Heart's Rhythm

Chapter 1: Junked

"HA HA HA, get your rusted ass out of here you piece of garbage!" a Blast Asmodian said as he threw a couple of bombs at a defenseless, young Synchron.

Tuner monsters have recently appeared into the Dominion as of a few human years ago after the "Great Reversal" that only a handful of creatures could remembered what happened. They are considered by most monsters as being weak, therefore are usually bullied and neglected by most of the Dominion's society.

Synchro Monsters are however believed to be just a myth, as there are only a few reports of such.

Despite the torment Tuners face, they are a common fact of life now in the whole dominion. There are a couple of groups that have dedicated their cause to bring peace and equality between the Tuners and the rest of the Dominion's inhabitants. The Elemental Heroes have become such a group.

One of those creatures that witnessed the Great Reversal first hand and still can remember it, a Magician's Valkyria named Valarie making a record about the incident in the Royal Magical Library, which served as the whole Dominion's archives. Ever Since Mana, a Dark Magician Girl went on a Journey to find the others who remembers the Reversal as well, She has been trying to keep tabs on the condition of the human world. On top of that, She was appointed to keep a look over Mana's students, who're called by most monsters as the Elemental Charmers. Since the reversal there was a new member to their group, Dharc, who seemed to have a talent of taming Dark attribute monsters, who're considered to be one of the most feral of monsters outside of Spellcaster Types of that attribute.

" Valarie, I was wondering, how do you cast a Spiritual Art Spell?" Dharc asked. Dharc was the youngest of the Charmers, as how the other four were adults now. Aussa and the other three charmers have been seeking out the Synchro Monsters to confirm their existence.

"Dharc, It's a last resort spell, as it requires a sacrifice of a comrade to activate, sometimes yourself…" Valarie explained, remembering when Aussa sacrificed her life to save Akari's, who was a Harpie Lady that could remember the events prior to the Reversal as well.

"Okay…" Dharc said happily. Valarie sighed. "Please come back Mana…" she pleaded, wishing that her relative would hear her.

Junk Synchron sniffed as he staggered to his feet. The explosions that the Blast Asmodian caused damaged his scarf, his most prized possession. He was a lone Tuner monster that lived in a town full of rowdy outlaw monsters and racial citizens who despised Tuner monsters. Because of that fact, he was always being mugged and abused by everyone, even his neighbors for his whole life. The young Synchron wandered into his home, collapsed to the ground and began to cry. "W-why does this always happen to me! Why am I a Tuner Monster?! WHY!!??" He shouted before he cried himself to sleep.

- - -- - ------ - -

A tavern filled with Dark Monsters became silent as a lady with crimson hair entered. "Have anyone seen this bastard?" she asked showing a wanted poster of Axora, the Invader of Darkness . "No I haven't, but how about you and me go to my room and have some fun?" an Witty Phantom asked, staring at her rack. This gave him a blade against his neck as he was shoved to the wall.

"You asking for some 'fun', you bastard, well if we do, you'll become a practice target for my sword here, well, still interested?" the bounty Hunter asked.

"No ma'am." the Phantom said, gulping. She threw the fiend across the bar with little difficulty and sighed.

" For the record, I'm known as the Warrior of Revenge. So you bastards don't dare make a move that that bitch did or else you'll regret it." Rose shouted. The others nodded and remained silent. "anyway, are

there any Tuner monsters in this town that can help me out?"

"Unless you want that runt Junk Synchron, there's no one else of that rotten kind around here." the bartender, a Hi-totsume Giant, said. Rose went to the bartender and punched him in the jaw. "I hate it when bastards like you put my kind down." She said before leaving. "A tuner eh?" a Skull Knight said, smirking, "She's pretty powerful for one, let alone a female."

"Any Luck Rose?" Akari asked Rose as she came out of the tavern. "racial bastards, whole lot of them. But we got no lead on Axora but there's just a single tuner in this town. That poor thing, sounds like he's pretty young." Rose said, with a saddened look. Akari was holding a little Quilbolt Hedgehog. The little monster wasn't a tuner but was able to find them with his nose. "Kiibiii!" he said as he leaped onto Rose's head, trying to cheer her up. The two girls laughed and Rose hugged him, whom blushed and snuggled against her breasts. "Little guy's more perverted than Bubbleman but he's cuter and more useful than him…" Akari said, thinking about the idiotic Elemental Hero friend of hers. " Okay Bolt, find the tuner." Rose said scratching the hedgehog's chin. "Kii." Quillbolt declared as he jumped down and started running towards Junk Synchron's home.


"WHAT!? YOU MEAN THAT IT IS HAPPENING ALL OVER AGAIN!?" Doriado said in shock at what she heard from a Fully grown Horus.

