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"You don't honestly believe that?" I asked incredulously. I took a sip out of my third or fourth beer. I really couldn't remember.

I was sitting in the car outside a large ass fence with the sign that read in bold letters, "No Trespassing." James was trying to convince me of this ridiculous story of how some girl and guy died once by slipping off the meadow. Please, scary stories don't scare me anymore. They never did.

"It's true that's what I heard. Don't believe me? Come on, let's go check it out," James said climbing out of the car.

I shrugged my shoulders. Why the hell not? There isn't anything better to do in this god forsaken town. I got out of the car and slammed the door. I swayed from side to side feeling extremely dizzy. It was that damn third or fourth beer. I shouldn't have had that many but I never learn.

"Bellaaaaaa," Alice called out.

I turned around and saw her getting cozy with Ben. I rolled my eyes. I paid absolutely no attention to her and walked towards James. Soon I heard the door slam and saw Alice and Ben walk towards me.

"Oh ma god. We're totally gonna trespass," Alice slurred to Ben. He snickered and leaned into her trying to find his balance.

I'm sure they had no idea what the other was saying. I shook my head and let out sigh or a groan. I wasn't too sure.

I knew I shouldn't have invited the goody two-shoes of Forks High school. They were the model students of this town. Alice and Ben were every parents dream child.

Alice was the valedictorian and Ben was the salutatorian. They both had full scholarships to U-Dub and yet here they were. Both completely plastered and making asses of themselves.

Lately Ben had been asking me about Alice and whether I think Alice would want to be with him. How the hell should I know? Alice and I weren't friends anymore. Yeah, we talked and went to the same school but that was it. I didn't really have friends. Not any more.

Living in small town like Forks, people tend to know stuff about you and you about them. In this small town I have to privilege of being known as the town freak. To everyone I'm nothing but a troubled teen with piercings on her face and crazy colored hair. I have a piercing on the left side of my eyebrow, nose piercing, lip piercing, and belly pierced. I also have my cartilage pierced and about three holes in both of my earlobes. It's just how I roll.

Thus earning the title of the town freak and the fact that I have blue, purple and hints of blonde and black colored hair doesn't exactly help my case either. My hair changed every few months. It was always something bright with a mixture of colors. This is who I was and I wasn't going to change just because the town doesn't approve of me. They can go fuck themselves.

In the distance I heard James yell telling me to hurry up. I could tell that James was mad at me for inviting Alice and Ben. With them being here we couldn't do it and if we couldn't do it then what the hell were we doing hanging around each other?

James was tall, blond, and had amazing baby blue eyes. He was a complete dick with a father who could give two shits about him. If he wasn't such a dick at times I might feel sorry for him. It's just too bad we didn't like each other. He was nothing more than an itch I needed to scratch and I was the same to him.

When I finally reached the fence I thought, "how in the fuck am I going to jump over this fence?"

I shrugged my shoulders and held my beer tightly. I clumsily climbed the fence falling a few times before I climbed to the top and fell to other side.

Oh sweet baby Jesus that was a bitch. I groaned as I stood up. That was going to leave a bruise. A nasty one too. I dusted myself off and drank more beer. I walked over to James and kept my distance from the edge of the meadow. I heard Alice and Ben follow behind me but I paid no attention to them.

"See, the girl was drunk and she slipped over the edge of the meadow," James said looking down.

"I heard the guy tried saving her but he ended up slipping too," Ben said once he was within earshot.

"Oh my god that is so romantic," Alice breathed. God was she wasted.

That in fact was not romantic. It was pure stupidity. I know if I were to slip, James wouldn't even bother trying to save me. But then again I wouldn't exactly cry if he were to fall.

I suddenly felt his arms wrap around my waist and he began planting wet kisses on my neck. I ignored him as I looked at the view in front of me. It was oddly calming and soothing. The sun had had just set and the sky was dark with the incandescent moon shining brightly above us. I wonder if the girl, who supposedly fell, got to see this view before she fell and died. It was beautiful.

I spun around and turn to face James. His eyes were dark and mischievous. He quickly attacked my lips devouring them and I wrapped my arms around his neck with my beer still in hand. He removed his lips from mine and turned his attention to my neck. He knew I liked it there. In the darkness I could see Alice and Ben making out or at least attempting to. A couple of virgins I swear. I'm pretty sure they had no idea what they were doing.

I suddenly felt a cold chill rush through me and heard a distant noise. I quickly shoved James off of me. "Did you hear that?"

"Dude, you're stoned. You're just being paranoid," he said and resumed sucking on my neck. He's probably right. I smoked a joint bigger than my head but I still couldn't shake that awful feeling that we were being watched. I turned my attention on the feel of James' lips too distract myself but stopped as soon as I saw the flash of red and blue lights.


