Ok guys, I know this will probably deeply upset…well all of you! but I'm pretty sure this is the last chapter! It was just getting really long and I didn't know how much more I could draw it out. That doesn't mean there might not be a sequel, but it just means this story is over. Oh, and just because this one might be over doesn't mean I don't have It Must Be Fate, the Bella and Jacob story written with Unexpected Answers. Trust me, that one is going to be good too! Please, please, please let me know what you think, about the whole story, this chapter, a sequel, just continuing… I'd really like to know. Thank you all so much for you amazing support of what was at first just a personal story, but has turned into this amazing thing.


A few days later Emmett and I went back to the main house, figuring we had the rest of eternity to spend in our bedroom, we might as well go see the family. They were waiting for us, no doubt Alice had let them know we were coming.

"Bella! Emmett!" Alice squealed. "Did you two lovebirds have fun on your honeymoon?" she asked.

Emmett and I looked at each other and grinned, "no," we both said.

"I hope you know that now that this whole wedding thing is over, we are so going major shopping Bella," Alice told me with a smile.

I sighed and nodded, "like I could stop you anyway."

She jumped up and down squealing and only stopped when Jasper hugged her from behind. "If you don't settle down they're never going to come back from their cozy little house Alice," he whispered, but since we all had acute hearing we all heard him.

She pouted a little but calmed down considerably.

We all went inside and sat down at the big dining room table that was only used for meetings. And then Emmett brought up a touchy subject, "so…have you…heard anything from Edward or Rosalie?" he asked.

They all looked at each other, "um, yes," Carlisle replied. "They called two days ago. Rose says congratulations again and she's sorry for missing the presents, and the dancing."

"And Edward? Did you actually talk to him?" Emmett pressed. I didn't know why he was being so persistent. Sure I wanted to know, but I hadn't expected Emmett to be so concerned about it.

"Yes, he…he wanted me to tell you how sorry he is, for everything he's done. I think he's actually coming around to the fact that he did something wrong, something that no one approved of. It seems he didn't think we would banish him, and losing us has cost him a lot and he doesn't like being away from us like this."

"And what did you tell him?" Emmett demanded, his voice slightly hard.

"Emmett…you have no idea how hard this has been for me or Esme. Edward was like our first born, he was our son. It's tearing us apart to have done this, to be apart from him like this. It's not like he's just off visiting in Alaska, we've banished him until we say he can come back." Carlisle's voice was so filled with anguish that my non-beating heart clenched.

And then I realized what I needed to do. It was my fault that Edward had done all these things, it was ultimately my fault that he had reacted like this, gotten banished, and hurt his family. "Carlisle, do you know where they are?" I asked softly. Every head turned to me. "I need to go talk to them," I explained.

"Why Bella?" Emmett asked.

"Emmett, just trust me. This is something I need to do," I replied. "Carlisle?" I asked.

"They're staying in a hotel in Port Angeles. They said they wanted to be relatively close, even if they weren't part of the family anymore…"

"What hotel?"

And soon after that I was on my way to Port Angeles. I had told Emmett I had to go alone, and after a lot of arguing and a few threats, he'd come around my way of thinking. So here I was, all alone, heading toward the vampire that had been trying to make my life hell for months.

Finally I got there, and Rose was waiting for me by the door. The second I got to her, she pulled me into a rib cracking hug, or what would have been a rib cracking hug for a human. "Bella, I'm so sorry," she said quietly.

I shook my head, "don't Rose, none of this is because of you. Can we go up to your room? I need to talk to Edward."

"Is that such a good idea Bella?" she asked cautiously.

"Good idea or not, I have to do this Rose, come on," I said. She shrugged and led the way inside and up to their room.

Edward was standing by the window, looking out, his hands clasped behind his back. It was like he could smell me or something, because he heaved a sigh but didn't turn around, "what are you doing here Bella?" he asked in a resigned voice.

"Edward, we…we need to talk," I replied, my voice wavering a bit.

"About what? There's nothing to talk about Bella. Just go back to your husband and family," he spat the words at me.

"I can't do that Edward. Though we had our differences, and it seems to me that you've tried to ruin my life more than once, your family loves you, and I can't be responsible for denying you their love, or them yours."

He finally turned around, confusion on his face. "What are you saying Bella?" he asked.

"I'm trying to figure out a compromise Edward. It's clear to me that denying you and the rest of the family contact will only hurt everyone more in the long run. I… Edward Mason Cullen, if you swear to me on your life, your existence, the existence of your family, that you will straighten up your act, you will stop messing with my life, you will start to act your age, if you swear, I will call Carlisle and tell him to unbanish you." when he opened his mouth to speak I cut in, "remember Edward, you're swearing on not only your existence, but the existence of Carlisle, and Alice, and Rose, and Jasper, and…Esme," I had purposely left her name for last, knowing it would have the most pull on him.

Edward stood straight in front of me and spoke in a voice so solemn I couldn't help thinking of an over voice for some insurance ad. "I Edward Mason Cullen do hereby swear on my existence, and the existence of all I love, that I will straighten up, I will stop messing with the life of Isabella Cullen and her husband Emmett, and will start to act my age. In front of these two witnesses I swear, and if I break my word it will be their duty to see that my punishment is carried out."

"Rose," I said, almost choking up, "can I use your cell?"

She handed it over in a flash, never taking her astonished eyes from Edward. He hadn't moved from his straight backed position.

"Hello? Carlisle? Yeah it's me Bella. I called to ask you to…well this is going to sound crazy, but I want you to tell Edward that he can come home," I said.

"What? What are you talking about Bella?" he asked.

"We've worked everything out, and I want him to come back," I replied simply.

"Let me talk to him." I handed the phone to Edward and watched as the expression his face changed from solemn to overjoyed. "Really Carlisle?" he asked. "Thank you so much!"

He hung up and came to me. he didn't touch me, just stood in front of me and watched my face. "Thank you Bella, thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me," he whispered.

I couldn't help but smile, "oh yes I do Edward. I might not be you're biggest fan but I know that the family will be a lot happier with you back home."

"And I'll be happier too. Come on Rose, let's pack up." Immediately they started packing.

"So will you guys be sticking around a lot?" I asked, trying to make conversation.

"Um, actually, we'd planned on going for a trip next week," Rose replied, pausing in her work.

"Oh? To where? How long?" I asked, curious.

"Just all over the world, and we'd planned on a couple years. And I think even now that Edward is part of the family again we need this time alone."

"I agree," Edward said. "We'll spend a few days with the family, but after that we're hitting the road."

"Oh…well…I think I should get going. Emmett is probably dying to rip my head off for this, but I had to come. I'm sure I'll see you in a little while." I said, moving toward the door.

"Bella," Edward said. I stopped and turned to him. I was a little surprised that he was standing right in front of me. and then he was hugging me, "I will never be able to thank you enough for what you've given back to me Bella."

"Well…how bout you forget about it and we can call it even?" I teased.

He smiled and nodded.

An hour later I was back at the Cullen house. I was barely out of the car before Emmett came up to me. I didn't even let him speak, or rant, or rile, like I knew he wanted to. I simply slid my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, clearly making him forget every grievance he'd worked up in his mind. And at that moment I knew that everything was going to be okay now. Edward was sorted, the Cullens were back together, Charlie was talking regularly with Regina from Denali, and Emmett and I were just about to set out on an eternal life together. I couldn't wait!

And as we walked inside the house to see the family I'd just recently gained, all I could think about was the face that one little change, one little reversal of the main man in my life had made me the happiest person, or vampire on earth. Everything I had was thanks to one little reversal.