"Correct, and it's too dangerous to bring Jaden and all the others back together, but there's another way…" Horus explained as he pointed a finger to a stone statue, ",ask the Servents of the Crimson Dragon and their partners to assist us." Doriado nodded and turned to Horus. " but what about bringing just Jaden and his female companion, Alexis?" she asked.

"That maybe possible." Horus said nodding. "but we have to find the Signers first."

------ - - -- - - - -- -

Junk Synchron woke up and looked at a tattered poster on the wall. It had a picture of the Warriors, a famous group of monsters who're well respected for their fairness and respect when they duel. They were actually peaceful despite the name. The Synchron had dreams of meeting one of their most famous members, Speed Warrior, who's considered to be the leader of the group, as well as being the showoff of the group, once more. Speed Warrior was the one who gave Junk Synchron his prized scarf years ago, as well as a message that said;

"Never let others harm you for their gain. You have to be strong in your heart to become strong. And NEVER forget this part. Everyone and Everything has a purpose."

"Everyone exists for a reason." the Synchron said , squeezing the scarf in his hand. " I want to be stronger and prove to everyone I'm not useless, like you said. But how?!" Junk heard a knock on the door and sighed before going to open it with dread.

"How may I be of use too… you…?" he said before a hand grabbed him by the scarf and threw him across the hallway and through the wall to the backyard.


Rose gasped when she arrived at the Synchron's home, or what was left of it. Laying in the front yard was a badly injured Junk Synchron who was motionless.

"Dear God…" Akari said in horror. Quillbolt was nudging the silent Tuner's shoulder, trying to get a response. "KIKIKI!" he cried.

"We were too late, Akari…" Rose said. "Some bastard had gone too far this time and left the poor thing left for dead."

Akari gently picked up the Synchron and looked at his clenched fist. "Rose, look, this kidis holding onto this scarf like there's no tomorrow… and it looks like yours…" Akari said.

Rose gasped. "This is gotta be that little guy Shield Warrior told me about, the one tuner who had the potential of being a leader of the Warriors." Rose stated. "We need to get him out of here. Fast!"


Junk Synchron woke up his head throbbing. He vaguely remembered what happened, the hand throwing him, his home set on fire and destroyed. He groaned before something jumped and latched onto his face. "GYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!! GET IT OFF!!!" he screamed as he flailed, trying to get what was on his face off. He then heard laughter.

"Ahh, he likes you already" Rose said, joking a little.

Junk stopped and then saw Quillbolt's face looking at him. "Uhhh, hi there little guy." Junk said.

"Kii!" Quillbolt replied as he jumped off of the tuner's face, revealing Rose and Akari. Junk couldn't make a single understandable word as he saw the two beautiful girls smiling at him. Steam came out of the engine in his back and he fainted.

"Whoops, guess the kid hasn't seen girls before." Rose said smiling. Akari giggled and gently slapped the Synchron's face. "Wake up sweetie." Akari said. Junk groaned and opened his eyes. "I'm Akari, what's your name sweetie?"

"J-Junk Synchron" The young tuner muttered.

Rose smirked. "So, we finally meet, pipsqueak." Junk felt sad as he heard the word pipsqueak. "Oh sorry, forgot that everyone was mean to you. Akari shall we?" Rose asked. Akari grinned and both of them each kissed Junk Synchron on a cheek. More steam erupted from Junk's engine. " Feel better sweetie?" Akari asked.

"Yeah…" Junk said in an happier tone.

"Guess the rumors were true, a piece of crap with quite the stamina…" a voice said. Junk Synchron froze and started to tremble in terror. "Quite the shame that it's wasted on a pathetic Tuner."

As Rose and Akari glanced around to find the source of the voice. "I'm behind you two ladies.

Then the same Skull Knight from the tavern appeared. "Nice to see you again Rose." he said.

"Surprised that you'd care for such a weakling." Rose snarled at the Spellcaster. Junk was looking traumatized. Quillbolt hissed and rattled his bolts.

"Does a rodent think it can beat me?" the Skull Knight declared before laughing. "Learn your place." a lightning bolt came from the spell caster as he drew his sword. a "KWWWWEEEEEEEE!" was heard before Quillbolt was blasted by the bolt, killing him instantly. "BOLT!" Akari and Rose screamed in unison as the scorched body collapsed. Junk saw this and he snapped . "HE'S GONNA KILL US ALL!!! AND I NEVER MADE A FRIEND!!" the Synchron trembled and the Skull Knight laughed hysterically.

"no, I'm just going to take these girls here and have some fun with them." he said, licking his lips a bit. Rose and Akari trembled a little before a figure leaped from behind them and kicked the unsuspected Spellcaster in the face, sending him flying a few meters to the right.