They sirens were loud and were making me dizzier. Double shit. I saw a shadow coming nearer and nearer.

"Come back over the fence now," the cop said on his megaphone. His voice was calm yet threatening. It gave me the chills.

Looking over at James I knew we were thinking the same thing; we're stuck. Normally we would have run but we were trapped behind this fence and if we ran we'd eventually be caught. Alice and Ben would have turned us in just so they could protect their "perfect" reputation. Fuck.

"Oh my god, oh my god," Alice chanted in panic. Ben being the good little boy dropped his beer, climbed over the fence and walked towards the cop. I was shocked that he would just leave Alice like that. James quickly followed after Ben over the fence.

I sighed walking towards Alice who was having a serious panic attack. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the fence. All Alice could say was, "Oh my god, oh my god."

"Alice, you seriously just, I don't know, chill or something," I said getting rather annoyed with her.

Just before we reached the fence I saw Alice pull out her cell phone. I resisted the urge to snort. Was she serious? Who in the hell was she going to call?

"Who the hell are you calling? A lawyer?" I joked. But this clearly was not a joking matter for her.

"Put the phone away Alice," the cop said through that ridiculous megaphone.

"Oh my god, he knows my name!" If she wasn't freaking out before, then she was definitely freaking out now. It wasn't so surprising that the cop new who she was seeing as this was a small town but still it was a little creepy.

Once I climbed over the fence, clumsily might I add, I saw Ben and James cuffed and leaning on the hood of the cop car. The cop was doing a body search checking to see if they had any drugs on them.

"Look I'm not high. It wasn't even my idea to come up here it was my girlfriends," James said.

What a fucking asshole. "Thanks James, chivalry isn't dead after all asshole." I shot him daggers with my eyes and leaned against the fence.

After he finished searching both James and Ben, he pointed at Alice and called her forward. "Your turn."

She looked at me with a petrified expression and mouthed, "Oh my god," and walked over to the cop. It almost made me feel bad for her. Shit like this happens to me all of time but to people like Alice, I'm sure it would leave a scar. As he searched her, I looked at him making sure he wasn't some pervert.

He cuffed Alice and put her in the back seat of the car. I could see her scared expression and it made me feel bad for a second. The cop moving towards me distracted me. He began his search and once he found nothing he took out his handcuffs. I took a step back and panic welled through me.

"Sir, she has a problem with being restrained. Trust me I've tried it," James called out with a smirk on his face. Asshole. I remember that night perfectly. He was in some sort of kinky mood and if he ever tries it again I will make sure to rip his balls out and feed it to the dogs.

"Well, you shouldn't trespass on city property," the cop said closing in on me.

"Sir, she does have a real problem. Though I've never tried it but there was an incident in the 9th grade," Ben spoke for the first time. I wonder if he was talking about the time Tyler locked us into the janitor's closet.

The cop clearly did not care as he came up behind me. I heard the metal cuffs open and his breath tickled my neck. "You need to know what this feels like."

I scoffed. "I know how it feels."

Just as he was about to cuff me a cop care and an ambulance pulled up beside us. Why is the ambulance here? It's not like we killed anyone. "Gee, we must be a real threat to society. Isn't there some robber or killer you people can go chase after? And, why did you call the ambulance?"

"I thought you'd need it when you fell off the edge of the meadow," he said in an 'as a matter of fact' tone.

The paramedic came out of the ambulance and head towards us. I sighed when I saw who it was. Carlisle Cullen. "Swan, why am I not surprised to find you here?" he asked.

I glared at him and began screaming profanities at him." Of all the fucking nerve!" I was still screaming out profanities as the cop grabbed me by the arm and shoved me inside the cop car. I tried opening the car door but it was locked. Shit, don't panic.

Look at the bright side; the cop had forgotten to cuff me. I breathed in slowly and heard Alice crying silently in the seat next to me. Okay now I really did feel bad. I had brought Alice in to this and risked her scholarships to U-Dub. She has always been a good friend to everyone.

She was that hyper girl at school that everyone knew and loved to hang out with. We've known each other since kindergarten and our friendship just sort of fizzled out. Well, I was the one to let it fizzle out. Alice always tried talking to me but I would just blow her off. I never meant for things to end up like this. They just did. And, I actually prefer having no friends. Sooner or later everyone will leave you.

I looked out the car window and saw my cop and this older cop yelling at James and Ben. Ben looked complete freaked out. I know he's regretting ever agreeing to meet us here not matter how much he wanted to hang out with Alice. Like I said, I feel for the guy but he came on his own free will. I looked away as my cop came back towards us and opened the car door. He slammed his door shut and pulled out a clipboard and began writing stuff down. He was clearly pissed off but I didn't understand why.

