Title: Backflips

Author: Silver Symphony

Rated: K

Summary: She thought it was so easy to do.



Azula, sweaty and disgruntled, struggles to stand after a nasty fall. She has wrestled with this for hours; the sun starts to descend.

Ty-Lee, noticeably less exhausted, watches her with a smirk fixed on her lips.

Upon standing, Azula slips on a rock and nearly falls again. Ty Lee giggles; Azula shoots her a silencing glare.

She leans backward and clumsily plants her arms into the earth again. Wobbly legs kick up off the ground. She cannot steady herself.


Ty Lee's laughter rings in her ears. Azula claws the ground in frustration.

Ty-Lee rolls up her sleeves. She's skinnier than Azula. She's younger than Azula. And she is not as influential as Azula is. She is not fazed by their differences now. This moment solely belongs to her.

She's ready to show off what she does best.

Arching her back, Ty Lee's arms find the ground. Gracefully, her legs flutter across her face; right leg, left leg. And she's upright again. The sinking sun accentuates her elegant pose.

Azula's arms and legs ache. Dirt decorates her face and hides under her nails. Fury courses through her veins. Ty-Lee's grin is wide and triumphant.

Young Azula is in her prime. She's starting to master the art of firebending; soon, she will move on to the complexities of bending lightning.

…And yet, she cannot do a single back flip.