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Warnings: Violence, language, and possible death (only OC's though) Fic will contain OC's, but they won't be the main characters.

In 80 Days

Chapter 1: Diaspora

"Hello?" Chiro yelled in the empty control room of the robot. "You guys? Are you there!"

Chiro moved through the robot, checking first Antauri's, then Otto's, then Sprx's, then Nova's, and finally Gibsons' room, searching for his team members.

"Antauri? Sprx? Nova? Gibson? Otto? Anyone?"

It was no use; after searching the robot from top to bottom, he couldn't find the monkey team anywhere after the fight.

To be honest, he had been expecting that this would happen.

About three hours ago, he and the monkey team had yet another encounter with Valina and Mandarin's clone on a small planetoid. The fight had been turning in their favor when Valina started to perform an incantation. As she was about to finish however, Chiro landed a hit on her.

It was then that the trouble for the team really started.

"Ah!" Valina scream-hissed in her unique manner as she was thrown back by Chiro's strike, away from the orb she had been painstaking over as Mandarin and a small group of formless distracted the team.

"Give up Valina!" Chiro exclaimed as he stood over her

"No you idiot! I wasn't finished!" she exclaimed as she pointed to the dark sphere she had been forming. Chiro glanced back and saw what she was talking about; the sphere was bulging and glowing.

"Chiro get away from that!" Gibson exclaimed as he noticed the situation. Unfortunately, it was too late, and the sphere went out of control and began to emit a bright light.

"Ah!" Chiro and the rest of the team shielded their eyes as the light enveloped them along with Valina and Mandarin.

When Chiro awoke, the monkey team, along with Mandarin, had vanished. Valina had not however, and had awoken at the same time as him.

"Ugg…" she groaned as she stood up, obviously still disoriented. Chiro made his way over to her, stumbling in his groggy state.

"What did you do?" he asked, still dizzy, but very angry at the disappearance of his team.

Valina glared at him and shouted "Me! This is your entire fault you stupid boy!"

"What do you mean mine!" Chiro yelled back, only restraining from hitting her because she was his only source of information.

"If you hadn't stopped me, the incantation would have worked fine! Now who knows what effects it had?" she glanced around and noticed the monkeys were gone and smirked "Although I can't say the result has me upset."

That comment was too much for Chiro and he socked her across the jaw "Shut it! Mandarin's gone too you know!"

His language and action shocked Valina who was used to the boy being a living saint, but she recovered after a second, cackling at the absurdity of it all. "You think I actually care about that stupid abomination! Mandarin only served as competition to pleasing my lord, I'm more than ecstatic he's gone."

Chiro was enraged at her. "Tell me what happened to them!" he shouted as he grabbed her by her robe.

"Get your hands off of me boy!" Valina swatted Chiro away. "I have no idea what happened to them, and I'll be pleased if I never find out. Goodbye Chiro." She grinned and used a spell to teleport away.

Chiro ran to the spot where the witch was less than a second ago in a futile attempt to stop her.

Spinning around a few times hoping to find anyone else on the rock, the teenager then fell to his knees.

"Ahhh!" Chiro yelled in frustration and anger, pounding his fist to the ground.

Chiro had had no luck finding the team and had retreated to his room.

"What should I do?" he thought out loud and sighed. He had no idea where the monkey team was or even if they were still alive- no, he wouldn't think that, there was still hope. There had to be some way he could find them.

Wait! He had established a special link with Antauri ever since he was placed inside that robotic body. Maybe if he meditated like Antauri had taught him, he could find them.

The lights had been shut off and Chiro sat in the middle of the room legs crossed.

Okay, gotta clear my mind of all other thoughts, and concentrate on finding the team. He took a deep breath and began to meditate.

Slowly, all other thoughts and sensations faded away as Chiro found himself in a dark void.

Gotta find the monkey team.

An image slowly came into view, it was a planet, at first it appeared to be entirely blue and white, but as it came into focus brownish green splotches were visible as well

Oceans and continents Although Shuggazoom had none, the numerous planets the team had visited had a wide range of terrains.

This is it, that's where the monkey team is!

He had been so worried, but now he knew they were at the very least alive. He opened his eyes "Now…" he sighed "How do I find that planet?"

Suddenly however, he seemed to know what direction the planet was in, as if some kind of magnet had been placed inside his mind.

"Wow!" he thought aloud "This is awesome. I better thank Antauri when I find him"

"Now just to get to the planet by piloting the robot all... by... myself…" Looking around at multiple controls, half of which he had no idea how to use, Chiro sighed in resignation. "This is going to take a while."