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Doctor Who

Time Trip

An Eighth Doctor/Rose Story

By Eugena

Rated: M

Sometimes the past knows exactly what its future needs. EightRose. Jealous!Nine. Contains references to adult situations and language.

Chapter 1—A Bolder Incarnation

He felt bolder in this incarnation than he had in several others. In some ways, he was the Time Lord Casanova—well, not in the same way, but by Time Lord standards. He enjoyed kissing women. His hearts often wished for one of his own race, but Time Ladies did not dance as willingly as humans.

Perhaps the beer finally got to his head. Perhaps he was just feeling bold.

He held his hand out to the young blonde sitting near him. Without a word he swept her onto the dance floor. He held her closely, and he began to count the years of her life in every one of her heart beats.

Time pulled him to her. She had a connection to time he could not think possible or even understand.

He had no time to dwell on his thoughts as her lips came crashing down upon his. His arms wrapped around her waist.

He wouldn't remember until the next morning that he checked into a hotel room.