"When was Gandhi assassinated again?" Chris asked, chewing on the tip of his pencil and glaring down at his paper.

"1948, un," Deidara responded immediately, finishing his last question. "You're only on the sixth question?"

"Shut it," Chris mumbled, throwing his eraser at the laughing blonde. Chris' eyes found their way towards Sasori's gang, who were all staring or glaring at the two of them.

'What are they?' Chris thought to himself, 'Bodyguards?' Then Chris smirked at them, getting Sasori's eyes to narrow even farther down.

"Hey Dei?" Chris asked, his voice dripping in soured sweetness, "What's this mean?" Chris pointed to his paper, his eyes flickering over at the gang. Reacting the perfect way that Chris wanted, Deidara stopped what he was doing said a simple (and adorable), "Un?"

"What's this mean? C'mere," Chris said, signaling Dei over with his pointer finger, a sly smirk still plastered on his face. Deidara crawled the small distance between them and looked down at Chris' paper upside down.

"Which one, un?" Deidara asked innocently, his eyes searching for whatever problem Chris was having trouble with.

Chris just kept staring at the blonde, though, his eyes looking down Dei's baggy shirt and at his smooth, creamy-white chest. He gave the gang a in-your-face kind of wink and looked back at Deidara just in time for him to look up at the brunette, confusion obvious on his face.

"Is something wrong, un?" Deidara asked.

"No, not at all," Chris responded simply.

"Do . . . you still need help, un?" Dei asked, laughing a little, confused.

"Nope," Chris stated bluntly, his smirk broadening. Deidara stared at him for a bit, then his face became fiery hot and blushed as red as a tomato, almost leaping back to his original spot.

"Sorry, un," Dei mumbled, scribbling down the last words of the final question's answer, burying his face behind his hair like a curtain. Chris only chuckled, grinning over at the gang as Sasori almost snapped his pencil in half.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

"Who does that ass hole think he is?" Sasori cursed in aggravation, slamming his locker far harder than necessary. Itachi blinked and raised his eyebrows.

"Who? Chris?" Itachi wondered.

"Who else?" Sasori grumbled through gritted teeth.

"Why don't you just end it by asking Deidara out?" Itachi said, patting the redhead on the back.

"It's not that simple," Sasori murmured.

"Sure it is! Kisame just straight up asked me – in bed! I mean seriously, Sasori, it's not like he hates you, I think he even likes you back," Itachi lectured.

"But I don't just 'like' him, Itachi, I fucking love Deidara more than anything," Sasori said just as he turned the corner, bonking straight into a certain blonde whose face was burning as red as the other boy's hair.

"Sorrrrryy, uuuun," Deidara mumbled, trying to slip past them but Sasori, out of natural instinct, caught him back the back of his turquoise shirt, yanking him back with a little "eep!".

"Excuse meeee, where do you think you're going?" Sasori asked slyly, his mouth curving into a smirk as the blonde stuttered and gaped at him all while fighting off the blush still burning on his face.

"Did you happen to hear us?" Itachi said, smirking as well.

"W-Well, I just-!"

"It's not very nice to eavesdrop, Dei-dei-chan," Sasori cooed.

"I-I wasn't, I mean-!"

"Listening to what we were saying?" Itachi asked.

"N-No, I didn't-!"

"Cus that's called eavesdropping," Itachi said.

"But I- You don't understa-!"

"No, I do believe we understand, Dei-dei-chan," Sasori said teasingly.


"We understand that you're a little eavesdropper," Itachi stated.

"I'm not-!"

"Exactly, Itachi! And do you know what we do to eavesdroppers, Dei-dei-chan?"

"I wasn't-!"

"Incorrect. We punish them, don't we, Itachi?"

"Oh yes, Sasori. Very much so."

"Wh-What, un? B-But-!"

"So you must meet me at the Kona Ha Park tomorrow after school," Sasori said, smiling evilly.


"That is final! Farewell, sexy-one," Sasori finished, sweeping away with Itachi, who was trying to fight back his laughter, leaving an ultra-confused and extremely red Deidara behind them.

"Aww, did you see his face?" Itachi laughed, gasping for air.

