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Chapter 30: Changes~

Carlisles POV

I laid there on a hospital gurney, and somebody was screaming to call my wife Esme.... The voice was getting to sound like more of a whisper... And for the faintest moment, I thought this was impossible, I was a vampire ? No no, I remember my beautiful Bella gave me life back with Esme from my undead existence... And I remember my most cherished Esme was now finally going to have the family I had always wanted to give her. I would fight to live, but I prayed deep down that if I couldn't hang on someone perhaps even my loving Esme would contact one of my children of the night. And then slowly everything started to fade, until I heard his voice... "Jasper save me-" was all I could manage.

"Carlisle I have to act fast... Your heart is barely a flutter... Please.. Please father forgive me, and try not to fight it....Just think of Esme and your children to be." Jasper said with incredible speed.

Suddenly I felt a intense sting on my neck, then my wrists, and a fog enclosed me... This was not like my former change I barely remembered these days... No, it was majestic compared to that... Yet flames I could feel, couldn't quite touch me. I then felt as if I were being carried away someplace quickly as the wind brushed past my face... I took all of my energy to muster up a simple point of gratitude ... I whispered, " thank you, so much son." And I went back to the dream like fog to let the change back to immortality take place.

Whispered and estimations of how I would be when I awoke I barely paid any attention to... It was Esmes soft warm touch that kept me hanging on... The sound of her still beating heart kept me focused on my control, yet there was something more this time around... A bright red cord to her life sorce... It was new, and I couldn't place it. But still the fog hung, and I was it's captive... For one thing I was certain, after Esme gave birth to our child or children, I would have either Jasper or Bella bring her back to this life... We would never hurt innocents, especially our own children... But I would not walk the nights alone without my love.

Esme's POV~

My daughter Bella was telling me everything would be okay... Soothing me... But would everything be okay ? Here I was lost, lost in human emotions...Bella had given me the greatest gift of all... Human life again, and with my beloved Carlisle. But now that seemed so impossible... Moments before we were simply having a meal... I learned of Bella's pregnancy shortly after learning of my own... I had made her green eggs and ham, partly as a joke, but partly because I wanted to see if I could get it right for when my own homemade children where here.

It was when I felt bella carry me to the bedroom, I started to silently pray that Carlisle could somehow hold onto his humanity until Jasper my son I have always secretly been most proud of, was there... I hoped my prayers would be answered.

"Esme, Mom... It is Jasper, he turned Carlisle to save him... They already had him in the morgue... We are bringing him back here , but I think.... I don't know... Maybe you should sleep in the guest room.. Not like I need sleep, and really... It is best if you keep your distance at first... You know how newborns are." Bella whispered to me in such a kind tone.

"Bella.." I began as she carried me to the guest bedroom... "Bella, I want to become a vampire and rejoin Carlisle as soon as the babies are born... Of course yours will come first... But please Bella, promise me." I replied in a whispering mother tone.

"Of course Esme... I promise." Bella whispered back as she covered me, and I drifted to sleep.

Bella's POV~

So my vision was a bit uncanny and out of sorts, I thought to myself... Had to be because we were different beings.. But regardless I was very happy we could save Carlisle... I couldn't believe Esme wanted to be reborn into immortality.. but I would honor her request, seems she was suited for it, just as myself.

Suddenly I heard Jasper approaching the upstairs master bedroom like a silver bullet. "His change is going very quickly.." Jasper began in a almost happy tone but there was a underlying mournful wisp in there as well.

"Probably, because he has done this before ? I am not really sure." Jasper said quickly and then added... " I think it will be best if we get them back to our castle as soon as possible... Even before he can awake, so I am going to go total Esme's car and set it a blaze... Make it look like she was driving very fast to the hospital." He finished with a true mournful tone.

"Alright, I will call Alice who is probably working on it already, but just so she can get Carlisle a study ready, and Esme a nice bedchamber ready, and I will tell her Esme has to have full consent on anything for their babies to be." I added before reaching for my cell phone.

With that my Jasper, pecked me softly on the cheek and set out to make a planned chaos and fake Esme's death.

Suddenly my cell phone rang, and it was Edward.. "Bella, Alice is on top of everything... How is Esme holding up?" He asked sincerely.

"She is fine Edward, in shock and wore out, but she will be fine.... Especially after the babies come." I answered honestly.

"You promised her immortality?" Edward asked in a somewhat whiny tone.

"Yes I did Edward... Though I know we were not meant to be, but do you realize how worthless it made me feel you were unwilling to do what Jasper did for me ? I will not tolerate that, especially not for Esme... She deserves whatever she chooses, and she choose to be with Carlisle they are true mates... I will give her what she wants." I answered sincerely and in a somewhat stern tone.

"I understand that Bella... Truly I do... But fate had other things planed for you... And I am truly happy for you and Jasper, but don't you think Carlisle should have had a slight say in the decision." Edward asked carefully.

"Edward, I think he will be quite fine with the idea, as long as we can get his babies here safely." I answered honestly, already reading Carlisles mind let me know he would want Esme forever.

"I understand then. Well see you when you guy's get back." Edward finished politely.

"Goodbye Edward, we will be back soon, until then, be safe." I finished as I flipped my cell shut.

Then I started packing all of Esme's clothes, and doing the same for Carlisle into a duffel bag. We were going to have to leave soon.

Jasper's POV ~

As I set out to make a mess out of Esme's car, Layne materialized before me.

"Greetings Man" He began with a smile. "Just to let you know, Carlisle and Esme... Yeah ya did the right thing. Seems they were suited for immortality.. " He finished with a light chuckle.

"Anyways, your kids are going to be quite close... So take care them special humans Esme's got baking in the oven... Clairvoyant, and a medium... What perfect matches for your little vamps... Being an em path and a telepathy." He finished with even more chuckles... And then it dawned on me.

"You mean our kids will... NO.... NO ... NO nononono..." they are way to young to know who they will be with." I said in a new found father tone.

"Dude chill axe, there going to have a great immortality's together. They are meant for each other....They have already imprinted on each other... Much like that of shape shifters and children of the moon... Weird shit I know.. But trust me they won't even realize how close they are till they are all old enough to date... You know in their teens, then they will become inseparable. Like most teens do, but there Love will be true." Layne finished with an honest and heartfelt smile.

"I didn't need to know that Layne..." I said somewhat flustered now knowing who my own children would want to spend eternity with.

"Yeah ya did, cause your an em path among all that other crazy shit you can do now... But Em path first, and it would be driving you crazy seeing those pink cords connected from Esme's growing stomach to Bella's and not being able to figure out what it meant.... And as the kids got older and the pink started to darken to red, you'd want answers." Layne finished honestly.

"Great." Was all I could respond with.

"Hey man, don't beat the messenger... Besides your vamps will have more control than any other of your kind... And that is good cause Carlisle's and Esme's will be talking to dead people and ghosts and poping in and out of others minds.. They will need your kids for friendship, think of it as a match made in heaven." Layne finished with a sincere smile, and gave me a hard pat on the shoulder and vanished as quickly as he appeared.

With that I drove Esme;s car right into a stone wall, and set a match and let the thing burn. I darted home at a record pace, and new we would be leaving to our true home in minutes... But I found time in the frenzy of rushing to passionately kiss my Bella, who was seeing the little cords of attachment from her belly straight to Esme's, for the first time... This was going to be a long story to explain to her.

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