"Why are you so mad? I mean is the myth of those two kids who fell and died even true?" I asked.

He didn't look up from his clipboard when he answered. "Yes, it's true. And, you guys came close to adding four more to the body count."

"No it wouldn't. If I fell my boyfriend wouldn't try to save me," I said honestly.

"Some boyfriend," he said.

"Well, it's not your place to judge now is it?" I asked glaring at him. He looked up at me from the review mirror for a second before looking down on his clipboard. I noticed his eyes were this deep emerald green color. They were very pretty.

"How did you find us anyhow?" I asked.

"You were out of luck. Beware the Ides of March," he said.

Oh shit, it was March 15. I felt a slight paranoia pass through me but I wasn't about to let him know that. Before I could say anything Alice spoke for the first time.

"Oh, I love Julius Caesar! Are you an English major? I want to major in English too and fashion design," Alice said being her perky self.

"At this rate you won't even graduate high school," the cop said with anger in his voice. I heard Alice let out a sob. What an asshole. Couldn't he see how scared Alice is? There is no need to rub it in her face that her career could possibly be over.

Angered, I spoke on her behalf. "Everyone reads Julius Caesar in high school. Cops don't need a college education." I told Alice. "They only need to know how to drive. Read. Write. Or not."

"Don't," Alice pleaded.

I looked at her cuffed hand and felt bad for her. "Look can you take her handcuffs off. I'll vouch for her."

For the first time the cop looked at me and not through the review mirror. He turned to look at me. His eyes were a lot greener than I saw earlier but they were dark with heavy bags under them. Almost like the life in his eyes were gone. They looked at me with bitterness and resentment. He stared at me for a few second before looking down at his clipboard and ignoring me.

"Why won't you take them off? Are you scared? I mean we're only two small girls," I said. He turned around to look at me one more time and anger filled his eyes making them darker.

Alice maneuvered her cuffed hands and pinched my butt, hard. "Ow!" I yelled. She gave me a glare that said, "Just shut the fuck up."

The cop got out of the car and went to open Alice's door. He pulled out a set of silver keys and opened the cuffs. "You know those guys just want to get into your pants," he said, his eyes meeting mine briefly.

"No they aren't," Alice said innocently. She rubbed her free wrist as the cop put the cuffs in his pocket.

Being the smart ass that I am, I decided to mess with him a little. "How do you know we weren't trying to get into their pants?" The cop took a step back and stared at me.

Alice smacked me. "Oh my god, shut up."

"You know you've got quite a mouth there. You ought to be careful. You don't want to get more trouble than you already are," the cop said.

I looked right back into his eyes. "Yeah, well some people just don't know when to shut up."

"Shut up!" Alice hissed. I probably should've taken her advice. The cop slammed the door and came over to my side. Oh shit. He opened the door and with a stern voice said, "Get out."


I climbed out of the car and leaned against the door. I'm sure he was about to yell at me like he'd done to James and Ben. I braced myself but I didn't hear any yelling. I looked up at him with a confused expression and saw that his eyes were roaming me from head to toe. His eyes finally took in my t-shirt that said, "Bite Me. I DARE You." Or maybe he was looking at my cleavage seeing as how this shirt is a tad too small.

He controlled his anger and his features softened up a bit. "So how much has she had to drink?" he asked nodding his head towards Alice.

"Cut her some slack. This was her first time getting drunk. Hell it was her first drink," I said hoping he'd go easy on her. I owed her that much. He just nodded, not saying anything.

"And what about you?" he finally asked.

I smiled wickedly. "Oh, I'm guilty."

"And the pot?"

I felt a rush go through me. "What pot?" I asked feigning innocence.

"Look I might have not gone to college but I'm not stupid. You know that boyfriend of yours has been expelled from two different schools for selling pot," he said.

"That's why I am with him," I accidently blurted out.

He looked at me in surprise. "You're with him because of the pot?"

"No, not just because he has weed it's just that James is just my kind of people," I said shrugging my shoulders.

"James is- you know you are really a-" he cut himself short twice.

"I'm a what? I'm an idiot. Just go ahead and say it!"

"Before I pulled you guys in I looked into your boyfriend's car and I saw a few jugs of beer. I don't have that kind of evidence on you but if you come clean about the pot we won't screen test you or your boyfriend."

I thought about it for a minute. If I denied there being any weed, he'd test us and find weed in our system and James would call me a stupid bitch. If I told him we had smoked weed, James would call me a stupid bitch.

Damn it.

I sighed loudly. "It was just James and I. Alice and Ben didn't know anything about it. In fact they would've freaked out if they knew we had some. James and I got stoned and went to McDonalds for some Big Macs and I ran into Alice in the bathroom. I was so stoned that I invited her along knowing she would want to be around Ben."

