Crash Bandicoot: The Beginning

Crash looks out of the window of his house, remembering of what had happened just an year ago. He remembers the coniving Doctor Neo Cortex, he remembers Doctor Nitrus Brio, and he remembers all of the other villains whom occupancy Doctor Cortex.

"What an year," Crash sighed,"What's next?"

--Flash back--

Dr. Neo Cortex has just finished creating the Cortex Vortex.

His friend Doctor Nitrus Brio looks at it and says one thing possible," If it doesn't work, then I didn't invent it." Of course, Dr. N. Brio did not invent it, but he takes credit for many things: Slinky's, recycling, but that's all later.

"And if it works?" Cortex asked, though he knew the answer.

"Oh, then I created it." N. Brio said with such boldness.

"Hmph, whatever." Cortex said as he polished the Cortex Vortex.

"What are we going to do first, Cortex?" N. Brio asked.

"Bring me," Cortex said as he continued to polish his Cortex Vortex,"The kangaroo."

"Who, Joey?" N. Brio said trying to think of which one.

"No, you fool, his name is Ripper Roo." Dr. Cortex said as he stopped. Brio walked away to the cells where they held all their experiments. He went in front of one cell which held a sign over it saying "Roo".

N. Brio walked in woth a smirk on his face,"Hello, marsupial, which I invented, it's time to be our first test." He grabbed the kangaroo and toke it back to where Cortex was.

"Put him on the Evolvo Ray table, Brio." Cortex said.

"I know what to do, I invent--"

"Shut-up, Brio!!!" Cortex said angrily as he straped the poor, defenseless kangaroo on the cold table.

"u must face the truth, Dr. Cortex." N. Brio said as he helped the doctor.

Cortex smacked his hand on his for head,"Why didn't I choose that guy with the rocket?"

"Because I'm better," N. Brio said.

Oh, God, Cortex said in his mind, SHUT-UP!!!!

"Okay, be clear I'm going to--" Brio said as he was about to pull a switch witch will activate the Evolvo Ray.

Cortex slapped 's hand out of the way,"You fool!! I shall pull the switch!!"

N. Brio rubbed his hand which was slapped," But I invent--" too late, Cortex already pulled the switch, sending massive pain to the kangaroo.

"It looks normal," Cortex said as the machine stopped zapping the kangaroo.

"As always, Cortex, your inventions sucked." Brio said as he looked at the machine. The Kangaroo then went from brown, to blue, from regular toe nails, to razor sharp nails, from brown eyes, to deranged tranced eyes.

"IT WORKED!!!" Cortex yelled out as the kangaroo layed there.

"Yes, my invention rocks!!!" N. Brio said as he jumped in the air with excitement.

"Speak," Cortex said to the kangaroo, ignoring N. Brio's statment,"speak, to me!!!" The kangaroo's mouth opened and moved, but words didn't come out, only laughter. Laughter too insane to describe.

"Like I said, suckish." said as he left the lab.

"Wait, you fool, the Cortex Vortex is on the vast." Cortex said as he pulled the kangaroo over to the Cortex Vortex. Cortex pulled another switch, yet nothing happened. He did it again, nothing.

"What the?" Cortex asked as he kept on pulling the switch. Cortex tried to see why it wasn't turning on.

"Don't tell me," Cortex said as he went to an outlet behind the machine. The machine wasn't plugged in,"Oh, how embarising."

"For you!!!" N. Brio said as he laughed.

"Now where's the humor in that?" Cortex asked.

"This," said as Cortex plugged in the plug. Brio pulled the switch, angering Cortex.

"Touch your own inventions!!!" Cortex yelled in anger.

"I am!" N. Brio said as he was touching both the Evolvo Ray and Cortex Vortex.

"Hey, I invented the Cortex Vortex!!!" Cortex said, not noticing that the Kangaroo was hopping all over the place.

"Hey, get that kangaroo!!!" Cortex yelled as he signaled a couple of Lab Assistants. The Lab Assistants were struggling, but finally got to put the kangaroo in a stray jacket.

"Note to self," Cortex said as he talked into a voice recorder,"Project one, half successful."