miss you." Brandon said innocently as he seated himself beside her, and Meggie put an arm around him.

"I'm sorry buddy." She didn't know what else to say.

Damn words.

She felt another presence and looked up as her dad leant against the doorway, smiling softly.

"I meant what I said about a family, Megs."

She nodded. Mo sighed.

"Now for your actions...I'm sorry, I know you went through a lot but...you're grounded for a month."

Meggie nodded, knowing she deserved it, and understanding.

Mo smiled.

"But I'm allowing this visitor." Meggie frowned in confusion and then shock embraced her as Dustfinger stepped into the room.

"Hello Meggie."

They were standing outside, both aware of their distance and hating it.

Meggie was looking out and beyond, while Dustfinger was watching her, wondering how to start.

He didn't have to.

"Why are you here Dustfinger?"

Meggie turned to him, focusing her eyes to lock onto his.

Dustfinger blinked.


"You tell me you love me then you kiss me and THEN you leave." Her frustration spilled over, and Dustfinger sighed as he was reminded of how badly he had messed things up.

"I needed to think."

"And you couldn't have told us?"

"I ended things with Roxanne." He blurted.

Dustfinger watched her closely. Although she was trying to hide it, Dustfinger could tell she was heavily impacted by his words.

"You...Roxanne..." she huffed, breathless from the shock and excitement she felt electrifying every nerve in her body.

Dustfinger smiled.

"Yes." He confirmed.

Meggie looked at him, and Dustfinger took a step towards her.

"You think that I'm just going to go with you?"

Dustfinger smiled at her cover words.

"Yep." He popped simply.

Meggie looked away, deep in thought.

Dustfinger took her hand, bringing it to his lips.

Meggie felt tingles shoot through her, and she scowled at her body's reaction.

"You're my lover."

"I'm guessing we can't do this publicly."

Dustfinger was shocked. He had been debating how to bring that up with her-and now she had said it so simply?

"What did you have in mind?" Dustfinger asked, curious as to what was going around in her dangerous head.

Meggie looked up at the house, eyes alert for her father and brother.

She looked back to Dustfinger, closing off the distance. She could feel him against her now, and she looked up at him. Their hearts were beating fast and together, both entwining.

"Well, it allows us to do what couples do..." she trailed off, somewhat seductively. Dustfinger leaned down, his face so close that it took her breath away.

And then he smiled.

"I'm listening."

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