"Ch, how do you not look at that gorgeous face?" Sasori grinned.

"By the way, how is going to the park a punishment?" Itachi said, finishing up his remaining giggles.

"It's not," Sasori said. "Doing anything with me is an amazingly, super-important treat but I'm feeling nice today, so I gave a present to him."

'And maybe another one, too,' Sasori thought, starting to plan everything out in his head to best way he could.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Hidan lied on his back in his bed in his shared room with Pein (that works well), staring absentmindedly at his study guide.

'Why is Ghandi so fucking important again?' Hidan thought in his head.

"Stupid Hindu!" Hidan yelled, throwing his History book at his wall.

"Hidan! Study it jashindammit! And stop whining!" Itachi's muffled voice rang through the walls.

"Make me, bitch!" Hidan yelled back. He heard an irritated sigh and a small comment that sounded like, 'Why does he always call me a bitch like I'm a girl?' resulting in laughing from Kisame, Kakuzu, and Sasori. Pein, who was on a dinner date with Konan, was not in their small apartment at the moment. Now, why was Hidan not in the living room with everyone else? Because they had all locked him in here (specifically Itachi) so he would definitely study. Or no food.

"Jashin dammit! I'm hungry!" Hidan yelled.

"Then study, idiot!" Sasori called back, laughing.

"Like you are!" Hidan yelled back.

'Why am only I locked in my room? Jashin dammit,' Hidan thought, flopping down on his bed and staring up at the ceiling.

His mind started roaming, going from his lunch to how he totally smashed that girl to the floor in dodge ball in gym today ("Heh heh, that was funny," Hidan mumbled) to how he failed his Language Arts project to Kakuzu –

A blush almost immediately covered Hidan's face, the picture of the other boy popping into his head. 'Oh Jashin,' Hidan thought as a bulge was quickly forming in his pants.

Hidan imagined actually being able to touch Kakuzu's tan skin, and not just smack in a friendly manner or shove jokingly, but actually touch the skin, tracing his fingers over the two long stitches-scars* on both his arms and caress the scar on the side of his face. Running his hands through that messy brunette hair that was always sloppily kept back in a little ponytail would be like a dream, and to be able to kiss those lips – 'oh Jashin, don't even get me started,' Hidan moaned in his head.

Massaging his little friend in his pants gently, trying desperately to calm himself down. His thumb moved smoothly over the head through his jeans, a low hiss easing out through his teeth, his eyes slipping close.

Groping and squeezing slowly, Hidan's head leaned back farther against the pillows. Did he hear something? Oh whatever, this was way to good to stop now. Moving his hand up and down his shaft, still only through his jeans, a long moan escaped his lips as he ran a hand through his hair, messing it all up. The Jashinist continued massaging himself for a few more minutes, moaning and gasping softly as he went on.

Wanting to carry on so much more, Hidan yanked up and groaned one final time before stopping, panting heavily. Masturbating wasn't very common for Hidan (seeing as he shared a room), but that didn't mean he didn't enjoy it and take advantage of the time when Pein wasn't there to pleasure himself (thank you very much).

~~~~~~~~~~~ uh oooh ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~

Kakuzu felt his stomach tug out and do a summersault, the feeling he always got when he thought of Hidan this way (or just seeing him in general). Isn't it called "butterflies in your stomach"? Whatever.

But actually seeing Hidan do the things that always slid into his mind almost made Kakuzu lose balance and fall straight on his face.

Kakuzu always thought Hidan's hair was beautiful, slicked back perfect the way Hidan liked it was, of course, perfectly fine, but what was really adorable was when his hair was down and messed up, no gel or hairspray added, which was what it kind of looked like now. And Hidan's skin shining with sweat was almost too much for Kakuzu, who was already having a little trouble in his pants right now.

Oh fuck. Hearing Hidan moan. Jashin, that was too much. If he stood here any longer he would definitely not be able to control himself. Shutting the door very slowly, and very quietly, he completely forgot about telling him it was dinnertime.

(Later: "Motherfucker, I'm hungry! Don't you just fucking 'forget' again, asswipe . . . stop looking at me like that . . . .")