Chapter 1: How it happened

It was hot and muggy the night I was bitten. The memory is so fresh in my mind I can still recall the smell of the sheets and the feel of the wind on my face. It was over a century ago that it happened, on rainy night. I was very young then, only a baby really; atleast compared to now. I had been 21 years in life, when I died.

I was going to bed in my brothers bed, the window beside his bed open to help with the heat of the room since we had no AC in the house, also alowing me to smoke my cigaratte without alerting the fire alarm on the ceiling as well as helping to calm me before sleep. I was dressed in my red silk boxers, laying ontop the marron sheet. The cover of the bed forgotten on the floor. The sheet had just been washed in a generic laundry detergent. Posters of American football players and basketball players lined the walls around me. A TV in the corner, sitting on a dresser, alarm clock on the window seal beside me, blinking numbers as the storm had caused the electric to flicker.

I was string at the tree a few feet out my brothers window, had ben doing so for a good ten minutes. There was nothing special about the tree. I just had nothing else to watch. Then as I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes - he came.

The fight lasted no time. He was stronger, faster more than me in every way.

He was beautiful, stunningly magnificent. Deadly so.

He took my blood, by force. He offered me the choice to live in return. A life nothing like the one I was born into. A life with no rules, a life of some freedom, but much torment and sacrifice.

One I choose over death.

I can't say I regreet my choice, or I would do it again. I neither condone or condime myself. Its just one of those choices that are irrevesible. That come with a price.

I was taken by my new master. Never alowd to see my family again. But, I was given a new family instead.

One I enjoyed better than my old.

My name is Gaara. I am a vampire. I am a killer. I am.

My masters name is Naruto.

My vampire brothers are known as : Itachi, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Neji, Kiba and Shino.

My vampire sisters as called: Ino, Sakura, Henita, and Ten Ten.

We are all a family, and each a family.

We are the largest vampire family, still togeather and strong.

This is the story threw my eyes. This is not for the faint. This is not a romance story, though it has romance in it. This is not a happy story - even if it has a happy ending. This is simply our story. read it if you want or walk away from it now.

This is your choice to make. I've made mine. Now is simply your turn to choose.

Red Blove

See you in the trees.