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Blood Moon Rising ~ Chapter 1~ Jasper's Tormeant

My family is leaving, my wife left me for my brother, and they told me to go far away and train myself, perhaps when this all settles I could rejoin them.. Now there is a rub. Edward used my blood-lust to ease his way out from Bella, and just left her. I would have given anything for a girl like that. Even a mere human, so wise beyond her years. And my Alice, how could she ? She left me for that jerk ? I knew we were never true mates, but my coven brother, for crying out loud ? Well thats the way they want to play fine. I have more than enough money for twenty lifetimes in my personal account to live anywhere I choose, and I choose Forks. Not like they can stop me now, besides Alice let me know it would be perfectly fine if I lived wherever I chose. And I choose to have Bella, surely Alice saw this coming, what alternative do I have, she was Edwards singer, but now she is my destiny. His singer... And he didn't have the guts to make her perfect, aye no, that would have been to easy, he would have had to leave his lustily desire for Alice... To hard for a mere boy, I suppose. Well now I have decided, and fought my inner most torments, I will have my beautiful Bella, and we shall be great together for eternity. Great ? That doesn't even compare to what she will lead us too. We will be real, not some tofu living vegans, no the world shall know our wraths. Broken, yet mended, together we shall fly to new heights. But fist she will finish up her education, yes, then it will be time, perhaps she may even fall for a simple man like me.

Ah, the wolves have crossed the boarder, Edward must be finished tourmenting that sweet sweet angel, and well on his way to his new life with my ex. What sins could Bella have done to brought this down upon her ? Surely Edward didn't think I would leave her unchanged... No must have slipped his simple immature mind when he was to busy daydreaming of all the raunchy stuff he desired with my Alice. What a snake, if I could claw him to death right now I would, but I will not tarnish myself any further, for I want to be perfect for that angel Bella, she will be mine.

On my way back from my journey in the forest to let them go in peace, I spot Bella... I send her waves of calm and peace, but I do not want to blow my cover yet, no, much to soon, she would beg for me to bring her to that master liar. I see that wolf Sam, this will be an interesting talk.

"Sam, Mutt dog, over here!" I shout only loud enough for supernatural creatures to hear.

"Sorry I am across the boarder, but apparently one of your leech family members has been unseen with Bella and it is late... " Sam starts in a tone colder than ice.

"Not like I am worried dog, she is right over there, but there is something you should know, I will be staying here indefinitely, I don't want Bella to know just yet... Let's just say it is family drama. I will stick to the treaty, but as far as the boarder goes... Well I don't care if you all cross or not, I am not as anal as my former father." I said with venom, I couldn't believe I spoke so lowly of my former coven, but I was hurt, and mad.

"Wow, well okay, but please no hunting on our side, you can cross I guess leech, but you better not pick off our prey, a lot of the res families depend on those bucks for their meat. Got it?" Sam replied sounding more civilized.

"Got it, it won't be an issue. Also Sam, if you see any nomad vampires, please take care of them at all costs. Bella's safety is paramount." There I said it, already acting like her protector.

"Not a problem leech, your not as bad as the others. take care, we will get Bella home safely." Sam said in a calm tone.

"Good, Goodbye for now then, and take care of Bella for now, I need to head up north to hunt." I replied as I started home.

In a dash I was gone, headed for home to change into my hunting clothes. When I arrived the house was almost empty. My items of course remained, and a bed, a fridge full of people food, and o positive blood. Yes Carlisle cared, as a father would I suppose. A note was left on the counter.. This would be good, I thought we had parted ways having said quite enough.

Dearest Jasper,

I am sorry the way things have turned out, you will be great with Bella. I have foreseen.

Please take care of her, there is plenty more human blood from hospitals in the garage freezer, you may or may not need them when the time comes for her change.

I did love you once, as did Edward love Bella, but if we told either of you that in person, then this wouldn't have been possible.

I have found everlasting love in Edward, as he has found in me.

