Red Blove

Chapter 3:

The thirst, is like nothing I had ever felt before, it did not feel like you just needed a drink. It was much worse. The pain started at the throat and spread through out the body. It was agony to deal with. It was not a dull pain, at beginning or end, it was sharp and constant and felt slightly like the whole body was drinking up its own fluids and soon you would shrivel up. Naruto assured me this would not happen. He said many vampires had gone century's with out doing so, so I would be fine for a day or two.

We had everything packed but were staying down in the basement waiting for the sun to set so we could get a move on. I had gotten to know a bit more about my new siblings. They had been born at different times, Itachi and Sasuke had been from the warring states era. The two had came from a family of respected samurai. Sakura and Ino had been friends in their human lives, both had been prostitutes sold by their families to repay had fell in love with Sakura, but Sakura refused to enter the world of night without her best friend. TenTen had been Ino's first victim, Naruto had raised her to please the blond haired girl. He had made Ino take charge of the girl though. Shikamaru and Shino were still a mystery to me. Shikamaru was to lazy to tell me about the past and Shino's words made little sense to me.

It was confusing for me as they said I was the last. With me their family would be complete. My confusion was only upgraded as Naruto seemed to like playing with my hair and cuddling up to me. I had never been one for being touched. It was a bit different, though with my master beside me it made the thirst die down. I wasn't going to complain.

When the sun set I knew it. It was like I had forgotten something all day and as soon as the sun was gone I had a feeling of remembering what it was. I was the last to head up the steps and the last to get in the car. It had taken only one moving truck, but there were three cars in our care, so Itachi drove the truck with Kiba at his side, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Shino were in the moving truck, Sakura, Ino and TenTen were in the SUV and I was in the older model orange car with Naruto.

There was silence in the car as we rode. It wasn't the uncomfortable kind, just silence. I watched the other boy as he focused on the road. His blond hair was perfect as always, skin was not pale like others, but a light tan. His eyes were bright blue and he was well built. He was not like the vampires in movies. I had learned that just because you are turned your whole body and looks do not just change. Your eyes remain the same color as does your body. I learned later that you can give the appeal to look different. Say you were trying to attract the attention of a person, you could change what they see it depended on the person on weather it worked on them.

After a moment of watching him he smiled. "What is it?" His tone was light and not rude.

My voice was coming back to me, not sure if it was because I wanted it to or if it was just the magic of healing. "Nothing." My voice cracked lightly.

"Glad it's starting to come back to you. make sure to keep using it or it will take longer." He instructed me, too bad he didn't know how little I liked to talk. I nodded lightly at what he had said and he spoke more. "Wanna know where we are headed?"

"Yes." I did, very much so.

"A few hours away. Since traffic is light that is. It should take around 3 hours if it stays like this. The towns bigger, which is good and bad. Good, because we have a lot of people to hunt. Bad since its more eyes that could be watching. You have to be careful when hunting. Not that you'll be doing so for awhile still." I nodded lightly as he spoke, glad I wasn't going to be released fully at this time. I didn't think I could handle it. In fact the ride was proving I still had issues to face. I could smell the humans that were out and was fighting the urge to throw open the car door and drink to my hearts content.

He had started talking once the light turned green. "You have enough family to keep you well feed. It's good that you have taken so well to the changes. You have a lot to learn, don't get me wrong, but you are doing marvelous so far."

I didn't know how to reply to his words, so I just gave a slight nod. Was a thank you in order or a I have always been at the top of my classes?

"You need to try and talk more." He insisted. "Not that I mind doing all the talking, I've been told I talk to much." He laughed at the statement and looked over at me."Do you have questions?" The smile faded around the edges, though if you hadn't been studding his face you would have never noticed.

I had tons. The first one I managed to ask was one that had been bugging me. "Why so many?"

He pondered a moment. "Well, I don't like being alone. I had started with the two, Itachi and Sasuke, because I wanted to try it out. I had been alone for awhile and wanted to see if I could make a companion. Then the younger had been so upset that I had to turn him. It had been a different era and so easier to take care of the two newborns. Then I started to wonder if they'd leave me once they had aged enough. So I wanted to keep them happy. Then the others happy and so on. Since all of my 'children' are now happy... I wanted to try again."

I rolled the information around in my head a moment and came to a conclusion. He wasn't looking for another 'child'. It made sense with the words spoke about the family being complete. Along with my new life I also had been given a... Husband? Mate? Lover? I wasn't sure how to word it. He noticed my silence and seemed to be upset.

"I mean, I gave you the choice to be turned, so don't think I won't give you that choice too."

I nodded lightly. He had a light blush on his face as he watched the rode. I was thinking of a question to ask next. There was the ones that people normally would ask. How old are you? What is the meaning of being a vampire? How can you die? Why me? None of these were in my head though.

"Will I be ...Locked up?" I asked through cracking voice and a bit of pain.

"Only if you want to be." He replied. I wasn't sire if I did or not at that point. I was well aware I'd be killed if I was a danger to the family.

"Will it be okay?" I had asked looking straight ahead at the rode.

"I think it will be just fine." He assured me with a smile. "Your not alone. I wouldn't have picked you if I thought you wouldn't make it."

It was a bit nice to be reassured. So I started asking the normal questions. We could be killed by the sunlight or by decapitation. The head had to be taken away to endure death, since another vampire could save the headless by reattaching and feeding the vampire in need blood from it's self. If the sun was the cause of death there was no help, all that would be left was dust. Stakes through the heart did not work and holy water did not work. In case you were wondering, and if my explanation about the sun was not enough, no... We do not sparkle in the sunlight, we burn like a cigarette only faster.

"How old?" I asked and he laughed.

"I have no idea." He looked over at me and smiled brightly. "I was wondering when that would be asked. I am most definitely your elder." I nodded at this. The car ride had gone from silent comfort to friendly. I vaguely realized my thirst was not so over whelming as we talked.

So I asked another question. "Why drink other vampires blood?" He had mentioned the healing it did for the vampire drinking it.

"A few reasons as to why you would do it are that it can heal, it doesn't take away the thirst, but it can help with the pain, of course it can start the process of changing and well, mixed with more adult stuff it can feel really good." I nodded lightly at the information.

"Vampire children?" I asked, recalling in a book that it was a big no, no... well two books honestly.

He thought a moment. "It's not a taboo. It's just not practiced really, well depending on your age limit of children. Besides when your turned, you no longer age. So if you had a few five year old vampires you would always have them. While they would age in their mind, their body would not. It would be very hard for them to be alone and in the end they would be very lonely. So while some have done it, not many still do. If you happen to meet one, I suggest that you stay wary of them and try to treat them as an adult. Don't make them angry. They are small, but that only means they make others want to protect them."

"Sleep?" I asked looking at the trees as there was not much else outside the window.

"We don't do it. Though, if you hibernate, as some like to do, your half out of it. Everything seems like a dream."

"Have you?"

"Once I tried it... Wasn't really for me." He laughed. "I had no one to talk to after all."

Red Blove

See you in dreams.