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Bella Pov

I was jogging down the crowded streets of New York not in a hurry just enjoying the wind in my face. I saw the huge airport come in to sight and my jog turned in to a sprint to full-out running.

When I got settled (my bags checked in, ect.) I found my gate and searched for a bathroom. When I found one I walked in to pull up my hair, I quickly looked over what I was wearing.

A grey snoopy shirt that in yellow says 'Save our Planet', black knee length gauchos and silver converse. I wanted to go with the whole yellow letters so I wore yellow hoops, a yellow gummy bear necklace and a little yellow 'Happy Bunny' pin on the left side of my gauchos that read, 'I had a dream. And in it, something eats you.' Oh and you can't forget the all important Kanya West yellow shades! (Picture on Profile)

I walked out of the bathroom and in to someone else who was coming out of the opposite door from the woman's bathroom.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" I rushed out as I felt the all too familiar blush find my face.

"It's okay, it was my fault anyway." A sweet, velvety voice rang causing me to look up in to the most beautiful emerald eyes.

It was a man, as you probably already guessed, with the most beautiful bronze hair! He was toned and tall a lot taller than my 5'6 height. We stared at each other for a while till I realized I had a plane to catch! I looked at my phone and saw I only had five more minutes till we board! The man looked down at my phone and I saw his eyes widen to.

"Um… I"

"Yeah, me too. Hope to see you around sometime!" He said as he was backing up.

I blinked before I started running towards my gate. I got there just in time for the first class people to get on. I walked up and gave them my stuff to get on.

When I was on I looked for my seat number 2b. Great. I was by the window. I've always had this idea that if I was by the window the plane would fall to that side and it would be my entire fault. Don't ask why.

I sat down hugged my purse close to my chest someone sat next to me but I ignored it. Finally the plane started moving, I had all but forgotten about the person beside me till he cleared his voice.

"Hi… again." That same melodic velvety. I yanked my head up to see the same man I had bumped into when I stepped out of the bathroom!

"Uh, hey! Wow, what a coincidence!" I said trying to not show how nervous I was. But my act didn't fool him.

"What's wrong?" He asked truly worried.

"I, uh, you see… I'm a-afraid to sit by the window…" I whispered the last part.

He looked thoughtfully for a while before saying, "Here, switch spots with me."

I was about to say no but I was really scared… so I agreed. Once I was seated I realized I didn't get this god's name!

"Um, if you don't mind what is your name?"

"Edward, yours?"

"Bella. So why are you going to Seattle?" I asked him.

"Oh, well I'm going to see my sister."

"Oh, cool. I'm going to see my long-time friend." After that we fell in to a comfortable silence. I didn't realize I fell asleep till I heard Edward whisper,

"Beellllaaaa… wakey wakey!" He said the last part louder. I yanked my eyes open to see Edward with the most devastatingly gorgeous crooked smile on.

"Hiya. Have we already landed?"

"Yep" He said popping the 'p'.

I saw him get up so I tried to as well but when I couldn't I looked down to see I had my seat belt on and a blue airplane blanket covering me. But this was the weird part, I don't ever put my seat belt on an airplane and I'm sure I didn't have a blanket over me!

For now though I pushed that thought out of my head undid my seat belt and took the blanket off me. Everyone was getting up and the fly attended was telling first class, me and Edward, to get off. Once I was off I got my half empty suitcase, I knew Alice (my long-time friend) would force me to go shopping.

I followed the signs till I found the garage and got my keys for my new ride, black Aston Martin Vanquish! I got in almost fainted at the sight of the interior! Oh, man and I thought 14 grand wouldn't be worth it!

After I could control myself I finally left for Alice's house. I couldn't help myself but think about Edward… Well when I got there I parked my car on the street a little ways down so I could surprise her the right way!

I walked down the short street admiring house till I was in front of Alice's house. I was surprised to see not one but two cars there, a yellow Porsche and a silver Volvo. I thought about it till I came up with the solution that Emmett was here!

Emmett had grown up close to me and Alice so we became all best friends. Emmett was like a big brother to me always protective and Alice was so outgoing and nice, everyone loved her!

I walked up to the door and rang it. I listened and heard a high pitch scream and muffled talking. Suddenly the door burst open to reveal a small pixie with spiky black hair, Alice. She was wearing a blue dress, white wedges, a big sapphire ring, a flower necklace and a white purse.

"Isabella!? My God! Come in!!" She said. When did Alice ever call me by my whole name?

"Alice! What did I tell you about using my whole name?!" We were jumping up and down in her huge living room.

"Sorry B-"But she was interrupted by someone behind me saying,

"Bella…" A musical, velvety voice that wouldn't leave my head in the car or here!

I turned around to see him staring at me suspiciously. Alice chose that time to come in.

"Um, I guess you've met before? Hm, well Edward this is my best friend and Bella this is my cousin, Edward. Edward, Bella is staying here too, so be nice!"

Alice grabbed my wrist and pulled me up stairs and to my room and we talked a while till there was a knock at the door. Edward poked his head in and said something about a visitor.

In walked in a beautiful blond model! She was wearing dark blue denim skinny jeans, a purple shirt, black strappy heals, black earrings that I think said 'rock' and 'roll'. She also had a black necklace and heart ring. When she was fully in the room I saw she was carrying around a little black purse. Alice broke the silence,

"Bella this is Rose, Rose this is Bella." Rose smiled friendly-like and I smiled back.

We talked some more and I was relieved to find out Rose wasn't one of those stuck up brats, when Alice out of nowhere shouted "MOVIE NIGHT!!"

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