Departure and Change

Akiza waved good bye to Sora as she and Yusei left the café the following morning after the discussion. As she walked off, Yusei placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Come on." He said softly.

"Alright" Akiza said as they got onto Yusei's Duel Runner.

Akiza was a little uneasy with the fact that the runner appeared that it was still for one person untill Yusei revealed that the runner was modified now with a second seat, which was hidden. Akiza sat behind Yusei and wrapped her arms around his waist, and smiled as she placed her helmet on.

" Surprised that you made this able to properly seat two now." Akiza said, giggling a little.

"Junk… I mean Ivan, came up with the idea for it to do that." Yusei admitted.

"Alright, ready to go when you are." Akiza said.

Yusei nodded and started his runner before driving off to Ivan's workshop.

-------------- ---------------------------

Akiza was surprised to see Rose and Ivan with clothing as she got off the runner.

"What are those for?" Akiza asked.

"For you guys, since as I thought about something from the talk we had last night… Mainly about how I used to appear…" Ivan said. "You guys would cause quite the commotion as well, as dead people coming out of nowhere, alive and all."

"I see the point, those are for disguises. Correct?" Yusei asked, taking off his helmet.

Akiza took off hers as well after Yusei got off the runner.

"I also brought hair coloring." Rose said.

"I see. " Akiza said.

"Shall we get started then?" Ivan asked.

---------------------- ---------------------

"I hate how this looks…" Akiza said, cringing at how she appeared in a mirror. She was wearing a tank top that was somewhat tight on her figure on top of a denim miniskirt. Her hair was in two ponytails.

"I think it suits you." Rose said, smiling. "Yusei, what about you?"

Yusei blushed slightly. "I think it really works with you Akiza…" he said, looking to the side.

Akiza blushed when she heard Yusei's remark and smiled.

"At least let me get rid of these ponytails…" Akiza said.

"Okay." Rose said.

Akiza adjusted the hairstyle back to the original look she had.

Yusei smiled and went off to change his outfit now.

"You know Rose, I am starting to like this outfit." She said.

"Really? Thought that the ponytails would've had less people staring at you." Rose said.

"Rose, by the way, who's going to take care of the orphans since you and Ivan are coming along?" Akiza asked.

"Mana, Wynn, Aussa, Eria, and Burstinatrix have volunteered for looking after them for a while." Rose said, smiling

"What about Hiita?" Akiza asked.

"She had other business to do. Despite it being peaceful, the Dominion still has many issues." Rose said.

"I get you." Akiza said.

"Do I really HAVE to wear this outfit, it will be out of place…" Yusei said from a distance, as he walked out, wearing a grey business suit.

Akiza looked at Yusei and grinned.

"You look great in a suit." she commented, smiling as well.

"Doesn't seem to fit me though, you know I work with my hands more…" Yusei said.

"Okay, you win, you can wear something else." Ivan said from a distance.

"I'll go back in my regular clothing…" Yusei said as he went back to change. Akiza sighed and secretly wished that Yusei would've stayed in that outfit.

"Ivan, remember, NO gizmos of any kind, except for that thing to bring us back!" Rose stated.

Yusei reappeared in is usual outfit, but had the suit in a bag. "Figured I'll need to change into something should I be recognized by people. " he said, sighing as Ivan reappeared, wearing the same outfit he wore the night before.

"Shall we go to my workshop?" Ivan asked.

The other three nodded and walked off to the building that was in the back of the orphanage.

Ivan went in first as he flipped a switch, turning on the lights. The workshop was surprisingly clean, despite the constant explosions that happened when Ivan was modifying his duel runner. Against the back wall of the work shop was a ring which had steps leading up to the center of it.

"I am pleased to present, the D.D. M. based on the plans given to me by Burstinatrix. And yes, I assure you, it's safe, works, and won't explode." Ivan said. "I even got a hand held version, one for each of us."

"Ivan, I don't know what to say to you…" Yusei said, awestruck at the D.D.M..

"Oh, Yusei, get your Runner in here if you could, don't want to leave that behind right?" Ivan suggested.

Yusei nodded and walked off to get his runner.

"So, anyone else coming along?" Akiza asked.

"Leo and Luna aren't going to come along with us, but they'll join us once Luna has enough courage to return. But that will be a while from now…" Ivan said.

"Ivan, I was wondering, what made you decide to become a mad scientist?" Akiza asked.

Rose giggled a little at what she heard.

"I'm not mad, just smart." Ivan said, sighing. " I was a small time runner builder before I met you guys. But since I learned that Yusei built his runner from scratch, and compared to mine, his is like it was the best in the world. It ran so smooth and drove so fluidly, which made mine look like a clunker. Since then, I wanted to build a runner like his, but by my own two hands."

"Then explain that rocket engine I saw you trying to install…" Rose said, staring at Ivan with disbelief.

"Wanted to go faster than Yusei's, possibly make it go airborne as well." Ivan said.

Rose just stared at her boyfriend with shock. "You are a complete idiot…" she said flatly.

"not the first time I was called that." Ivan said as Yusei drove his runner into view.

"So, should we be going?" Rose said, getting ready.

"So, you bringing your runners?" Akiza asked the couple.

"Already there." Rose said.

"you are a step ahead of us…" Yusei said after he killed the engine.

"Let's get going then." Akiza said. Rose nodded and looked at Ivan.


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