Hey guys! I realized that I forgot to put the Epilogue. I'm sorry about that. I kept forgetting but here it is and there is also a teaser for the sequel. Now, about the sequel. I have 3 stories that I'm currently writing. I need to finish those before I begin anything else. I want to invest all my time on the sequel and not half-ass it. I hope you understand.

Enjoy the short epilogue and teaser!

Disclaimer: Story plot belongs to Jennifer Echols and all recognizable characters to SM.

I tapped my fingers furiously on the counter and glanced up toward the door every time I heard it open. I groaned each time someone I wasn't expecting came through the door. I tried to distract myself by making a new pot of coffee and taking out freshly baked pastries but nothing was working. I was tired, sleepy, and anxious all at the same time. I must look ridiculous I thought to myself.

I was cleaning a table when my patience began to wear off. Before I could fully lose it I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and a bolt of electricity shot through my entire body. Without having to look, I immediately knew who it was. It was Edward. My Edward. I still couldn't believe that this cop was my boyfriend.

"I thought you wouldn't be here," Edward said planting a kiss on my neck.

I turned around to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck and planting a quick kiss on his lips. "Well I stayed a few more hours. I didn't want to miss you."

He flashed his crooked smile at me. He grabbed my waist pulling me closer and kissed me harder. His tongue lightly brushed across my lower lip and I had to suppress a moan. I didn't want everyone in the café to know how badly I wanted him at this moment. He broke the kiss and rested his forehead on mine and looked longingly into my eyes. I could tell he wanted me too.

"You want some coffee?" I asked.

He nodded his head. "Please."

I unhooked my arms from his neck and grabbed his arm pulling him to the front counter. I poured him a cup of coffee and set it in front of him. Right when we were about to talk a new set of customers decided that now was the best time to come and get coffee. I growled as I picked up a pen and went to take their order.

Before I left Edward smirked at me. "Did you just growl?"

I stuck out my tongue at him and walked toward the table. I quickly jotted down what they wanted and headed back toward the counter. I looked up and saw Edward staring at me.


He shook his head. "Nothing, I like looking at you."

I felt my cheeks rise and smiled foolishly. "You already have me so whipped, that I can't even think of anything sarcastic to say."

"Good. That makes me feel manly and strong. And, I'm sure you'll think of something later," he said.

I rolled my eyes and swatted him in the arm. I looked up to see a very familiar car drive up. I could feel my nerves starting to build up. I could see my dad walking around the café to make sure everything was in place and nothing has been burned down. Geeze, can't they give me a little credit here? I can be responsible.

I promised myself that when my parents returned I'd sit down and have a talk with them. A real, legit talk. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I had to do it. If I wanted to salvage any small piece of our relationship, then it was something I had to do.

"What is it?" Edward asked looking around.

I let out a breath. "My parents."

My dad walked in the diner and quickly stopped in his tracks causing my mother to bump into him.

"Ow, Charlie what is the matter?" my mother asked.

My father didn't answer. All he did was stare at me with a glazed stare and wide eyes. I bet he was wishing he had bought something for me on his trip. My mother was nudging him asking what was wrong. Finally she looked up and froze just like my dad.

Their eyes scanned my appearance over and over. Shock registered on their faces. Finally my dad eye's met mine. I smiled at him and gave a small wave.

"Welcome home," I said.

My dad put his hand to his chest and smiled. He knew I was finally cured.


The restaurant was packed but thankfully we called before we arrived and made reservations. We were quickly seated by a girl with too much make-up and who tried to shoot Edward what I think was supposed to be a sexy wink and smile but came off like she was having drug withdrawals and was twitching all over the place. After three years with Edward, I can say that I have not gotten used, nor will I ever, to the stares Edward receives from the opposite sex. But, if I ever catch a hoe trying to make a move on my Edward, I can assure you it will be the last move she'll make.

We perused our menus for a minute as a waiter brought us bread and butter and a round of waters.

"Emmett, what the hell are you wearing?" Edward said finally noticing what shirt Emmett had on.

Emmett looked down at his shirt before he looked up at Edward giving him a smile. "What? Don't you like my shirt?"

Edward shook his head. "It's completely immature."

I laughed as Alice read Emmet's shirt aloud. "Conserve water. Shower with me."

It was a light green shirt with white bold letters. Personally, I thought it was a very nice shirt. I can't believe I didn't notice his shirt before.

"I kind of like it. It's a pretty fucking awesome shirt," I said giving Emmett a high five.

Edward gave me a hard look. "Don't encourage him, Bella."

I leaned in closer to his ear. "Well, it is giving us good advice. I mean, we do want to save the environment. Don't we?"

Edward gripped my leg harder and shot me a crooked smile. He turned to Emmett and said, "Nice shirt, Emmett."

The whole table broke into laughter and somehow managed to settle down as the waiter came to take our order.

There's the end. I hope you liked it!