Hello All! This is my first Fanfiction EVER and it is based on the novel Airhead. It takes place when Chris finds out about Em's death. If I get positive feedback I may continue, but for now it is a oneshot.

The background noise at the hospital terrifies me, the constant beeping, the doctors' swift steps, even the once comforting clicking of keyboard keys. The waiting room is almost empty, it being almost 1 in the morning. Most of the others in here are dozing, but there is no way I will be able to slip into slumber after the previous day's events. Em, the girl I could do anything with, say anything to is barely here, she's in a coma, on the brink of leaving this world. This thought made tears flow to my eyes, I blinked them back, and chanted mentally to myself-as if it would help-'she will be all right' over and over.

But I'm not stupid; I know her chances of surviving are slim if not none. I've been sitting in this chair for hours straight, hearing barely anything of the person I... Suddenly, a dejected and frazzled looking walked into the room and said, in a barely audible whisper, "She's gone."

That was when I bolted upright, ran out of the room, into the hall and to the door. I exited the hospital, just barely not crashing into the slow automatic door, trying to get as far away as possible. From there I sprinted toward my apartment, it wasn't far and I could still find my way, even in the dead of night. But inside I felt lost, like I was drowning, a black hole forming where my heart used to be.

When I burst through the front door my dad put down the paper he had been solving a crossword in and asked, "Any news?" I barely heard him. I walked to my room and threw myself, face down, onto my impeccably made bed and tried to put all thoughts of this living hell out of my mind. But I couldn't, because Emerson Watts was dead.

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