"well well, seems like I've got more company than expected," the skull knight said as he got up to his feet, looking at Speed Warrior. "Always the Chivalrous Leader, huh?" he said sarcastically. Speed Warrior just shrugged, not saying a word. "Forgotten that you don't speak." Then he was startled as he saw two humans. "HOW!! THERE HASN'T BEEN ANY HUMANS IN THE DOMINION EVERSINCE THE PHAROH CAME!" he screeched.

"Man, he's a loud mouth…" Leo said, sighing. "And Scary…" Luna added.

"Okay, now I'm confused, how are there humans here?" Rose asked.

"I'll explain later." Luna said. "Right now, all I can say is that the dominion needs my help."

"I understand" Akari said, nodding.

Junk Synchron was still trembling in shock. When he felt someone pick him up, he shut his eyes closed and flailed. "AAAHHHH!!!! DON'T HURT ME!" he squealed, before he got slapped in the face. As Junk opened his eyes, he saw the familiar masked face of Speed Warrior. The sight of his idol come to his senses. "W-what are you doing here?" he asked. Speed Warrior didn't answer but got hit in the chest by a tackle from Skull Knight. "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME YOU SILENT BASTARD!!!!" he shouted.

Junk Synchron fell to the ground, the fear coming back to him. "Y-You're the one who destroyed my home!!!" he stated .,"Why are you doing this to me?!"

"Why?" Skull Knight said, mocking the Synchron, "Because I can, and because you're a tuner."

Junk Synchron clenched his fists. "Because you think tuners are weak gives you the right to do whatever you want to do to others?!" Rose shouted. The Skull Knight laughed like a maniac. " Yes, The pleading, the way they squirm, and the fear!! The Fear that tuners exhibit is what makes me feel so alive!! I want your kind to squirm and scream as I torment you all!!!" Junk Synchron rose to his feet, gathering his courage. "You destroyed my home…" he muttered. "Now, you've made me realize something."

"What was that you little runt?" Skull Knight asked, mocking again, but was kicked in the face by the now pissed Synchron for his answer. "HOW DARE YOU YOU PIECE OF SCRAP IRON!"

"I've had it being picked on!" Junk Synchron stated, standing in front of his opponent. "All my life, I was treated as just garbage, never been taken seriously in Duels, and now I AM STANDING MY GROUND!!" Speed Warrior nodded in acknowledgment. Junk Synchron's left hand glowed. "I SWEAR FOR ALL OF MY KIND, I WILL DEFEAT YOU!" Speed Warrior placed a hand on Junk's shoulder and nodded again. "I will now prove to you the power of the Tuner Monsters!" Junk declared before he pulled his ignition cord and turned into three Synchro rings that enveloped Speed Warrior in them. "SYNCHRO SUMMON!! JUNK WARRIOR!" Junk Synchron's Voice said before Junk Warrior appeared.

"WAIT, how can he be able to synchro summon?! That kind of summoning is only an urban legend!" the Skull Knight said in shock. "PLUS HE'S GARBAGE!"

"No one and nothing is garbage. Everyone and everything has a reason to exist for something worthwhile!" Junk Warrior said as he punched the Skull Knight. "I despise doing this, but it's the only way to make the message clear to your boney head, you bastard... SCRAP FIST!!!" Skull Knight coughed up some blood before going airborne, his armor falling off him in shards from where the punch was connected at.

"Wow...." Leo and Luna said in admiring unison. Junk Warrior sighed before red Synchro rings appeared and turning him back into Junk Synchron and Speed Warrior. Speed Warrior gave a thumb's up before activating his skates and rolled off, doing back flips midair to show off his athleticism to Akari and Rose.

"Silent, but always a big Show off..." Junk said, joking a bit.

Akari laughed at Junk's remark and hugged him, his face in her breasts. "Thanks for saving me and Rose." she said. Junk made a "blubber" sound before steam escaped from his engine on his back.

"I can see why Speed Warrior saw potential in that little guy." Rose said smiling. "Able to face his fears, no matter what has happened."

Akari nodded as she released the Synchron. "We have to go to the others." she said before whistling. The supposed to be dead Quillbolt rose and shook off the soot he was covered in. "Good acting you little furball." Rose said.

"KIEE!" Quilbolt said as he leaped to Rose's shoulder. Rose smirked and scratched the rodent under the chin.

------------------------------ - - -- ------------------------- - - ----------------------

--------------------- - -- ----------------- - - --

There you go, the first chapter of Fate's Beat, Heart's Rhythm: a Hero's Fate Spinoff . I promise the duels and Yusei will come soon, so just hang on. For those who've been with the Hero's Fate Series from the VERY BEGINNING and are still with me this far, thank you so much.

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