Author: cable_addict
Title: Aftermath
Word Count: 206
Rating: T
Pairing: Ziva/Michael
Warnings: Tiva anger
Notes: Dedicated to katie087 on LiveJournal. I brainstormed for days on how this would go down, but I couldn't get a grasp on it. Sorry katie. I will keep at it though!


They had their guns pointed at each other. Tony laying on the ground, Ziva standing in the doorway. It was a tense few moments before either of them spoke.

"Lower your gun Tony." Ziva growled, her finger on the trigger.

"You first Ziva."

"This is my apartment!" She yelled and Tony flinched.

"True, but my finger isn't on the trigger." He stuck his pointer finger out so that she could see. "That's the best I can do."

Ziva glared but holstered her weapon. It was then that her eyes fell on Michael's bloody body. She sent Tony a dark look before rushing over in search for a pulse.

"He's dead." Tony supplied, struggling to sit up.

Ziva moved her hands to put pressure on one of the many bullet holes in her lovers torso. "Call an ambulance. Now!" Ziva yelled.

Tony put a hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off and whipped her head around to stare him in the eyes.

"Call a damn ambulance." She breathed and Tony nodded as he pulled out his cell phone. He knew that the arrival of the bus wouldn't make a difference, and he knew that because he killed Michael, his relationship with Ziva would be changed forever.