"So, new school year, that means more girls, Sasori," Kisame snickered, eyeing his red headed friend. Sasori smirked.

"And boys, Kisame," Sasori corrected. "I like boys and girls."

"Heh, yeah, but you've never fucking thought any of them were fucking hot, all you want was a good fuck," Hidan said, sitting lazily in his chair.

"Well, I just have to find that one special person that I know I'll love forever," Sasori said, taking a sip of his wine.

All heads turned towards him, everyone at the table looking at him like he was crazy. Sasori laughed, his wine still in his hand.

"Oh, c'mon guys, you know me better than that, that's not how I roll, I was kidding, jeez," Sasori said, chuckling, draining the rest of his wine, only to fill it back up again.

They all laughed, finally understanding. Sasori rolled his eyes. "Idiots," he said.

"Are not, you're the one whose failing every single class, well, except art, of course," Itachi said.

"Ch, whatever," the red head growled.

"I hope I can get a lady this year, but all of the girls in our school are complete sluts and whores, none of them are what I want," an orange haired boy said, sighing exhaustedly.

"What do you want? Some hardcore, punk rock bitch or something?" Kakuzu laughed. Pein nodded.

"Exactly," he said, fixing one of his piercing.

"Hmm, well, this year, I want a hot bombshell," Sasori said, licking his lips.

"There aren't any hot girls or boys anywhere anymore! Good luck," Kisame stated, shaking his head.

"Dammit," Sasori cursed.

"Wow, un," the blonde said, looking around the apartment that he and his best friend now lived in.

Konan sighed, setting a box down. "I know, Dei, it's not much at all, but it's the best I could fin-," she started but was cut abruptly off by the one she was talking to.

"No, no, no, un! It's wonderful! I was just amazed, it's so big, un," Deidara said, setting three little boxes down. Konan raised a brow.


"Yes, un. Big."

"It's REALLY small, Dei."

"No, un, it's big.

"Uh, Dei, it's not-,"

"It's big, un."

"Whatever you say."

"Yeah, un, it's big."

~*~First Day of school~*~

"I wonder how many fucking bitches and basterds you're gonna fuck this year, Sasori," Hidan said, parking his motorcycle next to Sasori's.

"All of the new kids, and maybe some of the old ones, I wrote down the names of all the ones who were the best to fuck," the red head said, walking towards the school, with his gang behind him.

All the students cleared the way as they passed, most of the girls giggling. Sasori sent them a sexy look, as he them melt and giggle. 'Ch, the girls here are just TOO easy,' he thought, walking into the school, a grin on his face.

"WOW, UN!" Deidara said, eyes filled with amazement. Konan rolled her eyes.

"So, let me guess, this place must be small to you, since this place actually IS big," Konan said. "Unlike our apartment," she mumbled.

"No, un! It's huge! It's wonderful! C'mon, Konan, un! I wanna see the inside!" the sculptor said, grabbing Konan's hand and dragging her along.