A/N: First off, I'm a hardcore Leyton and Naley fan, but I do have a soft spot for Brathan every now and then. I was thinking about their sex tape the other day and a short ficlet came into my head that won't go away, so I decided to give into my urge to write it. Basically, this story is alternate version of events that take place after Nathan and Brooke make their sex tape. (Beware that the chapters are pretty short since this is only a ficlet.)

All That She Wants

Chapter One

Flashes of color darted in front of her eyes, swirling and splashing and bouncing against the ebony canvas of her eyelids. She could hear a rustling in the distance, it was muffled, like light footsteps masked behind layers of silk crushing against each other. She vainly attempted to open her eyes, but pain rocketed through her temples. It felt like the beginnings of a migraine…or a hangover.

"You look like hell."

The voice cut through the muted sounds she was listening to like a cleaver. "Peyton?" She rolled over, still without opening her eyes. Unfortunately, in her disorientation, she rolled to the opposite side and only realized she was falling when it was too late. "Ugh!"

"Geeze Brooke!"

Brooke felt Peyton's bony – and yet somehow still warm – hands on her arm. She forced herself to open her eyes in spite of the pain. She groaned. "I feel like shit."

"What were you out doing last night? I don't think I've ever seen you this fucked up before."

Brooke groaned as she crawled back into her rumpled covers. "I don't even remember." She grabbed Peyton's pillow and shoved it over her face. "And just so you know, your voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard."

"Serves you right. You'd think you'd learn after a couple of weekends that you can't remember."

"Yeah, well, you know me…Education and I have never been friends."

Peyton rolled her eyes as she pulled on a lacy black camisole. "Can't argue with that."

Brooke squinted her eyes. "Hey, you back together with Nathan?"

"Why do you ask?"

"That's your makeup top."


"Yeah, you wear it every time you renew your relationship contracts. It's the one he likes."

Peyton dropped her head to look at the top. "Great. Didn't know I was that predictable." She promptly began to strip off the top.


"So what?"

"So you're back together…"

"Yeah. Together. Whatever that means."

"When did that happen?"

"Last night." She strolled over to the closet and began to rifle through the shirts. "You ditched me to get laid, so…"

"Well, that's a relief." She yawned. "It only took a month."

Peyton plucked a plum colored satin top with a black sequined design at the neck and matching black spaghetti straps and held it up to herself. "Does this look like a makeup top?"

"Only if you're planning on having slutty makeup sex."

"No," Peyton slipped the hanger out, "but I'm not above making him think so." She slid the top on over her black bra and looked at herself again in the mirror. "You goin' to school today?"

"Do I look like I'm going to school today?"

"Alright then. I'll see you later." She wiggled her fingers as she left the room.

Brooke listened as Peyton's footsteps faded away and waited impatiently until she heard the sound of the front door shut. She closed her eyes and pulled her legs up, curling into the fetal position. She couldn't believe how ridiculously awful she felt. Everything hurt and she wondered if she'd possibly been hit by a train the night before. And if the fact that her physical pain wasn't enough, though, Peyton just had to choose that morning to reveal that she'd gotten back together with Nathan. Nathan Scott.

Brooke groaned. Every day for a month, she'd thought about Nathan. Usually, though, she didn't feel like she was about to die. It seemed to intensify the agony, like rubbing alcohol on a body covered in third degree burns. She'd considered many times coming clean with her best friend, telling her that the night she and Nathan had had one of their classic breakups, she had ended up in bed with him. But as quickly as the thought would come to her, it would be abandon. She couldn't tell Peyton she'd slept with her boyfriend, especially when they were on again. It would ruin their friendship, no matter what kind of an ass Nathan really was.

The thing was, a part of her didn't really care…and worse than that, a part of her was glad. Unbeknownst to Peyton, Brooke had wanted Nathan for a long time. He was gorgeous, as all of Tree Hill High knew, and she'd crushed on him forever. But of course, he'd set his sights on the infamous Peyton Sawyer. Brooke sneered underneath her pillow, imagining all the times she'd flirted with Nathan and propositioned him, in front of and behind Peyton's back.

"Just Brooke being Brooke," she muttered contemptuously. On some level, she knew Nathan would never sleep with her. She had a reputation, after all. She'd been with most of the basketball team and all but one of the football team and so many in between that she couldn't count. So when that night had happened, with them both sitting drunk on the couch, she never really expected that Nathan would say yes, but when he did, she couldn't help herself. Even if she hadn't been drunk, she wasn't sure if she would've had the self control.

Brooke rolled over, this time easing into the spot Peyton had vacated a few hours before her eyes had seen the light of day. She closed her eyes and buried her face into the pillow, inadvertently inhaling the scent of Peyton's lily perfume. She grunted and made a silent wish for sleep. If she was lucky, it would be dreamless, but if she was unlucky, she'd be seeing Nathan again. She'd be back under him on that fateful night, clawing his back as the camera ran, memorializing their – or maybe it was just her – passion.

As luck would have it, his hungry lips found hers in her dream, and before she knew it, she was bunching the sheets between her fists and whimpering into the emptiness of the bedroom.