We all love you and within time, perhaps we shall meet up again, until the next time Be Safe.

Jasper never lose hope, but never change who you really are, it was not right of me to try and change you so drastically.

Trust me, Bella will still love the real you. You know what I am referring to all to well. Again, Be Safe.

Love, Alice.

Huh? How could Bella love the monster me, it was only two weeks ago I tried to practically eat her. No offense to Alice, but I think she was a lil off her rocker. After that I put the note into the fireplace and burned it, it was already etched into my eternal memory.

Finally time to hunt, as I made my way across the Canadian boarder, I felt a slight chill in the air and an aroma that hit me hard... Hunters were injured, and I had blood-lust. Not a good mix. As I approached them, I saw they were mortally injured. I couldn't resist as I gave into my inner desire. I finished them off. Not wanting my red in my eyes to come completely through, I drank several grizzles, before heading home. Of course I knew I was great at deceiving as well as the rest of them, but couldn't let their glorious blood go to waste, after all they were very near death anyways.

I stopped by Bellas home on the way back, and took watch on the poor suffering angel from afar. She was in a live coma, it was heartbreaking to watch. I would never let anyone hurt her like we had been hurt, again. I would protect her, and she would be mine.

I kept this steady watch for months, it literally seemed like she would never get past Edward, and I started to worry. But slowly she found out how to live again with Jake. She even developed a daredevil side which I was not veryfound of, but in my innermost feelings I hope she would keep it when the time to came to become like me, a mysterious creature of the night. She even learned of the Tribes innermost secrets, that they were werewolves. And she took it in stride. Jake was relentless at trying to win her over, and clearly it made now my Bella uncomfortable.


It was time to make my presance known, I had fully fallen for that angel called Bella, while being a lurking watcher in the woods. I was completely healed of the scars on my still heart left from my former family. It was time. I enrolled at the Port Angelus Community College, and bought furniture to make it look like we were all moving back. I even went grocery shopping, what a daunting challenge.

It was hard to figure out what people would actual think I ate, so I bought lots of beef, pork, and chicken. Potatoes, I got three five pound bags. And junk food galore. I also got strange looks that I bought lots of soda, every flavor they made. I wanted to look natural, but I think I went a tad bit overboard.

As I was heading out of the market, I ran into her, my Bella. If my heart could have melted it would have! Bella dashed over to me at once with fear, longing, lust, and hope rolling off of her. Her emotions were not what I was expecting, But I was happy, to say the least.

"Jasper, your uh, well your here and shopping?" Bella asked rather quizzically.

"Well yes.." I began looking around to mae sure no one was listening in on us. "Gotta stay healthy you know." I finished with a sly wink.

"Are the others coming back?" She murmured out. Then it hit me, this would pain me to tell her... I would have to be very much a gentleman I had been in my human days to win her over.

"Bella, why don't you come back to the house with me, I promise I wont try and eat you." There we go jasper nice, insert foot and mouth, I though as I thought of what I had just said.

"No worries, I know you won't um eat me." She replied rather meekly. Ah yes there was a little bit of fear rolling off of her now, good, she isn't as crazy as Edward had first thought.

"Let me just text Charlie and let him know your back and you invited me to dinner." Bella said, as she smiled a glorious smile.

"Sure thang, Ma'am." I said with a genuine smile.

As she phoned her dad it gave me peace of mind to know she wasn't keeping much from her father these days. Clearly we were on much better footing from the start than that snake Edward had been on with her. It put me somewhat at ease. As strange as it sounds, it made it alright, like it was meant to be.

"He says Hi, and to stay as long as I like." Bella answered me with a delightful glorious grin.

"Well why don't you follow me in your truck." I said with a grin from ear to ear.

"Sure, awesome." She replied as she dashed to her car, she shouted "Meet you there!"

The drive back to the house was a bit haunting, how would she take everything I had to tell her... I hoped it would go well. I even prayed it would. I did not want to blow this.

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