The cop nodded his head. "It was a spur of the moment kind of thing. She wouldn't have done it if she'd really thought about it," I finished saying.

"Well it seems you've broken a myriad of laws tonight," he said clearly making fun of me.

"Oh, yeah should we count them? What fun it would be," I snapped.

"Well it seems that your 'Bite Me' t-shirt fits you well." He pointed towards my shirt. So, he was checking me out.

"Yeah, I saw you taking in my t-shirt," I said testing just how much he'd seen.

To my surprise his pale face turned a shade of red. I smiled to myself. Poor guy was out here on the job trying to take care of his wife and fourteen kids. And, here my too small 'bite me' t-shirt was luring him in with my boobs all on display. It's not his fault for looking.

Looked at him closely and noticed his hair was this weird bronze color. That's fucking weird. It was completely messy and shot out in all sorts of directions. It looked a lot like sex-hair and screamed 'do me! do me!' He seriously needed a haircut. His wife should cut it for him. I mean isn't that what wives are supposed to do?

His blushed disappeared and he went back to being a cop. "Are you even sorry?"

Was I sorry? "I'm sorry I dragged Alice into this mess. I'm sorry Ben got arrested too. What else should I be sorry for?" I asked.

He looked at me with those dark eyes. "Are you sorry you almost got killed?"

"We didn't."

"Yes you did!" Anger washed over his face, clearly furious to my nonchalant attitude about this whole situation.

It looked as though he was going to say something else but he pressed his lips together in a fine line. He was probably going to tell me how stupid I am or something along the lines of that. Instead he just pushed me back into the car and went to talk to the other older cop and Carlisle. Once he came back he turned the car on and drove towards the police station.

He seemed slightly less tense sitting in his car. He turned the radio on and music filled the car. It was The Off-Spring song called, "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid." I loved this song and was surprised to hear that my cop liked this song too. I just figured he'd be into some weird old time music.

Alice leaned her head against my shoulder. I too was getting a tad sleepy and the car's engine began lulling me to sleep. But I forced myself to stay awake. Alice eventually laid her head on my lap and I began stroking her hair.

"Do you know what we are?" Alice quietly asked.

"Criminals?" I guessed.

"Yes, but what else?" she pressed on.

"Umm, felons?"

"No. We're no good-convicts!" she yelled sitting up in a vertical position.

I could see the cop smile from the review mirror. I noticed that once side of his lips went higher than the other. It made a crooked line. A crooked smile. Sexy.

Alice must have seen him smile too. "Mr. Policeman do you think we're no-good-convicts?" she asked.

"Yes, but not for long," he said.

"Well I just wanted to let you know that I learned my lesson tonight. I have definitely learned something new about myself," she said as I stoked her arm gently. Well that makes one of us. I hadn't learned anything new.

"Your friend tells me this was your first drink," the cop said.

"Oh, no it wasn't," Alice said.

"Yes. It. Was," I said through clenched teeth.

"I don't want to lie to you Mr. Policeman. I went to France with my family and my grandmother gave me lemonade with alcohol in it. My grandmother said it was okay," Alice said.

"Whoa, did you catch a buzz?" I asked.

"I don't think so. I ate fish and chips with it," Alice said making a face of disgust.

The policeman smiled and laughed a musical laugh. It was a really nice sound. I wonder why I didn't notice the sound of his voice earlier. It might have to do with the fact that I was drunk as fuck and the effects are slowly starting to wear off.

I was suddenly in the mood to mess with him again. "Do you watch cops?" I asked.

"I love Cops," he said with a smile. "It's pretty much my life but without all those boring parts."

"What about Reno 911?"

"Yeah, it's probably more realistic to my life than to Cops." We finally arrived at the police station. He turned to us and said, "Hold tight ladies." He left the car and walked over to the cop car with Ben and James in it.

I saw James yelling angrily at me but I couldn't hear what he was saying. He struggled against his handcuffs and managed to flip me the bird.


The old cop and my cop pulled out James and Ben. Whatever James had been trying to tell me came out crystal clear. "How could you tell him about the pot? He faked you out you stupid bitch!"

"Well, that's not a nice thing to say!" I yelled at him, not giving a rat's ass what he thought of me.

"What pot?" Alice asked clearly freaked.

"Don't worry not you," our cop said to her as he opened the door for us. "You know I don't think you're that much of a no-good-convict." Both of them giggled.

God, what a bunch of squares.

Seriously they were made for each other. We got out of the car and I swayed a little bit but before I could fall my cop caught me. I blushed slightly and thanked him.

"Come on ladies. Let's head inside," he said letting me go once he knew I wasn't about to pass out.

I sighed looking over at Alice's scared expression. I took her by the hand and we walked inside.

Let's do this.

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